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World of Final Fantasy
Written by Kamran Haider

World of Final Fantasy. Not many times the title of a game sums up so well the essence of a video game. Square Enix has managed to gather the best of this license in a magic disc. You have nostalgia, feelings, joy, beauty … If you like Final Fantasy, you will like this video game. We explain why in this analysis.

Imagine that several great directors come together to make the same movie or that consecrated singers join their voices for a new album. In these cases, we don’t usually have a middle ground. Or it seems a genius … or it seems a disaster. World of Final Fantasy emerged as something like that, a sort of remix of license perspectives. A video game in which the company’s greatest creatives combined their talent. But calm down, you can breathe. The experiment went well, very well.

And surprise, it is impossible to deny it. While playing, I saw the pessimism of Tetsuya Nomura alternating with the joy of living of Yasuhisa Izumisawa. A scene of pitiful sorrow is followed by another full of colors and a masterful beauty. A tragicomedy, as they have ended up being most of Final Fantasy, and hey, that’s fine. I did not expect it at all.

In fact, as the hours went by, my interest grew. I had played the preview a few weeks ago and my feelings were good, but not as much as now. It has a challenge, it is very long and although it is recommended for new players, it is a true fantasy ode for lifelong fans. None of them are going to drop the rings for playing it. What the hell! I would say that it is more Final Fantasy than many of the franchise games we have seen in recent years.

Concentrated talent

There is magic in the way all this has come true. How to put in the same pack the designs of Nomura and Izumisawa without everything jumping through the air? With a Solomonic solution: something as simple as pressing a button. Lann and Reynn are the protagonist’s twins, and they can alter their shape at any moment. In one, they seem out of Kingdom Hearts. In another, they become tiny, chibi style.

It is not a mere visual trick. It has playable implications. Statistics vary, as well as combative possibilities. By the way, it is important to talk about this. The battle system is a slight variant of the Active Time Battle of a lifetime, with a sidebar that shows us what we have left to do the next action. It is easy to understand, very intuitive. It is accompanied by shortcuts to attack, defend or use an object … but what do you want me to say? I almost forgot about it when I learned that you can fight from the classic menu, that blue color so characteristic, it’s like feeling at home.Concentrated talent

I would say that it is more Final Fantasy than many of the franchise games that we have seen in recent years.

However, if I have to keep something, it is with that feeling of anguish when your life bar is shivering and it is your turn to attack a boss. You pray that he fails or chooses something other than fulminate. But that is what I liked most in the end: the tension in the fighting. How do you get just to level and cry to heaven when they kill you. Also the terrible pain you feel if you have forgotten to leave for an hour.

So, my way through World of Final Fantasy was based on slaps. The strongest one I took is because – without preamble – it is a classic Final Fantasy, as the old ones. Its structure is based on villages, dungeons and a journey through varied and aesthetically wonderful scenarios. There are stores to resupply. There are characters to talk with. There are quests to expand the excellent duration a little more, which is about 35-40 hours.

If this is not enough nostalgia, characters from all times and times of Final Fantasy appear, from the warrior of the light to the most recent Lightning. It is an absolute joy since in some cases we are presented with missions related to them. The surprise has been capital, but this does not stop here.

My beating soon arrived. I learned that the creatures you were fighting against could be captured and that their abilities should be used to keep moving forward. Above you can train with them and multiply the chances of victory. Tactically it is a very complete game, with a skill tree not only for the two main characters but for each of the creatures we recruit. It’s a bit tedious to be aware of everyone, to use skill points every time you get them. Although yes, you are right, this has its positive side: it indicates complexity.

What does not hurt is to criticize the narrative. It is not bad, but something is far from what we are used to. It is normal. Concentrating so many characters, in the end, results in a theater in which some of them only appear to say “hello” and “goodbye”. Still, I expected it, and I enjoyed it. It is better that you do not go with too many pretensions in this regard.

Another aspect is that not all the game is at the same level, with combats that fail to maintain the same balance in difficulty. I guess it’s a bit the price to pay for such great genius. It could not be round. However, it has connected so much with me that it seems unfair to finish this analysis like this … Because I have been excited about the landscapes, because I had fun with the designs, because technically it goes like silk, because even the most inconsequential battle (of those what do you do to “slight”) has been interesting for one reason or another. Because I am a purist and they allow me to put the voices in Japanese (subtitles in Spanish). Because I have not cared to support somewhat high load times to check what came next.

I have suffered a real beating to go with prejudices, to think that this was only World of Final Fantasy and not a Final Fantasy like the cup of a pine. But the blows are well deserved. The good thing is that now you will know that this is a great video game, that it has magic, that it is a great fan service exercise. The only beatings they will give you is in the fighting of the game (I hope). Go carefully, always carry a few potions and, you know, do not forget to keep game.

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If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, I don’t know what you’re still doing here. There is a magnificent video game that is waiting for you. The nostalgia contains, the beauty it evokes, the passion visible in its authors … It is a game that goes from heart to heart, a world of sensations about the entire universe of the series, an authentic love letter for followers. And if you are not, surely you will become one of them, because this game is more Final Fantasy than you can imagine.

  • It’s more Final Fantasy than you could imagine
  • Nostalgic, with winks, magical … A total fan service
  • The capture of creatures and their tactical possibilities in battles
  • Visually and musically it is a beautiful video game
  • Its duration is magnificent, 40 hours, but it can be many more
  • At the narrative level, it does not have a story at the height of the saga
  • The game fails to maintain the same balance in difficulty throughout the adventure

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