Analysis The Persistence, currently one of the best games for PS VR

The Persistence
Written by Kamran Haider

The Firesprite team presents us with a really interesting game designed exclusively for PlayStation VR, an adventure with a clear roguelike flavor that takes place inside a ship full of monsters. Analysis of The Persistence.

Sony is still betting on its Virtual Reality device, PS VR, developing titles (or editing) that squeeze the potential of said peripheral. The last interesting game to arrive is this Firesprite production called The Persistence,science fiction adventure that I liked a lot in many ways … and in which it is noticeable that its developers have invested a lot of time polishing certain details, such as the level design and management.

The plot of the game is not that it is the most worked or surprising of the world, in fact, it is quite predictable. A ship is trapped in space because of the attraction of a black hole and, for reasons somewhat strange and not very well explained, the crew becomes monsters and creatures beyond the graveThey roam freely inside the ship (called The Persistence). And there we enter, who have to adopt the role of saviors and try to return alive to our planet. What I just told you: a story that surely has been captured more than a million times in comics, video games, novels, movies and more. But fortunately, and as we are going to tell you in this analysis, it is only one of the weakest aspects of all that it puts on the table, on the other hand, an absorbing adventure exclusively for PSVR.

Fear in plan roguelike

The approach presented by The Persistence has seemed quite suggestive. And it is for various reasons, one of them is the rare thing that is to find today with titles that combine (and rightly) two genres that marry as well as survival horror and roguelike. I do not understand why there are not many more games that base their basic mechanics on both concepts, but hey, that’s my problem.

From a first-person perspective, we must try to meet five objectives to end the adventure. A very complicated task in which we will die again and again, although our character will be able to generate a clone of himself every time this happens to lose all his objects but keeping his statistics. A roguelike in every rule in which, in each new game, the interior of the ship changes its structure procedurally. And not only that, given that the disposition of the rivals is also modified, randomness that causes the adventure to gain enough in replayability.

The development of The Persistence combines stealth with action in a very successful way, in the style of what was enjoyed in other titles such as the very remarkable Alien: Isolation or certain sections of Resident Evil 7. The most advisable thing is to act in stealth and pass the rivals or, at the most, finish them off in the back with one of the many different weapons that can be used. Fighting face to face against all of them is suicide, I can assure you because it is a matter of moments to kiss the ground and start the adventure again.Fear in plan roguelike

It is played exclusively with the PS4 DualShock 4

In my opinion, the first hours in the game can be somewhat complicated or even frustrating for those who do not usually enter into this type of roguelike experience. The level of difficulty is demanding and given that at the beginning our character is almost “bareback”, it is hard to meet one or two objectives of the five that need to be undertaken. But fortunately, the curve of difficulty softens as we progress, which encourages us to keep trying again and again. The Persistence is not a very long title, since if we do not die it is possible to overcome the adventure in about 4 or 5 hours. But since that is almost impossible to materialize (if you succeed, consider yourself a true god of the pad), you will spend a lot of time inside The Persistence.

The control is quite good and it is possible to choose between three basic configurations that allow us to enjoy a smooth gaming experience, which does not cause dizziness. This also contributes to the fact of being able to use teleportation or the design of the stages, flat, without changes of heights, stairs or anything similar, which decreases the fact of creating bad sensations to the players in that same field.

I was quite surprised at the fact that I could not play using the Move commands or the Aim Controller. Everything is based on the use of the PS4 DualShock 4, command that responds perfectly, but I can not understand why it has not wanted to introduce compatibility with the rest of the peripherals. Of course, as a curiosity, the game includes an asynchronous cooperative multiplayer game through an application for mobile systems … which I could not prove because it did not work before the launch.

Despite this, the gameplay posed by The Persistence is magnificent. Stealth, survival, roguelike, more than one scare, action, and even a certain strategy load end up resulting in an absorbing gaming experience. In fact, it is one of the best titles for Playstation VR of those who have appeared this season, although due to its proposal is not a game for all audiences: it is necessary to enjoy a certain level of skill and many doses of patience to enjoy it properly.difficulty curve

It is demanding, but the difficulty curve gradually softens

Above has a remarkable technical level, especially what has to do with its setting. The darkness in which most of the scenarios are submerged and the continuous presence of adversaries that can eliminate us with ease manage to transmit a sensation of important anguish. Added to this are good special effects, a treatment more than worthy of light and the corresponding science fiction aesthetic, resulting in a very good artistic title. A technical finish that joins a sound plot not so achieved but that does not detract.

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PSVR users can enter with The Persistence in well-recreated science fiction and horror thriller that, in fact, is postulated as one of the great surprises for this peripheral so far this year. Absorbent, very well decorated, endowed with fantastic customizable handling and quite reusable (although it is not very extensive), it is a roguelike with touches of survival horror that has a very playable base and a high technical and artistic level.

  • The atmosphere in science fiction plan is excellent
  • The control is very good and prevents dizziness
  • It is a very reputable adventure due to procedural scenarios
  • The elements of survival horror add more tension to the action
  • Something repetitive can be done at certain times
  • It is not compatible with the Move or Aim Controller controls

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