Apex Legends’ Next Patch will say Goodbye to Gibraltar’s Sticky Shield

Apex Legends'
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Respawn is bringing us into the end of the week with patch notes for a new Apex Legends update that’s set to go live right on time on week from now on. It’s to a great extent a fixer-upper, with various personal quality-of-life upgrades, and a workaround for an issue that was causing crashes on Intel CPUs. However, in the midst all that is a spot of unhappiness for enthusiasts of fans of the big boy named Gibraltar: His Stupid Sticky Shield trap is no more.

Apex Legends'

“Could get out of power” is understanding the obvious: As Evan showed us a month ago, it set aside players next to very little time to consolidate Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and about six of Caustic’s gas canisters into “an unholy Voltron of a portion of the game’s less-helpful characters.” Which is in reality pretty spectacular, if for the most part useless, and sticking Octane’s Jump Pad to the shield isn’t greatly better: It concedes the G-Man critical mobility at the expense of being unfit to really observe where he’s going.

Apex Legends

There’s additionally huge focus on audio issues. “One of our biggest issues to handle was improving the audio execution to address issues announced of sounds dropping out, sounds missing for an extended time, or distortion for a timeframe. We have made upgrades both in our code and with our substance that will ideally fix these issues for many players, and for other people, in any event, bring down the amount and length of time they experience audio issues,” Respawn wrote.

Quality of life fixes include:

  • Brought down the master volume of all sounds amid the character select screen through the finish of the drop sequence.
  • Brought down the volume of Wraith’s encompassing kunai knife sound for those who are touchy to the sound. In the event that it is as yet bothersome we will evaluate it in a later patch.
  • Expanded the volume of nearness proximity enemy footsteps for all Legends.
  • Expanded the priority of enemy strides to ensure the sounds play even in overwhelming combat situations.
  • Somewhat brought lowered the volume of Pathfinder strides sounds got notification from the first person view.
  • Fixed absent or quiet dryfire (out of ammunition trigger snap sound) and low ammunition (the dynamic change in sound that the firearm as the magazine approaches unfilled) sounds for the R301, Hemlock, Flatline, and RE45.
  • Expanded the volume of the music that plays when winning a match.
  • Added progressively detailed audio to the Training mission.

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“We have invested some energy into refining the usefulness behind our network problem indicator symbols in the upper right of the screen. These symbols are now pickier about your association quality and may appear more frequently than they did previously,” it composed. “These symbol changes will be valuable for us in narrowing down the reason for any bugs that we keep on observing. Please keep on sharing recordings and report hit enrollment issues despite everything you experience after the patch.

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