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The Lost Legacy
Written by Kamran Haider

An expansion? A continuation? A downloadable content? Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a new video game within the series, as clear as that. It picks up the playable and technical essence of Uncharted 4, but it has enough to distance itself and offer its own perspective. This is the result. Analysis.

Rhythm. It is the key to understanding Uncharted. His video games are based on the route you would follow on a roller coaster. A great initial lift, so you can see everything from above and be aware of what is coming up on you. It is a slow but robust climb, which lets you fall into an abyss of sensations. Then multiple replicas, so you never lose interest until the end of the journey, which has always been characterized by leaving you breathless.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is not a continuation, DLC or expansion without further ado. It is not because it maintains that base, because it behaves – and actually works – as a solid, independent and of absolute quality content. In its approximately 8 hours of the campaign it has everything we usually ask for in this license, but with a new point of view: that of two women fighting side by side in the search for a new archaeological secret.

The plot runs after the events of Uncharted 4, but more than a narrative connection, we must talk about playable and technological connection. The game recovers the good work of dynamics and graphic engine that Naughty Dog did (with hardly any changes), now with a new plot, protagonists, villains, and scenarios that manage to raise another more than interesting adventure. Its performance space is not as large as that of the numbered deliveries, but it contains good ideas and brilliant, talented execution, as we have been accustomed to the Californian developer.

Pure Uncharted

The classic Uncharted playable scheme is contracted in The Lost Legacy so that the jump from one situation to another is really fast. There are no great introductions or chapters that make you think you have been playing for too long. The flow is perfectly constructed, with an extraordinary ability to fuse narrative and playable sequences. Everything is concentrated in an archeological-adventurous epic based on the cliches of the genre, but still functioning.

Surely the most distinctive element of the video game is found in the relationship established between Chloe and Nadine. Their relationship evolves, and it is interesting because despite having disparate personalities (one more mocking, another more serious) they are forced to understand each other. We will see them fight, but also help each other. They go together everywhere and even to fight they lend a hand. They are fragile, but by joining forces they are strong. This message comes with force to the player, and therefore is one of the most important aspects.Pure Uncharted

It contains good ideas and brilliant execution.

But without a doubt, what makes Uncharted: The Lost Legacy powerful is the extraordinary balance achieved in playable terms. This is achieved based on three perfectly intertwined components: exploration, action-stealth, and puzzles. The title is conservative as far as the “uncharted in” formula refers, more if we compare it with Uncharted 4, from which it drinks directly.

Linear exploration abounds, but without neglecting freedom. There are times to get lost and browse a lost corner in search of a collectible or to move from here to there with the jeep. They are not the most abundant and you can feel more or less comfortable with it, but to be fair you have to say that the balance obtained is excellent. Of course, the advice to the future adventurer is not to rush the trip, because there are many secrets (collectibles) that are worth being discovered.

Another of the best-treated aspects is that of action. Our protagonists demonstrate a certain fragility in the melee, something that suggests us to act with prudence. However, as in Uncharted 4, infiltration is another mechanic and it is the player’s decision to take advantage of it to a greater or lesser extent. To be more precise: the use of stealth depends more on the situation posed than on the nature of our protagonists. In the end, it is not a factor that Naughty Dog has modified, although we are not upset with it.

What we have detected is that there are quite a few puzzles, and some quite ingenious. They do not encourage you to throw the remote through the window but leave with a very good taste. They fit the spirit of adventure. It is true that to have embroidered this part, the repetition of puzzles schemes should have been avoided, although the good thing is that there are challenges and satisfaction in facing them and overcoming them.

It has visually precious moments.

For all this, the lost legacy works just as well as an adventure and action video game. Also for the details, those to which Naughty Dog has us so well accustomed. These are things you think about how the hell could come true. Sometimes it seems magic. Then there is the splendid finish, with perfectly connected animations and landscapes that move between the artistic and the realistic with incredible skill. There are ideal moments for the photo mode, although by then it is very likely that they have already stayed in our retina.

It is not an exaggeration. Uncharted: The lost legacy has visually precious moments that are accompanied by a sound approach. Music sounds when it should, the ambient sound being the predominant tonic in the adventure, letting us listen to the environment both to generate immersion, and to be aware of the enemy presence. The voices are again in Spanish, with quality dubbing. It has its plus and minus (parts not as well acted as others), but it is a good job.

Regarding the multiplayer options, the same ones we had in Uncharted 4 have been moved. This means that the same modes, maps, and characters are available in The Lost Legacy. This includes the new survival mode (which is practically released with this release). There are no differences. The only thing is that on the occasion of this video game, we will have some news available. For example, new “skins” for Chloe and Nadine. The approach seems positive, as it helps to expand the multiplayer ecosystem.

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We change protagonists, situations, plot, villain, location … but not in essence, because this is still pure Uncharted. The lost legacy recovers the playable and technical basis of the fourth numbered installment to propose a new story next to two protagonists forced to understand each other. An adventurous epic that maintains the identity of the series and the hallmark of Naughty Dog to give PS4 users a highly recommended action and adventure video game.

  • A roller coaster of situations, with a great dramatic balance
  • The combination of exploration, action and very successful puzzles
  • The rigorous attention to detail, the hallmark of Naughty Dog
  • The relationship between the two protagonists is very well carried
  • The beautiful technical and artistic level
  • It hardly proposes novelties at playable level with respect to Uncharted 4

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