Analysis of V-Rally 4, the return of a legendary saga

Written by Kamran Haider

The French studio Kylotonn, responsible for titles linked especially to the motor world as the WRC saga, is the one behind the expected fourth installment of the veteran franchise. Analysis of V-Rally 4.

Many veteran users still remember with a lot of emotion what the arrival of V-Rally meant to PSX (although later it appeared in other formats, even in Game Boy Color!): Simply, it supposed a substantial quality jump in relation to what established in other titles and not just rallies, but driving in general. Its impact was so brutal that in several markets it led the sales lists for several weeks. Unfortunately the original saga created by Eden Studios (now Eden Games) was losing weight with the passage of time and the arrival of new deliveries, which failed to reach by far the success obtained by the original edition … to the point that it does more than 15 years that you did not know much about her.

For that reason personally, I had enough desire and, above all, a lot of curiosity to check what was going to bring us V-Rally 4, a game that as I have already told you has been developed by the studio Kylotonn. And what did I think about the video game? Well, it is quite meritorious and is capable of entertaining within its category, although it is true that it is far from reaching outstanding levels, and more if we compare it with the current referents of the genre such as Dirt Rally.

V-Rally 4 is, above all, a game that can be attractive to a wide variety of users. And this is due to its disposition and global approach, given that it is a driving title that is halfway between the simulation and the arcade.

First of all, variety control system, basic in this type of launches, I found accessible within limits, it is quite simple to keep the car on the road under any circumstances and regardless of the conditions of the circuit, the power of the car that we drive, of the climatology, etc. A feature that seems right to me but, as in everything, may not finish pleasing everyone, particularly purists of the genre that seek extreme realism.

In spite of that, do not misunderstand me. V-Rally 4 is not a pure arcade, at all, and in fact, to get good times it is necessary to step on the accelerator and hurry at every turn, in addition to having to use the brake to take the curves to avoid destroying our car out of track. Moreover, the vehicles are suffering damage both in the body and, more importantly, in its structure, affecting their behavior during races. And not only that, since it is also possible to adjust the parameters of our car in several different aspects (gear change, the height of the front and rear chassis, etc.) before each race.

What I want to say with all this is that, despite not being a simulator, V-Rally 4 tries to offer a certain sense of realism in all its aspects, this being one of its most outstanding virtues in my opinion … but not the only one, Fortunately.First of all variety

The greatest quality that the game treasures has to do with the variety of tests and specialties

It is true that the game modes are quite limited and in fact only presents three main options that I will now give a good account, but have “trick”. Yes, because among them it is possible to drive more than fifty of the most emblematic cars in the history of rallies (from the Lancia Delta HF to the Mini Cooper S or the Ford Escort MKII 1800) and, better yet, these modalities they accommodate more than 20 circuitsdifferent located in different parts of the world. In addition, the routes consist of several paths and tests, which can also be generated randomly if we wish, a feature that gives the title an almost infinite useful life.

However, the greatest quality that the game treasures has to do with the variety of tests and specialties in which it is possible to get to participate. In this way, it is possible to enjoy the classic rallies, participate in the V-Rallycross competitions, demonstrate our skills in the complicated Hillclimb (or downhill), have fun with the spectacle that the buggy races offer us or take on the challenge of the Extreme-Khana rally. Few speed titles can boast of offering such a range of possibilities, this being the most precious value held by VRally 4.

On the other hand, as I was saying, the modalities of the game that V-Rally 4 houses are not that they are uncountable, rather the opposite. The main modality comes to be a kind of Carrera mode, being able to enjoy a multitude of tests and competitions. Then there is the free mode that allows us to drive in the circuits and competition styles we want, while the online admits up to eight simultaneous players according to what type of tests plus the local multiplayer split screen for two players. An offer not too broad but functional and that gives enough of modes

In technical issues where the title suffers the most. And is that the engine KT Engine cannot compete with other much more powerful integrated into other similar titles. It is not that it is a mediocre or ugly game, in fact, certain scenarios (like the one based on Monument Valley) even result in one. But neither the physics of vehicles is the most reliable ever seen in a speed title, nor the detail with which these vehicles are modeled is like launching rockets. It compiles correctly and does not present package errors (exaggerated popping, slowdowns, lack of screen synchronization, etc.), but nothing more.

Something similar happens with sound. The highlights have to do with the voices of our co-pilot, which have been reproduced in Spanish, a good detail that in these titles is always appreciated. But both the rest of the effects and the soundtrack with merely functional, without major pretensions.

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After many years of silence, we can finally enjoy a new delivery of the classic V-Rally franchise, which is a cause for celebration. And it is also a title that is able to adapt and satisfy a wide group of users for its general disposition, between the arcade and the simulation. Its offer of available cars, circuits (including the random generator) and competitions in which we can take part are very broad, virtues that contrast with its limited range of available game modes and its functional audiovisual section.

  • Good balance between simulation and arcade
  • The random circuit generator gives a lot of play
  • Wide range of competitions and cars available …
  • … that contrasts with its limited number of game modes
  • Technically it is quite humble, without being bad
  • Vehicles sometimes “float” more than the bill

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