And mother nature defended herself. Analysis of Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

They are small novelties, adjustments that help to make this a more enjoyable experience, which now also has a new kind of victory
Written by Kamran Haider

Natural catastrophes are the main protagonists in this addictive turn-based video game that also expands their diplomatic options. In the analysis of Civilization VI: Gathering Storm we enjoyed one more turn to tell you about all the good things that the Firaxis Games game presents.

It has happened again. I thought I was ready, ready to take a few games, write the analysis and follow something else. How deluded One after another the shifts took place … and hours later he was still there; planning, inventing, exploring and conquering. I finished the analysis and yes, of course, I was still playing. There is always time for one more turn. “Let’s see what happens”, you say to yourself; “If it’s just one more turn and I finish,” you repeat without ceasing as if someone were judging you. But you never end, you always want more, because the Civilization saga has something that makes it unique. It is pure addiction. You start and you can not stop. Less if the Firaxis Games team improves the experience with new content such as those presented by Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It is not a revolution but it is an intelligent step forward; an evolution that seeks to make the game board a more interactive scenario with a series of environmental catastrophes that have turned out to be a success.

We tend to think that the planet Earth is our property, that we have the right to exploit its resources regardless of the consequences, but the second great expansion of contents of Civilization VI reflects just the opposite. There are and these can be catastrophic. Volcanoes, tornadoes, floods, droughts … nobody is safe from mother nature in a turn-based video game that forces us to think in a somewhat different way. Where will you settle your cities? Are you sure you want to build a district in that place? Sometimes floods, or even lava! It can improve the yield of crops, but others will also take farms and buildings ahead, forcing us to repair the damage if we want to regain control of the place. Everything is random, you never know when it will happen, but obviously, the scenario speaks for itself; it makes you see that you are building near a volcanic region, or in the middle of a desert where sandstorms can be a nuisance, and you already decide if you risk or not.

And the waters covered the world

What I liked the most about this new expansion of Civic 6 is that these natural catastrophes are, in the end, the least. The big problem comes with climate change; with that crazy race to see who pollutes more, and that will ultimately cause the level of the water to rise and rise taking islands and coastal areas ahead. As is. If you had cities, wonders, districts or whatever, the water will take care of deleting them from the map. And I guarantee it, it hurts, and a lot. Fortunately, the new Firaxis Games does not leave you defenseless against these apocalyptic situations. You can build dams that prevent flooding of rivers, in addition to dams that contain the rising seas.

The issue is that you have to invest in these improvements; investigate and build. I say this because in a first game I did not give it the necessary importance and I regretted it, of course. Seeing how Big Ben is lost in the depths of the sea is an absolute drama. But everything is learned and Gathering Storm is a videogame that invites you to explore all your strategic options. Even has new wonders that seek to enhance this greater interaction with the scenarios. I speak of the well-known Golden Gate Bridge, which makes it possible to link two portions of land, or the Panama Canal, which offers similar advantages, with this infrastructure being one of the new districts that you can build.pollute as little as possible

Gathering Storm is a video game that invites you to explore all your strategic options.

Do you fear the effects of climate change? The answer is the same as you would hear in real life: pollute as little as possible. It is decisive … and sometimes also difficult to fulfill. After all, money sends. The new expansion of Civilization VI introduces energy as a necessary resource to operate certain buildings and districts. With it, we can improve production, earn more money per shift, but the fast track is to use coal and oil as fuel. Abuse it and you will end up turning the planet into a pressure cooker ready to explode. The alternative is clean energies; windmills or solar panels that are more expensive to produce, it costs more to get to them, but in return, they prevent the planet from going to hell; that floods, droughts or terrible cold waves ravage the Earth. Matter of perspective.

And yes, in the end, this is not something that depends entirely on you. If you are ready, of course, you can anticipate and minimize the damage of natural disasters, but these, with the passage of shifts, as C02 emissions grow, will go on creating a less than terrifying scenario. It’s about doing politics, convincing others to lead the world on the right path, and from that need, the World Congress is born., a kind of United Nations where the leaders of each civilization will debate and make decisions that immediately affect the rules of the game. It can be devilishly funny. Punishing the commercial routes of a rival, penalizing the use of certain resources or favoring a specific religion are some of the issues that you can address in these meetings, where diplomatic favor is the key to success.This new currency is generated by establishing alliances with free cities but you can also trade with it offer resources in exchange for it or vice versa

This new currency is generated by establishing alliances with free cities but you can also trade with it, offer resources in exchange for it or vice versa. I only tell you one thing. Act with head. You are not interested in being “disarmed” in a World Congress where you are discussing going to a war … against you! And I like it. I love that diplomacy is strengthened and that it feels more natural within the game. Now there are nuances, more options, new ways of relating to other nations thanks to promises and complaints. Does it bother you that they settle near your domains? Have you caught some spies? Start by asking for explanations from your rivals and take out the promise that they will not do it again. If they fail to comply, they will have to pay with diplomatic favor and incidentally, you will also accumulate complaints, which is a currency with which you can justify the war.

Now imagine using all that political power too, in a World Congress, get everyone to position themselves against a specific nation. These alliances, which we can also suffer in our flesh, are a great addition that marries perfectly with the emergencies that the previous Rise and Fall expansion already presented. To the same extent, natural catastrophes can unite different civilizations to solve all kinds of crises. There will be, of course, but as I said, there is nothing more fun than facing these challenges during one more shift … and another, another and those that are needed. Who could resist having also eight new civilizations that add interesting game mechanics such as Canada, which can create farms in frozen areas, or the Incas, who can build them in mountains, or create tunnels to cross these natural barriers with great speed.Its an expansion that offers new ways to enjoy a legendary series

It’s an expansion that offers new ways to enjoy a legendary series.

Every time I’ve started a new game with any of these civilizations I’ve done it excited, with hope, thinking about all the strategic options I had within reach. It is not a revolution, he said before, but it is an intelligent step forward that is the perfect excuse to re-dedicate dozens of hours in front of the PC. If time flies as soon as your colonists step on the game board and start a new city. And the best are the stories that you create and share with your friends, which you can face thanks to the powerful multiplayer of Civilization 6: Gathering Storm. Does it taste a little? I still have not told you about the new futuristic technologies, that will give you access to amazing buildings and units, the nuclear accidents that cause havoc, or the possibility of creating railway lines that speed up your movements on the board.They are small novelties adjustments that help to make this a more enjoyable experience which now also has a new kind of victory

They are small novelties, adjustments that help to make this a more enjoyable experience, which now also has a new kind of victory, the diplomatic, which expands the possibilities of play. As if that were not enough, this expansion of Civic 6 introduces historical scenarios that propose us the most interesting challenges. The only one I have had access to has been the one from The Black Death, a plague that extends through all the cities forcing you to make difficult decisions that change the way you manage your empire, but one dedicated to the First World War will also be available. For all this, any follower of the Civilization saga should give this Gathering Storm a chance. It is an expansion that offers new ways to enjoy a legendary series that does not seem to pass the years. And just for that, it is already worthy of praise.

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Climate change and its terrible consequences are the perfect excuses to return to the world of Civilization VI and play that other “one more turn” that never ends. Gathering Storm poses new challenges in a more interactive and dangerous environment than ever before. Volcanoes, tornadoes, droughts or tidal waves; at any moment mother nature can hit and change our plans of conquest in a video game that entertains and engages like few others. With more civilizations to choose from and a World Congress that offers new ways to boost diplomacy, do not think about it, this is your game.

  • Natural catastrophes are well integrated into the action of the video game
  • The World Congress brings a new perspective to diplomacy
  • The new civilizations. It is very fun to discover its unique characteristics
  • Some extra technology, or more unique units, would have made you feel great
  • AI continues to behave erratically. It’s not serious, but sometimes it can be annoying

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