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Written by Kamran Haider

You walk towards an abyss … and voila! Change the perspective of the scenario, now the other way around, while you follow your path as if nothing; As if walking on the walls was the most normal thing in the world. It is in this ingenious adventure of puzzles and platforms that knows how to surprise with new challenges and that, as we tell you in the analysis of Youropa, also challenges you with very fun tests.

Today continues to amaze me the tenacity of the creatives in the video game industry because nothing seems to undermine their morality when, in their hands, they have that dream game for which it is worth fighting. They tend to be independent productions, made with very few resources, but they all have something in common: exquisite attention to detail; care and special care that is noted in each pixel. Iconoclasts and its more than ten years of development is one of the recent examples that best represent what I say, but it is not and will not be the only one. If you allow me … I give thanks for that. Although I would prefer that these creatives do not have to deal with so many problems, the truth is that every time I get one of these author’s productions I do nothing but take pleasure; today’s name: Youropa. It is an ingenious puzzles and platforms video game that has been in development for the last decade, which is outrageous, but although it sounds cliché, the wait was worth it.

Developed by the Danish studio Freckle ApS , which in recent times has collaborated in projects such as Max & The Curse Of Brotherhood or Kalimba , Youropa is a fun, intelligent game in the design of its puzzles, which knows how to surprise with new challenges from a or another way they force you to think differently. The essence of this adventure, its defining feature, is the protagonist’s ability to walk on the walls; move around any surface as long as you have access to them through special platforms. It may seem silly but as I showed you recently in live streaming of Youropa, this is a feature that gives the game a point of additional complexity, very much in line with that seen in Echochrome. Be very happy, because the solution to the puzzles is no longer obvious, to be there with the naked eye, forcing you to explore each level from all possible perspectives. From top to bottom, skirting the stage, walking straight or backward!; there are no barriers in a game that knows how to reward effort with increasingly ingenious challenges.

Puzzles with wit and lots of colors

If something I like about Youropa is the naturalness with which it expands its action. The adventure begins in the simplest form imaginable, walking from one point to another without more problems than finding the correct route, but then you learn to grab objects, and with it, puzzles appear that require you to activate and step on certain switches, and then discover the option of “kicking”, with which you can throw away some decorative elements for, of course, hitting new switches. And later? Then come to the jumps, or the use of vehicles, or deadly traps in the form of dogs-shark or gigatonnes, which we must avoid at all costs in order not to die of a blow. Or the rain ! which in this adventure is a mortal enemy because it will spoil the painting that covers the body of our chubby protagonist. The solution? Create shortcuts, find a way to protect it from water. And this happens in the first hours of a title game that can take you to complete about ten hours.Puzzles

If I like something about Youropa, it is the naturalness with which it expands its action.

The ingenious design of its levels, which are getting bigger, that each time present more alternative routes, helps that interest does not decay at any time. Each new area you visit encourages you to explore the scene with avid passion using that bird’s-eye view with which you are rewarded shortly after you start, so as not to leave you with a single collectible object by the way. Not only that. This is a must-have feature to find clues to solve some scripted puzzles. If that was not enough, Youropa also includes some other stealth sequence, although these are not particularly good, because the enemies we face tend to show a somewhat erratic behavior; It is easy to deceive them and it is not that these scenes give off the emotion that you would expect from a videogame of those characteristics.

The use of vehicles is not well resolved either. With a fantastic desire to surprise us with new challenges, the Freckle team includes a few challenges in which we must use vehicles, such as a jumping spring, but unfortunately, with the exception of the latter, which has a testimonial weight, they present a system of inaccurate control. Spend a little the same with the hero, which we can customize with complete freedom using a spray of colors and various templates. Not that it costs horrors to move around the stages, but there are times when you feel awkward the actions of the protagonist, who does not respond quite well to our orders, to the point of ending up falling through an abysmal vacuum in the strange city of Paris to which he moves us, and that step by step grows with multiple paths that in many cases we must retrace to discover new routes thanks to the special abilities of the protagonist.

To curl the curl, Youropa also includes a complete level editor

It is another of the aspects that I like most about Youropa; the way in which he expands his game world, creating a false sensation of freedom of exploration that feels great to him. And I say “false” because this is, in reality, a linear adventure that admits only one way to solve your varied puzzles. Not bad; except when I say there are scenarios that are points of access to new areas where you learn everything you need to continue the way intuitively, enjoyable, enjoying every minute of play. This is also a title with a lot of details that denote the care and love with which it has been designed. Some of the graffiti we find scattered around the scenes warns, directly or subtly, of the dangers that await later; in the same way that they can respond to certain puzzles. Another fantastic detail has to do with the rope that surrounds the heel of the protagonist. What is it for? Neither more nor less than to determine the axis on which we move; to know clearly if we are face down or in a stable position on which to walk without risk of dying in the attempt. It’s silly,freedom

To curl the curl, Youropa also includes a complete level editor, the same used by its developers to create the video game, which allows fans to build all kinds of scenarios with their own challenges. Does the main adventure know you little? With the support of the PC community, this title can give us great joys over the coming months. For all this, it is a game of the most recommended. Maybe in some aspects, you feel something generic, that not all your puzzles are great, or that there are other works of the most surprising and impressive style; but in general, Youropa is a very good puzzle and platform game that knows how to keep you stuck with its varied challenges. The control is not always accurate and there are aspects of the game that do not show their full potential, but even with those.

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Youropa is a game of puzzles and platforms that knows how to surprise with a great variety of challenges that take advantage of an interesting skill like walking on any surface, even if you move upside down! The videogame expands its action intelligently, posing new challenges, offering new game possibilities, and is something that is greatly favored by a complete level editor that promises to bring great joy to fans of the genre.

  • The exploration of the scenarios. Walking the walls is a great addition
  • The game knows how to surprise with new abilities; new ways of facing your action
  • The complete level editor that expands the useful life of Youropa
  • Control system somewhat imprecise; the use of vehicles is totally wasted
  • Sometimes the game feels somewhat generic

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