Analysis of Warhammer Chaosbane. The Warhammer universe adapts to the Devil formula

Warhammer Chaosbane
Written by Kamran Haider

The magic and attractiveness of entering the Warhammer universe are always irresistible. And what if it is also linked to the style of play of the classic Blizzard Diablo? Well, we tell you in this analysis.

It is not the first nor, for that matter, would I suggest my Samus Light Suit figure – the last title set in the creation of Games Workshop in landing on consoles and PCs. Warhammer drags thousands of fans around the world, fans who can already enjoy a new work of his beloved franchise: Warhammer Chaosbane. A title that closely follows the steps set by Diablo, the popular Blizzard saga, with all that that entails.

But before going into depth to break down its playable facet should be placed the action from the narrative point of view. A story that starts with enough force but, with the passing of the hours, gradually diluted. After a short period of calm in a world totally devastated by the wars, the so-called Sorceress of Chaos traps with a spell the savior of the Empire, Magnus. And what happens right after? Well, we have to finish with this Sorceress and her army of creatures thirsty for our blood, a bestiary that apparently (I have not counted) is made up of more than 70 different species.

As I just told you, the game formula that has been adopted by the Eko Software studio to bring this adventure to life is the one that, many years ago, established Blizzard with its wonderful Diablo series. That is to say, that under a zenith perspective we must venture into dungeons in which monsters of all kinds do not stop appearing … and not one at a time precisely. Waves and waves of creatures as ugly as aggressive are crowded into the bottoms with the only goal of ending us, so action and confrontations capture much of the gameplay that the video game.

Destruction and role alone … but better in cooperative

How have these battles been resolved (which take place in real time, by the way)? Well, quite rightly … although unoriginal being honest. At our disposal, we have a good range of movements and attacks, including special actions that are quite spectacular and powerful. And depending on the kind of character we chose at the beginning of the game, this set of attacks varies considerably.

Indeed, one of the most important decisions we must make in Warhammer Chaosbane is which personality to take on. There are four different types with their corresponding race and class: magician, imperial soldier, slasher and explorer. The soldier, for example, is, in my opinion, the most suitable character for beginners or for those who want to venture into this adventure alone, given that it is an easy to control and fairly balanced type. The high elf magician is ideal to give rivals wax from prudential distances, while the slasher (dwarf) is a very powerful type but requires a lot of skill to be controlled. And, finally, the explorers’ arrows as the main weapon, with all that that entails when facing confrontations. Theirs is to choose the protagonist that best suits our fighting style.warhammer_chaosbane-

The best way to enjoy the game is with its cooperative mode

One of the main qualities of the title is its cooperative multiplayer mode, an indispensable modality in this type of proposal. This option has room for four simultaneous players either playing in local or online and from my point of view is the best way to enjoy what this title offers us. Advancing as a team and overcoming all the confrontations and dungeons that await us in Warhammer Chaosbane in collaboration with other characters brings the highest levels of action and fun, giving shape to a much more dynamic and profound gaming experience. Yes, alone it is also possible to play perfectly … but it is not the same. No way.


Like a good RPG, in addition to having to eliminate hordes of monsters, we must gradually improve the skills of our characters. These skills are well reflected in a complete but fairly simple skill tree, which is divided into basic and advanced improvements. The offer available in Warhammer: Chaosbane is very wide and, of course, varies greatly between each of the character classes. And next to this we must also equip the protagonists with the objects and improvements that we create time to increase their statistics of attack, health, etc.

The missions end up being very predictable

The gameplay offered by this title is, therefore, as simple and direct as not very original … and quite invariable, being precisely the latter the greatest defects that can be thrown in the face of adventure. The missions end up being very predictable, as well as the behavior of the adversaries and, in general, all the game mechanics that this production shows. If we play cooperatively this is somewhat disguised, but alone becomes much more evident throughout the 10-12 hours of the main campaign a standard difficulty level. An offer that gives more than itself that it seems thanks to the fact of being able to play with several characters very different from each other, the presence of additional game modes (including the always challenging boss rush) and the interesting amount of objects and pieces of booty that we can collect.

On the technical level, this is a fairly remarkable video game, which offers us scenarios excellently set and characters and enemies represented with enough success. To this is added the presence of special effects quite colorful and fluidity in the development of the games more than solvent (and that sometimes the screen is flooded with adversaries). However, while the bestiary is more than generous, it is not the same with the design of the dungeons we visited, which is so similar that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish one level from another.

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To conclude, the sound section of Warhammer: Chaosbane Raya at a pretty good level, highlighting especially the sound effects, as strong as varied; as well as the soundtrack that accompanies us throughout the whole adventure, which manages to correctly set each game area.


The Warhammer license continues to expand and this time it presents us with a hack slash action RPG that drinks from the same sources as Diablo … but without reaching the levels of quality achieved by the timeless work of Blizzard. The combats are entertaining and quite dynamic, the local and online multiplayer mode works perfectly and the ambiance that has been printed on the adventure is very successful. Unfortunately, it is also a production that is quite repetitive in its development and unoriginal in its approach, defects that fortunately are not serious enough to ruin the suggestive gaming experience Warhammer gives us: Chaosbane.

  • The cooperative mode is very absorbent
  • The four classes of characters are very well differentiated
  • The combats are quite dynamic and spectacular
  • The development ends up being rather monotonous, especially in solitary
  • The game approach is anything but original


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