Analysis of the LEGO Ninjago Movie. LEGO Cooperative Action

LEGO Ninjago Movie
Written by Kamran Haider

The recently released movie based on the Ninjago saga is seen on the current domestic gaming platforms with a title that is not surprising but that offers us very traditional LEGO fun within this saga. We analyze the new TT Games: The LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Video Game.

I have lost count of the LEGO games that I have analyzed in recent years and, therefore, those that I have finished: a life dedicated to this franchise. For that reason and without being my favorite saga, for nothing, the truth is that I have spent so many hours immersed in the different deliveries of this work of TT Games that has ended up being special for me. What does the recent LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Video Game that you have not enjoyed before in other games in the series? The truth is that not much since it is not the most innovative edition. But that does not mean that it does not have a couple of outstanding innovations and, more importantly, that it is a pretty fun title (especially for the little ones) and that it has many incentives.

The plot is based on this feature film that has just premiered in movie theaters. The villain on duty, Garmadon, intends to conquer Ninjago Island with his Shark army, something that the six protagonists plus his teacher, Wu, do not intend to consent. A narrative load that enjoys a bit more weight than one would expect from a couple of “circumstances” that I don’t want to reveal to you so as not to spoil anything but that are related to Lloyd, the green ninja.

The structure presented by this new installment of the TT Games series is the traditional one we have experienced lately. That is, through an extensive central world ( Ninjago Island) that we are enabling as we progress, we can access the main phases that are part of the Story mode. But not only that. Each recess of the funds invites us to participate in a special event, be it a dojo, a career or the desperate search for a LEGO brick. Once again and as always happens in this series it will take us a long time to overcome the game if we want to reveal all its secrets and possibilities. Of course, if we only focus on finishing the various chapters that make up the main game mode, structured in turn into eight large areas, the adventure gives for about six or eight hours. The usual, I reiterate.

Cooperative Adventures

Surely it is not necessary to emphasize that, for the umpteenth time, one of the main claims of the title has to do with the possibility of overcoming the entire adventure to doubles locally. A tradition that has been established in this franchise for a long time and is part of its DNA. What is not so usual, much less, is the integration of an option for four players with split-screen (no online) in which we can choose between several different modalities as well as different scenarios. A complementary option that becomes one of the most striking additions of all that has this new installment of the franchise.

As for the gameplay itself that the main game mode offers us, this is more or less the usual one in the series, although this time it presents some small incorporation and a more accentuated turn towards action. The latter is very noticeable during the clashes, given that on this occasion we have more possibilities to give wax to the rivals, which seems to be a success given that the protagonists are ninjas. Their abilities allow them to carry out air raids, combos, and even the occasional special coup, offering more dynamic and interesting battles than the ones we have lived in previous editions of the TT Games the famous wicks

His sandbox character gives him many possibilities and fun.

This bet more emphasized towards the action is also noted in many sequences that give us the adventure in which we can fly the famous wicks of the different protagonists. Some really suggestive scenes and that personally seem to be very successful, of the best that the title offers in global.

We also wanted to grant a more thorough brushstroke to the set by adding ninjenio tokens that we can exchange for improvements in the skills of the protagonists. Through a very simple skill tree divided into seven different styles or arts, we can enable improvements such that enemies stay more stunned after a specific attack, cause more damage, increase the sequence of a combo … A very light feature of RPG that suits the development of the game really well despite not being especially transcendent.

In addition to this, I have explained so far the game formula of The LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Video Game also draws on other classic elements of the LEGO series. Puzzles that need to be solved and that in many occasions require the collaboration of several characters, areas of marked orientation platform that encourage us to run through the walls or down by zip lines or lianas, the fact of having to build various objects from LEGO pieces, high doses of exploration in search of the always attractive golden bricks (which allow us to enable certain secrets) … and humor, humor. A LEGO title would not be such if it did not express this last characteristic and this time we are not facing any exception, although being a title of clear child orientation, these jokes are quite “innocent” for the most part.

Gameplay that is not surprising but, once again, it is very attractive to little that you like this type of titles in general and the LEGO series in particular. In addition, and as I have said before, its sandbox character gives it many possibilities and lasting fun that goes beyond the main missions, since we have a huge island that goes from end to end and is divided into areas such as the beach, the docks, the impenetrable jungle, etc.

We have to arm ourselves with patience since the loading times Of

course, every time we move from one of these large play areas to another we have to arm ourselves with patience since the loading times that must be supported extend more than the account, at least in the edition for PS4 Pro which is the one I could try. I have come to time one minute and 15 seconds several times, too much time, breaking somewhat to the rhythm of the game. A minor inconvenience in any case since it is not that we are constantly changing from one place to another.

Now entering to assess its technical plot, the adventure offers us what we expected in this regard. That is, very expressive characters that have been animated with great grace, quite varied scenarios full of LEGO details and a good number of sequences extracted from the film itself. A remarkable finish that is only clouded by slight defects related to the lack of vertical synchrony, as well as certain point drops in the rate of animation frames. Two drawbacks that neither harm the gameplay at all nor tarnish a rather striking technical finish within what fits.

The sound section is still as good as it is in most of the productions that Warner holds for us. The dubbing of the characters in Spanish is quite good, monopolizing a great prominence throughout the adventure. The soundtrack is also not bad, while the sound effects are as varied and funny as usual in this classic franchise.

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Without being the best installment of the saga, the truth is that this new edition of the TT Games work offers us a lot of fun and lasting fun, at least if we want to express its full potential. Its sandbox character confers many entertainment possibilities, being able to go much further than simply fulfilling the main missions. Innovations may be scarce, but their commitment to action, their local multiplayer modes and the sense of humor they hold are enough elements to make this adventure a highly recommended title.

  • Its sandbox character provides a lot of long-distance fun
  • Some action sequences are very spectacular
  • Cooperative and competitive modes bring more substance to the game
  • Good dubbing to our language and a great sense of humor
  • Charging times may be too long
  • His innovations are interesting, but few

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