Analysis of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, a bittersweet finale

Walking Dead
Written by Kamran Haider

All history comes to an end. The one of The Walking Dead, not without a quite uneven production, but finally, we see the end of the trip of Clementine after the last chapter of the fourth season. With the analysis of The Walking Dead, The Final Season concludes one of the film adventure games that had the most impact at the time.

The credits of The Walking Dead: The Final Season are signed by a group of people who call themselves the Still Not Bitten Team: the team they have not yet bitten. This phrase, widely used in the world of The Walking Dead nevertheless makes a clear allusion that they are the survivors of another type of apocalypse. The closing of Telltale Games, which took all his projects ahead and, thanks to the saving hand of Skybound, the company of Robert Kirkman (creator of the original comic), has been able to close the saga. I think we give little emphasis to what the closure of Telltale has meant. The rise and fall of a company that in 2012 was adorned with awards for this same The Walking Dead and seven years later is hardly a relevant icon of the game, all for tenacity in the formula that has dragged the company into bankruptcy and the work to stagnation.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is an experience very similar to what you have already enjoyed in any of its other seasons. As much as the studio has been determined more and more to give space to scenes of action, neither the motor nor the budget is able to adapt to a satisfactory experience. Every time Clementine raises his bow or pulls out the knife you know that one of those loose, poorly resolved action scenes that have not managed to evolve correctly from the immobility of the quick time events. But when their characters talk, relate and situations become really tense, you realize that Telltale, even in the worst work situations you can imagine, always had some of the best pens in this industry. And with them, I saved a good part of this cake.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is the culmination of the successes and mistakes of Telltale Games

This fourth season is not only reminiscent of some of the best moments of the series, but it also explores narrative challenges that have rarely been explored in the video game, as the responsibility of having a minor in charge. The relationship between Clem and AJ is the raft that survives this entire tsunami. The anchoring point of some writers who have used a hostile world to ask us questions about the moral values ​​of our proud, too much, modern civilization.The action scenes are no longer simple Quick Time Events but neither is they too successful

AJ is that child in our charge who has not known our world. Only monsters, terror, hatred and violence. Clem is the opposite. He lived the era before the hecatomb, enough to have been educated in his values. And the Still Not Bitten Team has been smart enough to raise, through its protagonist, if the ethical principles that the player possesses are really applicable to society as transfigured as the one that happens in The Living Dead. The way we see forgiveness, repentance, revenge, and cruelty does not mean the same thing in this world of raw survival as in a theoretical debate and moralized by social networks in our time, and that is evident throughout all the situations in which the protagonists are involved.Live or survive

Live or survive

Telltale was always accused of being more of an illusionist than a true road builder in terms of the decisions we made. The famous “X will remember this” that never ends to apply. But I think the imminent end has made the team consider whether the real impact of our actions is to take us on a different path or, rather, to have an impact on the way the player sees things. Show us the consequences of our way of thinking, more than if our decisions take us to a completely different place in history. And in the end, although this is less replayable, I think it is more important.

The Walking Dead gets you to see through AJ as if it were a virtual child, the impact of your own hypocrisy. To teach a lesson with words and then apply a different one in practice because it suits you; See the consequences and confusion of someone who sees you as their only moral pillar. That, and no other is the true impact of your decisions this season, and probably the best that Telltale has achieved to date.

On the technical side, however, development remains a disaster. While visually I do not ask much more, because I think they have achieved that artistic mood that perfectly imitates the color of the comic book brush, with a set of colors, contrasts and well-achieved monochromatic shadows, the rest hinders the work to the point of getting you out of the mental state in which the script submerges you. Rough animations, little credible, that at the most critical moments, where the emotions of the characters are on the surface, spoil the scene by the inability to recreate a cry or a laugh. Constant jerks and stoppages by loads that do not come to mind and, as if that were not enough, a shameful translation, of those that sing Google Translator to leagues. That they are able not only to get you out of the game but to explain to you incorrectly, through the bad translation, key moments of it.The story and its conclusion is the leitmotif to play this final season The end of Clems journey is resolved with elegance

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is the culmination of the successes and mistakes of Telltale Games, which shows that the direction and management of a company often affect the production of their games. The great work of the main core in terms of script and when it comes to capturing the visual style of the comic is an experience already known, but that is still enjoyed, even more so by what is the closing and the end of the journey of a character like Clementine. On the way, however, he staggers like the living dead he is, dragging the same formula for seven years, incapable of the excessive ambition of its managers, we now know, to evolve. A worthy ending, yes, deserved to conclude if you enjoyed the trip, but as with the world of The Walking Dead, also raw, abrupt and bitter.

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The Walking Dead: The Final Season is the conclusion of Clementine’s journey in this adventure that began surrounded by awards and has had a bitter end with the closure of Telltale. The result is a solid season, although perhaps somewhat hasty, but beautifully written and posed. It does not manage to get rid of the bite of an anchylosed mechanics in the same formula and technical and translation problems that tarnish the final result of the work.

  • Keep getting you interested in your characters.
  • It manages to capture better and better the visual style of the comic.
  • The technical problems were very uncomfortable.
  • Somewhat hasty structure.
  • Translation with many errors and phrases translated automatically.

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