Analysis of Two Point Hospital, the worthy heir of Theme Hospital

Written by Kamran Haider

Do you remember Theme Hospital? It is a classic among management video games; one of those hard-to-forget titles whose legacy is now perfectly reflected in this fantastic and funny Sega production. In the analysis of Two Point Hospital, we talk about one of the most pleasant and expected surprises of 2018.

They run from here to there with their arms raised, shouting, demanding, looking for a doctor to remedy their ills. And they want it for now … and also to entertain them, and to give them something to eat in a comfortable space, for which they enjoy walking, almost as if it were a beautiful botanical garden or even a dream house. It is not. Or should not because in the end, in something like this you must transform the hospital you manage to achieve success in what is already one of the most fun and addictive videogames of management in 2018. What a desire it was for it to be. I imagine that like any fan of the mythical Theme Hospital because what we find here is the perfect spiritual successor of that classic developed by the sadly missing team of Bullfrog, authors among others of the memorable Dungeon Keeper. It is not casual. Two Point Hospital was born from the hands of real industry veterans who worked in that crazy and remembered hospital game, but also, together with Lionhead Studios, in the Fable series or the notable The Movies. I insist on Noticeably.

It had been a long time since a videogame did not hook me in the way that Two Point Hospital has done. The hours fly, the time escapes me in front of the computer, and in my head, I only hear a voice that begs me “just a little more!” And I continue. Because it is difficult to disengage; because it is difficult to leave a game when you are about to open a new healing room, discover the treatment against a disease that returns to monochrome people or find yourself in the middle of an epidemic that has collapsed the hospital. It can happen. Any madness that crosses your mind: from ghosts that torment patients, to people with a saucepan over their heads, or those who think they are Freddy Mercury and go around tormenting the ears of others. With a great sense of humor, the video game ofTwo Point Studios knows how to catch you in their networks, and its great virtue is that you get it a novice or a true expert in the genre.

A treatment against boredom

There is something that the video game does very well. Actually, he does a lot of things well, but if I am passionate about this Two Point Hospital edited by Sega, he is apt to use the trick of nostalgia without losing the opportunity to leave his personal stamp. I confess. While he enjoyed it, he could not help but smile like that child who in the 90s was surprised to see how the doctors at Theme Hospital treated their patients with such crazy treatments as prick the head of the sick with helium overdose.

And that smile has not been erased at any time. Nor the excitement to discover new things; for researching new treatments, healing rooms or more objects to decorate medical facilities, which are obviously getting bigger and, therefore, more difficult to manage. Here is another of the great strengths of Two Point Hospital: it is easy to play, really in a matter of minutes and you perfectly control its basic fundamentals, but in the long run, it is a difficult game to master that requires great attention by the detail. I do not speak only about money.Two Point Hospital

Know how to get caught up in your networks be a novice or a true expert in the genre

Yes, of course, controlling the budget is important, no money you do nothing ! but it is more to build a “friendly” hospital with patients. They should feel comfortable; If they should wait, and they will, they should sit comfortably surrounded by food and lots of alternatives to have fun in the hospital. That’s what it is about. To have a good time even if your life is at risk. They know it but what the hell, if they have to die they should do it happy and with a full stomach. That is the philosophy of a video game that is tremendously faithful to Theme Hospital, but with an interface much more friendly that helps control chaos effectively and without headaches. It is appreciated. At the most advanced levels, Two Point Hospital can be an internal video game, and that is when you must put into practice everything learned during the initial bars.

It matters the aesthetics, of course, that everything is at hand, but more than beautiful, the hospital must be efficient to avoid the dreaded waiting lists . It is not always easy. The design of the enclosures forces to maximize the available space almost as if it were a big puzzle. A consultation here, the diagnostics room right next door, where the infirmary, the psychiatrist near the pharmacy … and so with everything while we deal with some patients who are distracted with extreme ease, who get lost fast ! forcing us to build a medical center that works with the precision of a Swiss watch. And never better said. If one piece of the gear fails, all our work will go to waste. The game will do much to provoke this kind of situation with the emergencies, which are moments of pure chaos that can go crazy.

An epidemic that requires vaccines that we do not have? An invasion of clowns to provide shock therapy to take the foolishness? Heat waves? Earthquakes ?! Two Point Hospital is always looking for a way to surprise, to show something new, and the truth is that it does, even when there are few setbacks that force you to radically change your way of proceeding. In the end, with variations, it is always the same. You build the reception, you place the banks, and you begin to distribute the rooms with a certain logic so that the patients do not have to walk too much, nor wait! It is a pity. When the video game turns its action around and forces you, for example, to hire inexperienced medical personnel so that you are the one who manages your training from the beginning,

Visually it gives off a special charm

With more missions of the style, the experience would have been great, which does not mean that Two Point Hospital goes short of contents or becomes monotonous to the first ones of change. Divided into a series of missions with their own challenges, the videogame does not stop growing with new objects with which to improve the efficiency of the staff, the prestige of the facilities, or the variety of treatments. In this sense, I love that at any time you can return to a veteran hospital to improve the facilities, meet the optional objectives, and earn the desired three stars that reward with the so-called kudos; Special points that give access to a wide variety of objects with which to decorate the hospital. A recreational machine from Sega? One of the many odds and ends, and they are important! because in addition to looking good, in many cases they also offer additional advantages such as improvements in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases, or the fun that is breathed between the walls of the hospital.

In the end it will be hours before you have nothing new to discover and, even so, the game continues to offer the funniest challenges that include even a curious multiplayer side that we will face other fans indirectly, with evidence related to the number of patients cured, the money generated, etc. In addition, it is never too late to learn new game strategies, because in addition to training staff, you can also specialize in certain areas to improve and further streamline the operation of the hospital. Truly, Two Point Hospital invites you to do so. I have spent hours in front of the PC enjoying its crazy action, and I do nothing but think about my next game session, how nice the hospital will be when I put my new theories of health management into practice.multiplayer

And since I talk about the issue in the analysis of Two Point Hospital, how beautiful everything will look, I can not ignore how good the game looks. With a character design reminiscent of the animated series Wallace & Gromit , the video game has a special charm. Despite the somewhat simplistic appearance of the patients and medical staff, it’s nice to see how they all move through the corridors of the hospital waddling, running in terror, walking agonizingly seconds before stretching their legs … and leaving us their ghost! Bringing the camera close to the floor means enjoying wonderful chaos that also looks good accompanied by a great soundtrack that costs not to him even when you’re no longer playing. With a fantastic translation into Spanish with which it is difficult not to laugh and, above all, a very good user interface that helps to manage the work efficiently, few complaints can be put about this video game of Two Point Studios.

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We had to wait about 20 years to enjoy a video game like the legendary Theme Hospital but, finally, we have in our hands a worthy successor to that Bullfrog classic. With a lot of sense of humor and lots of options to manage our crazy health center, Two Point Hospital is a strategy videogame that will appeal to both veterans and those who take their first steps in the genre, since being easy to play, scales difficulty in an intelligent way to become a real challenge even for the most experienced users. The best? That you will rarely erase from your face that big smile that shows how good you are having it.

  • Perfectly it could have been called Theme Hospital 2
  • A great user interface that helps manage the hospital without complications
  • Lots of rooms and objects to discover; Their sense of humor
  • The ability to surprise with new challenges, such as the public hospital …
  • … although they are missing more special levels that break the routine

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