Analysis of The Walking Dead – Season Three. A new frontier

The Walking Dead
Written by Kamran Haider

More death, more drama, more tension, moral decisions, and many zombies! Telltale Games stays true to its roots with a The Walking Dead – A New Frontier that in its first two episodes leaves us with very good feelings. It is tremendously conservative, yes, but also a video game with a fantastic rhythm of action and a powerful narrative. Analysis.

As you see everything as equal to the rest of Telltale Games video games, you think that The Walking Dead – A New Frontier may not surprise you, that you have everything under control, but if something is right this new graphic adventure is just that, surprise, shake you again and again with unexpected events that get, in one way or another, that you feel insecurity, the fear of death of any survivor who faces a situation as terrible as the one described in the game. It does not give a second of respite. So frantic is the rhythm of the action, so many things happen continuously, that almost without realizing it, in a sigh, you will have completed the first two episodes of this new season … wanting much more! So strong is the bond that unites you to the main cast of the adventure. It is worthy of praise.

You just met them, you know virtually nothing about them, but they worry you; You wish with all your strength that nothing happens to you, that you go forward together, as a family, as you have done during the four long years that have passed since the beginning of the zombie outbreak. Inside you know it won’t be easy. And it is that fear of losing them that sublime ends up catching you. The story is everything in The New Frontier, and never better. Here, as in most recent studies, there are no puzzles or almost no exploration; only dialogues and decisions, kinematics and QTE sequences. More than video games it looks like an interactive movie, but this one, at least, is fun, exciting, and very intelligent in the way the argument develops. More importantly. It retains intact its ability to surprise, which is not easy when there are already so many titles that bet on this style.

Ties that bind

Everything remains the same, nothing changes. This is the first impression with which you receive this new The Walking Dead, and it really is! The tone of the story, the challenges it poses, the humanization of the main characters … everything in it inevitably reminds of what is seen not only in the previous chapters of the series but in general, any video game-born from Telltale Games in recent years. The study sins in excess of conservatism, of the philosophy of “if something works for what to change it”, but in turn, it has also been brave when focusing on this new adventure. Sounds contradictory, I know, but what I say has a reason.

Already the title of the videogame says it all. A New Frontier. We change territory, also protagonists, and these, the truth, are great. I was afraid, I recognize it; it’s hard to match someone like Lee Everett or Clementine herself, but it took me a few minutes to take a special love for Javier and his family. It will be because of the impressive introductory sequence of the video game, it’s brilliant ! or simply, because they are characters that you believe, they feel human, so you empathize with them immediately. There are terrible moments, of those that leave you in a state of shock, just like them! And others that are more intimate, personal, in which you get involved in the same way. It is these situations, and there are many in so few hours, that make me expect great things from this new season.Ties that bind

It sublimely portrays the struggle for survival.

There are still three episodes ahead; It remains to be seen how our decisions make sense, but this first contact with The Walking Dead could not be more positive. Yes, of course, I miss something more originality and ambition at the playable level, almost that you feel like a simple spectator, but the story it tells, and how it does it, is so good, I can’t help it. I love. It is a video game that sublimely portrays the struggle for survival. Zombies are a threat, of course, but after years of fighting, to face them, they are almost the least of the problems. It’s the other people, the bad guys, ruthless, those who can ruin any moment of peace and happiness. And they will. Very much in the line of Robert Kirkman’s comics, A New Frontier represents with great effectiveness the darkest side of humans. What would you do in order to survive?

The fast-paced action and the variety of situations in which the video game immerses us are other of its great virtues. I already said it before; You almost don’t have a second of respite. You live with your heart in a fist feeling that, at any moment, hell will unleash around you. And what I like most is that you rarely anticipate what will happen. Obviously there are moments that you see coming to the league; you know that the dead will appear, or that a very fat one is going to get involved … but they are the least. As I write these lines I remember some of these situations and it is impossible not to smile because of how well-executed they are. They are also varied: there are moments of pure action but also others with a certain air of terror that we already missed.

You can see the veterans of the studio, which combines all these scenes with great mastery: the moments of exploration, the QTE, the dialogues, the kinematics … everything flows naturally, with great elegance, without feeling that nothing is there stuck with a shoehorn . I insist on the idea that, personally, I would like to meet a greater challenge at the playable level, but even with those, the experience has been overwhelming. I have enjoyed every minute of the game in these first two episodes, and I tremble with emotion thinking about what is to come. Also for how good everything looks.

There is a great leap in quality when it comes to graphics. The scenarios are more colorful, some spectacular, even beautiful; animations have also been improved, one of the great pending subjects of Telltale Games. And what about facial expressions. The characters, with that characteristic comic style, transmit a lot with the looks, with the gestures, and it is something that I applaud. In the end, you feel inside a great movie; one that also surprises by the intelligent use of flashbacks and the good handling of the camera, with such cinematographic angles that you get fully into the action. This also contributes to the good work of the voice actors and the soundtrack that accompanies us during the adventure. The negative note?

History is everything in The New Frontier, and this is of great quality.

Although this time the video game comes with the texts translated into Spanish, and it is appreciated, its quality is not as expected. Rather, it remains, unfortunately, in the line of what has already been seen before: mistranslated expressions, meaningless phrases, which inevitably lead to misunderstandings. It is hard to understand that something like this happens with a video game so expected that it is also a bestseller. But it is one of those small details that overshadow the final result.

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Telltale Games recovers its best version with a great adventure that excites and catches by the force of its plot and its fast-paced action. Javier and the new protagonist cast are also a group of protagonists with whom he empathizes immediately; You make your fight for survival yours, and it is perhaps one of the greatest achievements of the game. The story is promising, the way of telling it is spectacular, and although more playable challenges are missing, the experience is really good.

  • A great story, human, that masterfully reflects the struggle for survival
  • The new protagonist cast. They are taken care of quickly
  • Clementine He is a fantastic character who still has a lot to say
  • Too conservative. Telltale does not vary one iota its formula

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