Analysis of The Surge. The hell of the machines

The Surge
Written by Kamran Haider

Without compassion or mercy with those who make mistakes, the new video game by the authors of Lords of the Fallen has proven to be a great action and role adventure with its own personality. After surviving its many dangers, we tell you in the analysis of The Surge.

I have hated him with all my soul. It has enraged me to the point of shouting like a madman and leaving the game. What suffering, how much frustration … but also, how exciting and addictive the action of The Surge can be , a fearsome, relentless video game that punishes you again and again in such brutal, wild ways that the authors of Lords of the Fallen wanted to get away from their last job; make you run away, escape from that futuristic hell they transport us to. But something has, something offers the new Deck 13As much as you blaspheme in the end you always come back. You need to put yourself to the test, prove that nothing and no one can against you, however unfair the fight may become on occasion, or as impossible as some of the challenges proposed by this adventure with RPG dyes seem. True to the style of the Souls saga from From Software, but also with its own personality, giving up is not an option.

It is hard to explain it to someone who has never enjoyed a game of style because, honestly, spending hours fighting against an enemy capable of killing you with a single blow does not seem like the funniest plan in the world. And yet there it was, trying without much success; screaming, cursing! with the heart beating with violence and the tension in the clouds knowing that the minimum mistake is very expensive. But then the expected moment comes, you end it and you can’t help it; Victory! You exclaim excitedly… a few minutes later, he falls into the grip of another monster. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boss or the cumbersome minion of all; in The Surge, death stalks relentlessly. An oversight and you are lost. What motivates you to keep going? Plain and simple the sense of progress, knowing that step by step, defeat after defeat, you become stronger, more agile in the fight against homicidal machines that will make you suffer what is not written.

And the machines took control

Although Deck 13 does not like comparisons with Dark Souls, it is inevitable to refer to the Hidetaka Miyazaki saga to understand the basic foundations of The Surge without going through many detours. The exploration through a world with interconnected areas, the control system, the hardness of some combats in which the tactics prevail over the unbridled action … there are many similarities between one and another work, because even death is punishable by similarly, making you lose all experience points-Here scrap- accumulated until that moment, that you can recover if you reach your corpse in the time limit without dying in the attempt. However, as I said before, this is a game with its own personality; It doesn’t feel like a simple copy with a futuristic atmosphere.

I liked his combat system and that in the first stages of the adventure he saw something rough, slow and lacking grace. The sensations change with the passing of the hours. Every time you feel more comfortable fighting against enemies who don’t know godliness, because there is a lot of strategies in these battles. And I don’t mean just knowing when to block an attack, when to dodge, or when to hit. Here you must also decide which part of the body you attack if you crush the head or focus on the arm that carries the weapon if you hit the legs until the opponent falls or kill him a deadly cut in his torso. Depending on the blow, and the strength of this, the enemy will react in one way or another … suffering more or less damage based, also, on his defense team. That is another! Focusing on unprotected areas helps to kill them more quickly but, in return, you lose the opportunity to obtain the precious raw materials with which, later, you can create new equipment and improve existing parts.contributes

You feel that every hit you take has a raison d’être, contributes to victory.

The Surge thus creates a curious dichotomy between risk/reward with which it is difficult not to be happy. The brave, those who fight looking face to face with death, will get more resources to improve their equipment … but of course, they are exposed to suffer a cruel defeat. There is more. To extract these precious resources we must cut off the enemies, which we will only achieve after executing a knockout that require a certain level of energy that is generated with each blow we deal. I already said it before. This is not about crushing buttons or attacking without ton or son; we have to think every movement, every lunge we give because otherwise, death does not wait. More with relentless and increasingly powerful enemies. In the initial bars they are slow, clumsy, so it costs little to dodge their rush but then … then they are killing machines; fast acrobats who will shoot at us, or jump on us, or block our attacks with amazing ease.

There are humanoid enemies, but also machines equipped with various weapons that can be destroyed, piece by piece, to minimize their attack strength. It is something that I love. You feel that every hit you take has a raison d’être, it contributes to victory beyond the mere fact of subtracting health from the contrary, and that is what ultimately motivates you to move forward. It is true that sometimes Deck 13 does not measure the level of difficulty welland ends up frustrating in specific moments of the game with little less than impossible challenges, there are hellish battles !, although you must also recognize the merit of transmitting a great sense of progress, of constant improvement, that somehow tempts you To try without ceasing. He is brutal in his action, he has no mercy, but you know that one way or another you will end up overcoming any challenge that arises before you. What minutes or hours before! It seemed a challenge beyond your reach comes a point where it becomes affordable, not because it lowers the difficulty, but because you, without realizing it, have ended up dominating a battle system with extensive combat options.

At your disposal you have a good arsenal of weapons; there are heavy, two-handed ones, those that cause little damage but allow you to move with greater ease, and those that give you the possibility of attacking from a certain distance, always keeping rivals at bay. With the necessary raw materials, you can improve any of these combat tools, enhancing their damage, or the speed with which you hit; in the same way that you can improve the entire defensive team at your fingertips. Helmets, protections for the arms, legs, torso … and even a drone ! which you can adapt to different strategies to be the ideal complement for your survivor. The thing does not end here. In the health centers, the only safe points of the whole game, you can install implants in your body with passive improvements, such as a higher level of health, resistance or hidden objects; as well as active skills with which you can increase weapon damage or heal wounds. The use of these is limited but well used, they can save your skin in critical moments.

The best thing is the feeling that, you choose the option you choose, you always have alternatives to survive

The best thing is the feeling that you choose the option you choose, you always have alternatives to survive the world of The Surge. You can adopt a more direct combat style, with slow but devastating blows, or bet on a stealthy strategy, to dodge and attack with great speed, without giving any response time to the enemies. But with all the good things that these fights offer, there are also aspects that I did not like at all, that frustrate !, such as inaccuracy when it comes to fixing which parts of the body you attack, or the small variety of movements with which you count. I would almost tell you that covering and counterattacking, which in principle is a valid option, soon loses its usefulness given the excessive force of the enemies. Sometimes their movements also feel erratic, rough, so it is hard to discern if they are going to attack or just try to take a step with their heavy armor on their backs. There is much good in these battles but also criticizable aspects, errors that in one way or another prevent you from fully enjoying a game that does not have that fluidity and grace that other representatives of the genre do.

Nor is there much variety in combat styles; You notice the differences between the weapons, but soon they stop surprising because they always repeat the same pattern with different statistics. On the other hand, I miss many more final bosses than appear in the game, although seeing how difficult it is to knock them down, we should almost thank Deck 13. You will defeat them; sooner or later you will kill them, but at least in my case, I was not proud of the deed but, rather, relieved to have survived some fighting that you feel unfair, too hard for the few resources you have at your fingertips. And it’s frustrating, a lot!, Like feeling lost in some scenarios that sometimes, they also don’t make it clear where you should go. Do not misunderstand me.

I love the labyrinthine design of some of the dark installations through which the game transports us, but at key moments of the game, they do not clearly indicate what your next objective is, and you can spend long gaming sessions moving without a fixed course Until exhaustion. In the artistic Surge is not bad, some of its locations remind me of the style of the filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, ​​author of District 9, but it is not very surprising in what it shows. Some instances are scary; there is a lot of blood, corpses, twinkling lights and an atmosphere of horror movies, but it lacks the grandiloquence and majesty that prevails in other titles of the style. The same could be said of the design of enemies; Although not bad, and there is a wide variety of them, they are usually quite common. In the end, it’s about creating a great atmosphere, and with the help of a good sound section and fantastic visual effects, The Surge does it by far. It knows how to surprise, that it is not easy, and in its own way it motivates you to move forward to discover the many horrors that await in the strange complex in which the action takes place.

The Surge has a hard time reaching that level of genius that fans of the genre already seem accustomed to.

What happened? Why has death become the owner of the place? Without going into many details, the story presents a great plot background, the theme and the moral dilemmas it poses are great, but it does not end up engaging. Okay, follow with interest, but it is nothing original and except in the final stages of the game, which almost seems like a horror adventure for the atmosphere and hardness of the enemies you face, has failed to get excited as I expected. It has its moments, a couple of brutal scenes, or some audio recordings – translated into Spanish– That scare, but honestly also at this point, the game leaves you wanting more. Almost this is the predominant tonic. Aim ways, it has great details, but The Surge has a hard time reaching that level of genius that fans of the genre already seem accustomed to. Not even the design of enemies is up to par. Their attack patterns, in general, are quite typical and if you look at the bosses … well, more of the same; They are scary because they can kill you at once, but their appearance is not as impressive as it should. There is little originality in them and their presentation has not even worked well; they appear without more, without great devices or a staging worthy of their category.

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A good adventure of action and role, challenging, with exciting combats that surprise by its hardness. The Surge has great virtues that make it a recommended video game. It’s more than just a clone of Dark Souls with the futuristic atmosphere; It is a fun title that, however difficult it may be, always motivates you to move forward, to try your luck “once again” until you defeat the enemy! And without realizing it you will spend hours exploring and fighting in a dark, terrible world, where death lurks everywhere. Do you dare to enter it?

  • Great combat system; It is exciting and very strategic
  • The customization of the protagonist and the options to choose from
  • The feeling of progression. You will die without stopping, but each time you will feel stronger
  • Few bosses to duel against; Your design is not especially original
  • Exaggerated difficulty in key points of the game. Sometimes it becomes very frustrating

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