Analysis of WarioWare Gold, the best (and worst) of Wario for Nintendo 3DS

WarioWare Gold
Written by Kamran Haider

Wario has good things, but also bad things. All this is represented in a video game that relies on the legacy of the WarioWare series, with 300 irreverent microgames that try to take advantage of all the functionalities of Nintendo 3DS. The question is … has it turned out to be a mixture as explosive as on other occasions? We told you in our analysis of WarioWare Gold.

It has been one of the keys to the success of WarioWare throughout its 15 years of history: not giving you a single breath. Its structure of microgames is designed so that you do not have almost time to react, so you can be quick and improvise on the fly. Only one word precedes each test. You must read it quickly and prepare yourself during the few thousandths of a second that you give yourself until the game screen appears.

Thus, microgame after microgame, with absurd but hilarious approaches, a saga has risen that has wanted to recover its glory in Nintendo 3DS. The strategy to achieve this is logical: recover your legacy through some of the best WarioWare titles, such as Minigame Mania, Touched! or Smooth Moves. What Intelligent Systems has done on this occasion is a compilation of old tests (remastered), but also new ones, up to a total of 300 microgames, a figure Nintendo presumes, assuring that it is the highest to date.

What does all this translate? In a title that gives us just what we expected. WarioWare Gold is the uncertainty of not knowing what the next microgame will be. It is the anxiety of not knowing how you are going to have to respond. It is the irreverence of having to remove the hairs from the nose of a man … or of tickling another in the armpit. Ingenious, hilarious, and above all know how to make use of much of the features of 3DS: buttons, touch controls, gyroscopes, accelerometer, and even the microphone. It is not the best delivery to date, but a very worthy one.

300 in 1

The best news of the whole set is that WarioWare Gold has a story mode. In total, 18 micro stories of absolutely casual tone, with tests that are divided into categories: league buttons, tactile league and league rotation, whose names refer to the type of playable interaction that we will experience. The best thing is that the approach is varied, very interesting, with introductory sequences that have great quality, including a dubbing of the Spanish really worked.

But if we have to keep something, we do it with the 57 microgames dedicated to paying homage to the history of Nintendo, both the most remote and the most recent. We have a nod to the classic Game & Watch, the mythical Donkey Kong or one of the most popular toys of the Japanese: the Ultra Hand. They last only seconds, but enough to put a smile from ear to ear, especially if you grew up with the machines of this company.

The story mode has as a backdrop a very simple goal: to defeat Wario in the tournament of games he has organized, one made to profit (of course). It is not complicated, and in a couple of hours, you will have completed it. But the best will come later when you start to unlock the other modalities, which do not fall short. For these purposes, the title contains a lot of replayability.A crazy

It is a game that gives us just what we expected

The challenge mode we propose to play all the microgames from several perspectives: mixing them all ( A crazy ), without failing even once ( Sudden death ), at full speed ( Hyper difficulty ), against the clock ( WarioWatch ) … and then there are a series of approaches, some inherited from past videogames. For example, Sneaky poses us play in bed avoiding the surveillance of our mother, who will be swarming on the top screen.

In short, many game alternatives that make us talk about a title of incalculable duration since the fun really begins when you start to beat your own times. In addition, there is a crucial factor to understand the gameplay of WarioWare Gold and is in obtaining coins with each game that we star. This helps us to unlock all kinds of elements: musical themes, character files … but also others that go out of the ordinary.

There are unlockable minigames from the mythical Game & Watch. Also, an application from which to double (via microphone) all the sequences of the game with your own voice. But the best thing is the collection of cards about the history of Nintendo, and they talk to you not only about their videogames and consoles but also about older products, such as the Light Gun, a 1971 gun. Again, a nod to the users who are attracted by the history of the Great N, who thus receive an additional incentive to play this title.

To finish, there are more than 100 achievements, which makes it easier for us to obtain money to reach all the unlockables mentioned above. In summary, here is a game for a while. A pity that the multiplayer mode is so wasted, and also that it is necessary for each user to have their own game card ( there is no multiplayer game per download ), something that limits the enjoyment with other players. Come on, if you thought you enjoyed in company, you have to keep in mind that it is more focused on the individual user.

In any case, the video game contains a lot of dedication. It has a very careful presentation and a unique visual section, with those crappy but super charismatic designs for which this license has always stood out. The sound is another point in favor, with rhythms and nice comments during the tests. It fails the innovation, and have not had greater ambition, beyond supposing a compilation very well spun. But if that is what you were looking for, you should not worry, because WarioWare Gold knows how to defend itself in that sense.

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The character of WarioWare is not as explosive as in past installments, but as a compilation of microgames can be an excellent alternative. They have lacked the desire to innovate, with a greater emphasis on crowning the proposal, which still can not be said to be incomplete. 300 microgames that give an interesting story mode, many additional modes, and abundant unlockable elements. All supported by the irreverent humor so characteristic of this series and that is represented by the same words that define Wario: rogue and irreverent.

  • The very high number of tests: 300 microgames available
  • A correct and ingenious use of the unique features of 3DS
  • Good variety of modalities, including the story mode
  • Great replayability, which can multiply the initial hours of play
  • A generous quantity of unlockables and collectibles
  • Audiovisual section care, including Spanish dubbing
  • Initial approach somewhat fleeting: two hours to overcome it
  • Moderate innovation with respect to past deliveries
  • Shows little interest in the game in the company

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