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Ultrasol Pokémon
Written by Kamran Haider

Pokémon Sun and Moon enter in ultra version through two videos (Ultrasol and Ultraluna) that do not represent a revolution, but an evolution. That’s why it’s not the same to come as an experienced trainer than launching your Pokéball for the first time. We tell you in our analysis.

Neither Game Freak nor Nintendo has hidden it. Ultrasol and Ultraluna Pokémon are not new video games. It is an improved version. No more, Therefore, one of the challenges of this text is to clarify if the user of Nintendo 3DS is interested in playing something that does not represent a big change with respect to Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Obviously, if you get new to the seventh generation within the franchise, the recommendation is overwhelming: you are facing a great Pokémon title. It has a good balance in difficulty to satisfy a wide spectrum of players and even dares to innovate within the series, changing gyms for tests. The insult tour in Alola was the perfect excuse to give us an audiovisual video game highlighted, with a very cool and interesting theme.

Ultrasol and Ultraluna Pokémon is all that, but boosted, to the point that developers describe it as “the culmination of their work” in 3DS. Now, the news is very fair for those who already completed Sun and Moon. Bring new creatures, unpublished moves, changes to the plot, the odd minigame, etc. However, the key is still what we said at the beginning: they are not new video games, and that is why the veteran player must evaluate whether or not to throw his pokéball once more.

The final version?

The vast majority of the main adventure is exactly equal to Sun and Moon. It is something that must be taken into account. There are slight changes on the island tests and the dominant pokémon that we are facing are modified. That is why, if you are going to revisit the game, something can be done hard. During the first 15-20 hours, you will hardly see important structural changes, beyond a few details. Of course, no one doubts that they help raise a more complete game.

The way in which Game Freak has proceeded has been adding a layer of additions and enhancements to Pokémon Sun and Moon. On the one hand, we have the part related to history. It is the same, except for the appearance of the Ultra Unit, with whom we fight on a few occasions. The game is well advanced when things get interesting, with the opening of the Ultra-threshold, articulated in the form of a minigame that makes us go through portals to land on new environments, where legendary pokémon can be obtained from all periods.

Of course, this is not to mention the appearance of new enemies. We want to avoid spoilers, and although The Pokémon Company has already been in charge of exhibiting some (like Team Rainbow Rocket, made up of former villains), we are going to avoid going further. Just tell you that what you see in that section is the best of the game, with a darker background than we expected, which has to do with Necrozma and the consequences of having snatched the light to the version

Its developers describe it as ” the culmination of their work ” in 3DS

At the level of structure, we find an identical video game. Everything is still going on to overcome the insular tests and defeat the kahuna to erect us as champions of the Pokémon League. The exception is found in that the tests have been modified slightly, that there is the odd new building and that there are a hundred entries more than in Sol / Luna (this gives us about 400 pokémon). Only the four ultraintense are new. For those who want more details, the new ultra entrants do not have “shiny-lock”. By the way, Pikachu surfer returns, which is a nod to the unconditional fan.

There are small additions here and there that make the experience more satisfying. The domain signs are collectibles that encourage exploration and also allow you to enlarge your pokémon (something exclusively aesthetic). The Rotomdex now asks you questions, has a typical slot minigame (with prizes), and if you end up falling well, it may even allow you to use a second Z movement in the fighting. Even the Festiplazaintegrates new options so that it no longer seems so expendable.

In short, it is still Pokémon Sun and Moon, only with this layer of news, which is becoming more noticeable as the hour’s pass. The surf, for example, has been integrated as a mini-game that allows us to travel from one island to another, and the truth is not only fun but also gives us courage points (ideal to empower our pokémon). The foto club of Alola is also interesting because through the photos we take with our creatures can improve ties, which will see reflected in the battles.

That is, they are not superficial additions, but rather they are connected to the gameplay and in many cases to the game structure itself. However, many are missing for us to talk about a new video game. The initial pokémon are the same. There are no new Alola forms. We do not have a national pokédex. Nor is there any change in the difficulty. Despite this, it is easy to qualify Pokemon Ultrasol and Pokemon Ultraluna as the definitive version. It improves not only the duration of Sun and Moon but the overall experience.

Could it have gone further? Of course, but it has not been the intention of Game Freak either. It is rather the typical expanded edition, which without being revolutionary, is the best option for those who did not play Pokémon Sun and Moon. For them here there is something more than new pokémon, movements, and abilities. There is a video game really durable, charismatic and highly recommended whether you have just arrived at the franchise or if you have been in it for 20 years.

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Not new video games, but the final versions of Pokémon Sun and Moon. This is the best definition we can give you. If you arrive again, it is completely recommended. If you have already played, you must weigh the news very well. It depends exclusively on you to launch the Pokéball on these new versions, but whatever you do something we have very clear, and that Pokémon Ultrasol and Ultraluna, despite not being disruptive, also mean very worked deliveries, tremendously satisfactory and with a lot of content.

  • Many minor innovations, but that build an enhanced version
  • Introductions ensure a greater number of hours of play
  • The story takes on a darker and more interesting side
  • There are not few secrets, some oriented to true fans
  • Little news that justifies the return of users of Sol y Luna
  • It can continue to be something affordable for experienced players

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