Analysis of Toki, run and gun adventures with a classic flavor

Written by Kamran Haider

After a tremendously conflictive and extensive development, we can now enjoy the update of classic arcade games of the early 90s (although in Japan was released in 1989), Toki. We analyze what gives this redesigned arcade.

Every time I miss the arrival of titles that follow in the footsteps of real games like Contra, Metal Slug or the video game that concerns us, Toki. I am referring to arcade development games in the “run and gun” plan in which the 2D action is the absolute protagonist. A style of titles deeply rooted in the 80s and 90s that, in these times, do not seem to have too many opportunities.

That is why the arrival of this new update of the TAD Corporation classic, Toki, will surely make fans of that style of games very excited. And even more, if we consider that it is an excellent reinterpretation, which exceptionally respects the playable disposition embodied in the original work and incorporates a truly striking aesthetic treatment.

Throughout half a dozen levels (water, fire … the classics) we must help Toki to rescue his beautiful girlfriend. Yes, because at the beginning of the game and in a “quickie” scene we see how an evil magician kidnaps her and takes her to his lair … and turns the protagonist into a monkey. A very peculiar monkey because, in addition to being quite stubborn, it has a very striking aptitude: it is capable of throwing balls through the mouth to eliminate the rivals that come out in its wake. A feature that, together with the jump, gives rise to a very simple game mechanics that work really well.

Action and tradition 2D

Along with linear levels of 2D development, we must guide the protagonist trying, simply, to reach the end of them. And I assure you that it is not a simple task, even at the lowest level of difficulty (Easy) of the four that the title presents, although my recommendation is to play it at least in Normal, which is how you enjoy this adventure … and the best way to “stretch” as much as possible, since its length is very short . Keep this in mind.

Each phase permanently puts our skill in check and involves a continuous test for our reflexes. This adventure is unmerciful with those users who are not up to the circumstances and what the action demands, being impossible to save the game or benefit from the “advantages” that the vast majority of current titles put in play. Toki is an old-school game from head to toe, I guarantee that, and precisely and at least in my opinion there is much of his grace.Action and tradition 2D

Exceptionally respects the original and adds a striking visual treatment.

Therefore, we are not dealing with the typical “Family Friendly” production precisely, despite what its colorful and cartoon-like appearance might suggest. Quite the opposite. It is a video game aimed at a very specific type of audience, who will surely find in this work of Golgoth Studio a real refuge to enjoy a very convincing retro proposal.

A work that, yes, is not free of defects, one of them being the lack of content that presents … or the total lack of them, rather. Beyond the main adventure, the version that has fallen into my power does not present any kind of extra or added however small it may be: neither Museum mode, nor online markers, nor Game + nor, much less, the inclusion of the original title. There is nothing to put in the mouth leaving the adventure itself so that playing at a challenging level of difficulty takes on an almost incalculable value to not abandon the game almost nothing else to acquire it.classic flavor

And it is a real pity because otherwise, it is a highly recommended and appetizing title in his particular style, those that also enter through the eyes. The work of updating in everything related to its aesthetic facet is worthy of praise, being able to contemplate landscapes very well elaborated and endowed with a lot of life as well as the soft animations that the protagonist gives us. Special mention deserves the mid and final bosses that we find throughout the levels, some of them excellent in terms of design.

The sound is not out of tune at all, being able to listen to pleasant melodies and a good repertoire of sound effects that more than fulfill their purpose.

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The classic of TAD Corporation and Haruki Kitahara is shown with a version that, above all, stands out for offering a very careful graphics section, being precisely this one of its highlights. His approach is very similar to that enjoyed in the past, Tori being a pure arcade of those who are no longer to the disgrace of many of us, also presenting a level of challenge more than interesting (at least in the highest levels of difficulty) and fun old-school It is a pity that he did not include the original title or any other type of additional material, which makes him lose several integers, but even so it is a very remarkable game within his category.

  • Artistically it is a very attractive adventure
  • Arcade gameplay very convincing and respectful with the original
  • Overcoming the adventure can be a big challenge for Switch users
  • It lacks extras and options to justify its price
  • Its duration is not its strong precisely …

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