Analysis of Yo-Kai Watch 3, a fun adventure among ghosts

Yo Kai Watch 3
Written by Kamran Haider

Yo-Kai Watch is already on its third numbered delivery … as if nothing. The race has been meteoric for the Level 5 series, but does that translate into lower quality? Absolutely. Without going any further, as we tell you in this analysis, Yo-Kai Watch 3 could be considered as the best video game of the series, by proposing the highest levels of quality and variety to date.

When any series reaches its third numbered delivery and also does it in a short space of time (just three years in the case of Yo-Kai Watch), the logical thing is to expect few contributions, or at least irrelevant. However, I was surprised by what the Level 5 Japanese developers have put forward for the occasion: the most complete video game, but also the most varied and with the best ideas of all we have received in the series. Take advantage of past experience, to lead a very satisfying adventure.

As I mentioned in the analysis of Yo-Kai Watch 2, the formula suffered from little inventiveness, repeating mechanics that worked in the first video game. What I appreciate on this occasion, is an interest focused precisely on that, to imply that this is its definitive creation.

Yo-Kai Watch 3 is a game that does not get rid of messenger missions that make you continually go from one place to another, nor from a story whose rhythm could be a bit heavy. However, it adds multiple layers that make it a very enjoyable RPG, with significant changes in the combat system, new mini-games and a plot that pivots between two scenarios as different as Japan and the US. All with the sympathy of those creatures inspired by Japanese folklore (Yo-kai), which give rise to a product especially suitable for the youngest of the house, but which can also be recommended for those users who want a pleasant, comical adventure with production values ​​that put the Nintendo 3DS system at maximum power.

The dream Yo-Kai Mericano Yo-Kai Watch 3 has many novel approaches, but the central one is related to the possibility of managing two protagonists, one in the United States and another in Japan. The most striking is that the game forces us to alternate between them to complete their stories and thus move from chapter to chapter. It is very interesting Used as it was in previous installments to live a plot of purely Japanese essence, it has been very refreshing to travel from time to time to American lands to check the contrasts between their cultures.

The final impression you get is that the world is bigger and the adventure much more varied. From the small otaku shops in a neighborhood-recreation of Akihabara, we immediately went on a walk through the great “piers” of San Francisco. That is part of the magic of a video game that does not stay in the aesthetic but also transforms part of its mechanics. For example, sudden nightmares of dodging enemies during the night have their equivalent in the form of survival against zombies. All very “Americanized”.video game

The feeling while playing is to be in front of a high-budget video game for Nintendo 3DS

murderous clowns that pursue us, a parody of the X-Files, some reference to the problem of obesity that there is in the American population … Look at the details of this North American dichotomy -Epona has seemed really interesting to me, a key of interest to be taken into account by those players who seek a layer of narrative depth. In fact, personally, I have enjoyed a lot with all the existing references, which are supported by a location to the Spanish simply exceptional.

Speaking of the game system, the truth is that the scheme does not vary too much. Talk to a certain character, go to the marked point on the map, fight with the yokai, get yourself a certain object or fish in the river and then return and finish the task before heading to your next target. It is the same approach as the messenger of the previous Yo-Kai Watch. The rhythm also continues to be interrupted a lot. It is a game in which you lose too much time in journeys and conversations, although the truth is that the approach is made more tolerable by the numerous tests introduced.

The variety is definitely the highest in the series. There are bosses that have their own mini-game, and then there are all kinds of tests belonging to various genres, with bicycle races or a kind of Dance Dance Revolution, but eating sushi … and so considerable etcetera. Many things will sound to you if you come from previous Yo-Kai Watch, as is the case of fusions, expended, I-Delinquents … as well as a special mode (inherited directly from the game Yo-Kai Watch Blasters ) that maintains its dynamics of the game, with real-time attacks on enemies.Yo Kai Watch Blaster

Actually, Yo-Kai Watch 3 is a game with many games inside. A metagame based RPG in which many approaches coexist. It’s interesting how this manages to generate variety and make the 20 hours of the game that the campaign can last go by quite quickly. But even more striking is how Level 5 combines these ingredients. Sometimes they recombine so much, and so stop the advance, which is somewhat counterproductive at the rhythm level. Besides, it must be mentioned that not all approaches have the same quality, and this is something that weighs in the long run. However, we must recognize the work done because the amount of experiences present denotes considerable dedication on the part of the developers.

To this end, the combat system has been reformulated and impregnated with that depth that we missed in previous Yo-Kai Watch. The solution is given by a 3 by 3 grid in which we can place our Yokai trio. Positioning one unit in front of another implies defense; while if we position them in parallel, they boost the offensive capacity. While we fight, items and/or dangers appear in certain boxes, giving rise to a system that encourages you to change your position … and not only focus on using the animáximum or purifying your allies.

In absolute terms, the combats gain in interactivity and interest, assuming a clear step forward. Since there are about 700 Yo-Kai (the highest number in the Yo-Kai Watch series ), the changes introduced help to generate a more satisfying game flow. By the way, in this installment the Yo-Kai Merican is included in the collection, making a game of words that helps me to remind you that the translation is at a very high level, putting very useful brushstrokes, even incorporating expressions that cause a little bit of nostalgia (“hallucino gherkins!”).

good variety of colors and decorationsActually, the feeling while you play is to be in front of a high budget video game for Nintendo 3DS. The time dedicated to the stages is very big, and everything that has to do with animations and expressions of characters is really taken care of. The visual is, in fact, one of the most outstanding 3DS titles, with a good variety of colors and decorations. Even the stereoscopic effect (3D) is one of the most profound and successful that I have had the opportunity to experience in this machine.

For all this, I think it would be wrong to cross out this game as merely childish and uninteresting for other users. Obviously, its objective is in the most youthful players, but given its playable and argumentative richness, with a lot of sense of humor and a variety that touches several genres, I consider that more aspects should be valued when making the decision to play it. In the end, when work is of quality, the least is the number of candles that you put on your last birthday cake.

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Yo-Kai Watch 3 is a combination of games and development experiences combined, learned by Level 5 during the development of this saga, and which acquire their most evolved form in a varied title, with a great sense of humor and high production values. Nintendo 3DS receives a title especially suitable for children, but that should not underestimate the rest of the users. It is a very competent RPG, of considerable duration and that, above all, makes a remarkable effort to overcome its predecessors … which was not easy.

  • A more varied history, with two points of view: Japan and the USA
  • The high variety of situations, with a good amount of tests and mini-games
  • Improvement and expansion of the combat system of previous games
  • Graphically it is one of the most worked titles of Nintendo 3DS
  • The localization to the Castilian (voices and texts) is simply exceptional
  • The playable rhythm is interrupted too much with paths and conversations
  • There are many tests and mini-games, but in some cases they are simple

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