Analysis of Worms WMD. The war continues … in the palm of your hand

Worms WMD
Written by Kamran Haider

Team 17 celebrates its 25 years of history by unleashing the war on Nintendo Switch with its popular Worms! The fun, of course, is guaranteed thanks to a video game that, while remaining faithful to the essence of the originals, manages to take its crazy action to a new level; especially when you bet on your multiplayer. We tell you in the analysis of Worms WMD.

Something has the Worms series that whenever you return to it, with its pluses and minuses, you end up laughing, screaming, enjoying! with your crazy strategic battles. More if you share the trip with friends; If you dedicate yourself to crushing them in their multiplayer side with explosive sheep, explosive bananas, explosive rugs … or whatever because in the saga of Team 17 practically everything ends up exploding. And the good news is that Worms WMD, which now adapts to Nintendo Switch, recovers the most traditional version of the franchise without losing the opportunity to introduce such interesting news as the use of vehicles. Bearing in mind the classic Worms Armageddon, for many the best episode of the saga, this is a Worms in the purest sense; It feels and looks like the titles of yesteryear, although, as I said, it is also fresh and original.

Forget the worms with their own statistics or other features of the style that never finished curdling among fans of the saga. Team 17, which celebrates its 25 years of history, opts for the purest version of Worms with a video game that also looks really good thanks to its commitment to 2D graphics drawn by hand. The adaptation of Worms WMD to Nintendo Switch is also accompanied by new content such as a spatially themed scenario, new hats and more objects to customize the appearance of these funny worms. With a desire to start the action? Whether at home or in your own hand’s thanks to Portable Mode, you’re sure to enjoy this crazy game of turn-based fighting.

A crazier arsenal than ever

Creating a super bomb against bunkers in the middle of combat to defeat the scoundrels who, under the protection of a mountain, were crushing us with air attacks is a blessing. Also a new way of understanding war. There is much more strategy in the battles; more options to surprise the rivals. And the best thing is that this process does not interrupt the development of the game at all. Whether in our turn or, better still, during the enemy’s, we can study the options at our disposal and take the step forward ordering the manufacture of a new type of weapon or, why not, improving existing ones by providing them with effects additional as crazy as destructive. There is a but.

First of all, we will have to gather the materials. We can do this by dismantling the weapons that we create we are not going to use or, also, collecting the supply boxes that will regularly fall on the battlefield. The point is not to sit still or stop thinking about new ways of riddling enemies. You are no longer limited to the weapons with which you start the game so … be imaginative! The reward is worth it, there is nothing better than exploring the destructive potential of more than 80 weapons and objects that Worms WMD puts within our reach. Most of us already knew about previous deliveries but it does not matter! There are so many and they are so varied that it is hard not to die laughing using the mythical super sheep, the explosive bananas, or the huge donkeys that fall from the sky crushing anyone who has the misfortune to cross their path.crazier arsenal

The improvements we can use to customize weapons also deserve a separate mention. They are incredibly funny, others even original because of the way they reinvent classic combat tools, and in all cases, they work well in the context of war. Believe me, I’d like to tell you about them, or about the destructive power of new weapons like the OMG attack, the unwanted gift or the problematic phone battery, but certainly, the best thing is for you to discover it for yourself. Some effects are so surprising that it is impossible not to laugh.

Overcoming missions is easy, doing it with the gold medal is another story.

What about the vehicles? The other great novelty of Worms WMD works well, although perhaps not as much as I expected. Of course, I love crushing the rivals from inside a tank, or flying over the battlefield aboard a helicopter while launching a burst of shrapnel; but the truth is that vehicles do not contribute much to the gaming experience either. Obviously, they are fun to handle, more so when you have just removed them from the hands of the enemies, and only for that I appreciate their presence; but maybe his addition was for something else.

Very different sensations leave another novelty of the game that is, curiously, also one of the most unknown. Do you see all those buildings? Well, they are not just decoration; Now you can get into them to protect yourself from enemy fire, thus acquiring battles a new strategic dimension that I love. It is a pass because playing your cards well, you can cause a lot of damage without suffering losses in the attempt. Although, of course, custom weapons are born in order to eliminate this tactical advantage. Take a cluster bomb with extra dynamite!

The new and the old are interpenetrated in an exemplary way, creating a video game that even imitates the physics of the weapons of yesteryear, forcing us, of course, to take into account the direction and force of the wind before opening fire. It is not a revolution, nor a simple facelift of Armageddon; It is something unique, something different but with the taste of what is already known. That’s why I’m so happy with Worms WMD in Switch. It is a videogame that knows how to challenge in its campaign mode with 30 missions that include several additional challenges that are what spark the action. Overcoming missions is easy, doing it with the gold medal is another story. In this sense, the artificial intelligence of the enemies is not bad: they usually react well to our offensive and unfold with ease using the varied arsenal of weapons. They have failures, of course, but as training for the multiplayer, it’s more fun than I imagined.

I just dropped the keyword. Multiplayer. Up to six players with eight worms under their command can face death in epic pitched battles that are a pure vice. With a great design of levels and so many combat options, it will be hours and you will continue enjoying some skirmishes as fun as addictive. In addition, along the way you will unlock new objects with which to customize the appearance of your worms, including voice, thus finding another incentive to “take a game” before disconnecting.

It is also grateful for the return to the 2D, with a high-quality artistic style that looks impeccable in what refers to the design of scenarios. They are very varied among themselves, also beautiful and original in line with what you expect from a video game of the franchise, but more importantly, they contribute something to the action thanks to that layer of extra depth that it offers with the interior of the buildings.

It is appreciated the return to the 2D, with a quality artistic style that looks impeccable in what refers to the design of scenarios

To finish the job, Team17 gives us full powers to create the perfect game, not only choosing map and conditions of victory, but also deciding whether or not we want vehicles, the rate of appearance of weapons, and a lot of other options with which it is easy to customize the action. Ideal for the purists who prefer to face the old-style war. At this point, it would have been great to run into a level editor that would allow us, literally, to create battlefields from scratch. Too bad, because it would have given a lot of play. Also the presence of more new weapons. Although it is impressive the total of them, more than eighty, very few are really new, so most veterans may feel somewhat disappointed.

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It may not reach the greatness of the legendary Worms Armageddon, that video game was a revolution, but Team17 can be proud to have created one of the best chapters of his already veteran franchise. Its arsenal of weapons is complete and varied, but not satisfied with it, they also allow you to customize it with great freedom. You can go to war aboard a tank, or in a helicopter !, and even protect yourself from bombs inside a building. With a solid solo campaign and a fun multiplayer, Worms WMD will make you spend great moments. Just like in the old days.

  • A classic Worms but also with novelties
  • Manufacture and customize weapons. Gives the action a greater strategic touch
  • The design of scenarios. Going into buildings is a big step forward
  • The good campaign alone, fun multiplayer
  • Vehicles do not get their full game
  • Little news in the arsenal. Most of the weapons we already knew.

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