Analysis of Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair, a charming 2D platform

Written by Kamran Haider

Yooka-Laylee’s new adventure arrives without making much noise but pays attention to me, you can’t miss it! Fun and exciting, this 2D platform adventure appeals like no one to nostalgia to make you enjoy a video game that reminds of the classic Donkey Kong Country. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair analysis.

I knew the challenge was going to be tough. Overcome the first impossible den that gives a name to the game? And yet, brave, I tried. What a failure. I did not complete even 5% of a level that is devilishly difficult. Hours passed, I gathered an army of bees that act here as a protective shield … and I reached 12%. I have tried again and again, and again and again, I have failed in the attempt. But on all these occasions I have enjoyed how long ago I did not do it with a 2D platform video game. It shows the hand of some of the greatest creatives of the mythical Rare, who sign a high quality work that will inevitably make you think of the memorable Donkey Kong Country series. The control of the characters, the challenges you face, the sensations of rolling, jumping or even shooting yourself well away from a canyon. Although not intended, Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair has become one of the best tributes to the Super Nintendo classic, but it is more than just nostalgia.

There are no weapons, no rare objects, no new skills to overcome the challenges proposed by the Playtonic video game. Just roll and jump, roll and jump; the purest essence of the platform where only your commanding skill matters and nothing else. But Yooka Laylee’s new adventure manages to surprise again and again with tougher, more twisted challenges, with which it is easy to have fun. Start calm, almost as if a sweet walk awaits you, but it’s the opposite. A platform of those before, of those who put the difficult things!, Facing enemies and deadly traps that do not need much to end your life. A bug and goodbye very good; Retry. But far from frustratingYooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair encourages you to try your luck incessantly, and what seemed impossible before is not so much … except for that damn final dungeon that will remain an infernal nightmare.

Roll, jump … and enjoy!

Following the example of the longed-for Banjo Kazooie, the duo formed by the lizard Yooka and the bat Laylee will jump into action together, acting like one, but if we receive a single blow the couple will break and Yooka will be the only one to move on. How does the action change? Although you will still have the opportunity to overcome the level you will do it with an important handicap: you will lose the possibility of planning for a few seconds, which can prove fatal at the most complicated levels. In the end, it is a game concept that does not depart much from what is seen in the Donkey Kong Country saga, where we also control two characters whose differences have grown over the years, thus giving you the opportunity to overcome certain challenges of an Another way. However, what I like about Yooka Layle is that here the union is a strength .

Only when the protagonist duo is complete can you take advantage of all their skills, including also a couple’s blow with which you can break certain objects thus accessing otherwise unreachable areas. That’s why you act carefully, measuring every step you take, even though Yooka Laylee’s action sometimes invites the opposite; to run, jump and roll like crazy while escaping in extremis from deadly traps or the jaws of beasts – and funny – beasts. Going as a team gives you some security, because you have “another chance” to make mistakes; but above all, this is the only way to fully explore the 20 levels that make up the adventure … which are actually 40 levels, considering that everyone has a Face B which radically changes the way you face your challenges. The result is fantastic.

He manages to surprise again and again with tougher challenges

Although the scenario is the same, a cold wave, a dense fog, flames or even an invasion of enemies will make you face the action in such disparate ways, it really seems You’re on a whole new level This helps to endow the action with a greater variety, recreating with great fidelity the exciting platform challenges that we enjoyed in the Donkey Kong Country saga over 20 years ago. The vines, the canyons, the impossible jumps, the races against the clock … climbing, swimming, jumping on enemies to avoid falling into the abjump yss or sliding at full speed surrounded by deadly traps are some of the many challenges that you will have to face in a video game that encourages as few the exploration, because in each level it hides five special coins that will be essential to progress in the adventure.

With an excellent 2D level design, another of Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair’s strengths have to do with that great central world that acts as a link between some phases and others. Do not go to think that it is mere decoration. Here you will live a game experience more typical of puzzle adventures, enjoying really fun and exciting moments thanks to its ingenious puzzles. It’s almost like changing the game ! which brings a huge variety to the action and makes this a title if it fits more special. With exploration as the protagonist, you will not only have to find out how to unlock new levels, but also go out in search of the precious tonic with which you can change aesthetic elements of the adventure, and also increase or decrease the difficulty in exchange for receiving more or less golden feathers.

The result is an old-school platform that is not afraid to look forward.

Yooka Laylee’s new adventure is a challenging game, yes, but it rarely becomes frustrating thanks to the tonics, which can provide you with advantages such as an “extra jump,” and especially to abundant control points distributed with intelligence, so that when you lose your life you can continue practically where you left off. What happens to your impossible den? There you will not find control points, there is only one chance! but you can increase the chances of success if you complete all the main missions before. In doing so you will rescue an army of bees that will act as a protective shield; a sort of extra life that allows you to make several mistakes before failing in this final duel against the evil Capital B. I already tell you that even with all the bees in your possession this is still a scenario of enormous difficulty.

There is something magical about Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair. The color of its graphics, the grace of its protagonists, the platform challenges that you face … although it has the soul of Donkey Kong Country, and it’s great! Playtonic Games’ new work follows its own path with an experience of Unique and special game that if you are already an age will make you smile like a fool recalling the old days. If you even find some special challenges that are in itself small tributes to other great video game classics like Space Invaders. “We need to be focused on what makes our video games relevant and unique ,” they said at the time, and the result is an old-school platform who is not afraid to look forward; who is not afraid to contribute new ideas without losing sight of his great legacy.

I have missed some fighting against final bosses, you only have the fight against Capital B. and some more variety in the course of the missions, but shortly after you enjoy the genre you will have a great time facing the challenging challenges proposed by this adventure of Yooka and Laylee. Its charm is also reflected in a good audiovisual section that stands out for the color and design of scenarios, although this sometimes sin of being somewhat simple and bland. For music, two heavyweights such as David Wise and Grant Kirkhope have been used again, who sign a good job but also somewhat irregular. There are melodies that are a pass, and others that liven up the action without having too much prominence. What is certain is that there is a lot of love behind this platform adventure, and that is reflected in a video game that has fun and excites as only the greatest get.

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That your commitment to 2D platforms does not lead you to think that this is a minor title. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is a great platform adventure with the soul of Donkey Kong Country that does not remain in mere homage; that goes further with new game mechanics and a great central world where you will have fun exploring and solving puzzles. It is varied, fun and very challenging; A game that is worth it. Will you overcome your impossible den?

  • A control system that responds perfectly to the challenges proposed by the game
  • Challenging, very funny and with the essence of the mythical Donkey Kong Country
  • A great 2D level design and a great central world that you will enjoy exploring
  • Somewhat high load times to access levels
  • Some final bosses or more variety are missing in the challenges proposed

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