Analysis of War Thunder, F2P war between tanks, planes and ships

Written by Kamran Haider

The landing on Xbox One of War Thunder has been just what was expected: capture the essence of Gaijin Entertainment’s F2P on the Microsoft console with new control configurations and all the elements that have made war software great in the previously released platforms. We analyze what it offers to lovers of battles over land, sea, and air. Welcome to the war!

The saying “war has changed” comes to him that neither painted War Thunder. Born in 2013 as the natural evolution of warlike productions such as Birds of Steel and Wings of Prey, it has not stopped evolving since it came to computers and PS4 five years ago. The production has added new game modes, has taken the virtual war to territories far from the heavens and has managed to engross millions of players, who have not hesitated to be carried away by the attractiveness of the F2P proposal and the constant work of Gaijin.

It has cost but has finally reached Xbox One, releasing all the elements that have helped the software to continue on the crest of the wave after five years of hard work and with some additions that will delight fans of the simulators. war in the Microsoft console. War Thunder, in fact, is one of the first videogames to allow access to the new Xbox keyboard and mouse configuration, but it is not its only virtue in the American platform: it is capable of taking all its activities to the 4K of X.

War on the cube

War Thunder is characterized by unifying three warlike fronts such as airplanes, ships, and tanks. Join the battles on three fronts to offer versatile gameplay and mechanics that allow us to change the battle record in a few seconds, going from heaven to sea or land without major complications to choose your destination in each game. There are many manufacturers that we have available, allowing a variety of huge vehicles inspired by the main powers of the twentieth century. You should study them to find out which one suits your playing style the most.

The warplanes are the veterans in the game, so it is the mode with more content available throughout the game. You can take any of the allowed sides to choose a wide range of combat aircraft available to the player and launch into battle. One of the latest additions has been the helicopters, which bring a new vision of the aerial game to the software, adding a total change in control and available weapons, expanding the range of game options for those who feel more comfortable in the air than in water or firm ground.tanks

It is one of the first video games to allow access to the new configuration of keyboard and mouse of Xbox

The tanks managed to make a hole in the menu makes a good handful of years, showing gameplay and a technical finish that had nothing to envy games of the competition. They provide a wide variety of playable situations thanks to their mapping, the most spectacular of the entire War Thunder experience. The management of weapons and the always complicated mobility of the vehicle and the cannon end up being key to make you a space among the best gunners. The investigation of the different skills of each manufacturer will also be of great help to you on the battlefield to improve your armament and reach new models.

The ships, Gaijin’s latest great novelty, have also landed in the review of War Thunder for Xbox One with a view to continually evolving the playable from the new territory. He has just begun his journey, but already offers good reasons to think about a new success of the developer. Threats haunt our ships from land, air and the sea itself, with all the firepower of rivals and the submarine power of the torpedoes, who will not hesitate to apply great damage under water. Naturally, it has nothing to do with tanks, but it does share some game modes.Multifaceted F2P proposal

Multifaceted F2P proposal

The research will be key to access new machinery in all disciplines, so you must manage all your material and choices when advancing in each of the territories. The arrival of War Thunder to Xbox One, although it has been solved with a technical section that has evolved over the years with care, drags the legacy of five years of seniority, but manages to take the action to great levels when the battle it is sung and the crossfire begins on all imaginable fronts. Naturally, it fulfills excellently in the 4K.

Something that surprised me in his day and that it seems that Gaijin has not corrected yet is his learning curve for novice players who enter his title. Already in the early days of the game were somewhat complicated, but now, in full 2018 and with five years of content available to the player from the start, the reality is that the festival of vehicles, possibilities, and statistics is dizzying. We recommend you to be patient and meticulous, although the menu and the rescue interface of the PC version is not the best ally to carry out the present task.

The time to take the vehicles to the game in the most truthful way possible is still one of the brands of the house. Although initially, it seemed a humble proposal, Gaijin Entertainment seems to intend to extend War Thunder for many years, which is very welcome news for Xbox players who have just learned the benefits of the F2P video game. Arm yourself and go to battle.

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War Thunder has known how to take advantage of Xbox One X and the new system control settings. The software debuts in the Microsoft console with all the content released in the last five years and its three main game modes. It is demanding, especially in the simulation configurations, but once you manage to tame it becomes a very pleasant F2P experience.

  • The three-game modes offer an unbeatable variety in the F2P war territory
  • The care for bringing the vehicles to reality is a real show
  • Xbox players will be able to take advantage of Gaijin’s five-year work content
  • Maybe because of historical realism, there are somewhat unbalanced factions
  • High access barrier for novice players
  • Take advantage of PC menus, which causes a not particularly comfortable interface in the console

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