Analysis of Wulverblade. A heartbreaking 2D beat’em up

Written by Kamran Haider

The beat’em up style games resist perishing precipitously thanks to productions like the one that concerns us. A very entertaining title while it lasts that also enjoys a very particular visual section. We analyze Wulverblade.

Those players who grew up with games like Golden Ax, Double Dragon or Final Fight continue to appreciate this classic genre, the beat’em up, a style that we all know its role in today’s industry. Fortunately, certain studies (almost all of them independent) continue to bet on the simple and direct action linked to this genre and give birth to works as remarkable as Wulverblade. A title that, without being anything of the other world in terms of its innovative load is concerned, it is entertaining while it lasts, a game that appeared a few months ago in Nintendo Switch and now reaches the other formats.

The people of Britain have been attacked by the Roman army and they have no other option but to confront them. This plot is more than interesting (although it is narrated in perfect English, voices, and texts) and, in addition, it enjoys quite historical fidelity within what one would expect from a title of these characteristics. A story that narrates the vicissitudes of three different characters that, in the end, are the three types among which it is possible to choose.

The balanced and visceral Caradoc, the powerful but rather slow Brennus and the agile Guinevere are the three types among which we must choose before we begin. Three different ways of facing the eight levels that await us, all of them culminated by the traditional and ruthless final boss who has several bars of life.

Cooperative violence

One of the most traditional options that classic 2D development beat’em up usually brings is the possibility of playing doubles with a friend. Precisely this function becomes one of the great claims that hosts Wulverblade, although it is only possible to enjoy it in local mode. We can also play alone, of course, but as always with this particular genre, the most advisable thing is to advance in the company of an ally.

Our task is as simple as annihilating every opponent that crosses our path, as simple as that. And I say annihilate because, certainly, we are not exactly before a game for children or for the most sensitive, since in each battle it is possible to contemplate beheadings, dismemberments, and liters of blood. A gore proposal not exempt from certain black humor, given that we have the possibility to use certain parts of the rivals (arms, heads, etc.) to throw them against our adversaries.Cooperative violence

Its gameplay is simple and direct, very absorbent while it lasts

The control system is quite traditional and allows us to carry out the typical actions of the genre such as attacking, defending or jumping. The variety of blows and movements that the adventure offers us is not the most abundant that I have ever experienced, though, and in a certain way it is sometimes somewhat limited. But it is also not very criticizable given that the vast majority of titles of this style drag that same deficiency. Also, it is possible to execute a couple of special actions for each character, such as temporarily entering a kind of Berserker mode to eliminate the opponents in a faster and more brutal way or ask for very specific reinforcements … And to this is added the possibility of to be able to pick up lances, knives and other weapons that allow us to damage the rivals from a prudential distance or in a fierce way depending on the case.

Far from being work rather affordable, the fact is that Wulverblade is a real challenge … or can be if we choose to play in the normal difficulty mode (most advisable). We have three lives to reach each point of control (there is usually one for each level), which I guarantee will make you sweat ink, even in the early stages. And for all those who want to get into the final challenge Arcade mode is waiting for them, where those same three lives will be enough to finish the game in its entirety … something that happens in four or five hours if we have experience in this type of work. A short duration that can be briefly expanded through the Arenas mode, a version of the classic Horde mode in which we must end with incessant waves of adversaries.

Simple and direct gameplay, as dictated by this style of games, which becomes very absorbing while it lasts. And this gameplay is accompanied by a very well resolved visual finish, at least in my opinion. The artistic style of cartoons that the characters and adversaries show is very peculiar, types that enjoy quite soft animations and a well-expressed wild expression. The global setting also deserves our recognition, while the soundtrack and the effects fulfill their task with the necessary efficiency.

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A feast beat’em up defiant, gore and suitable for two simultaneous players is what we will find in this faithful representative of the genre called Wulverblade. It barely innovates in any way and perhaps lacks the depth that the current referents of the genre provide, but in spite of that, it is an exciting title, well executed and endowed with a strong visual personality. Quite recommended despite its limited duration.

  • Intense, direct, challenging and gore development
  • The attractive atmosphere and graphic style
  • Cooperative mode to doubles ensures the fun
  • Its duration is not too long
  • The range of hits of the characters is somewhat limited
  • Its originality is almost zero

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