Arizona Sunshine analysis. Virtual zombie apocalypse

Written by Kamran Haider

After passing through PC (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), Arizona Sunshine comes to PlayStation VR with a fairly faithful adaptation of the original that invites us to enter a new zombie nightmare full of action. We analyze what this proposal gives of itself.

Resident Evil 7 can claim to be one of the most compatible titles with the most outstanding Sony Virtual Reality helmet of all those that have appeared. It is an experience that is very worth trying, I assure you. Well, after having enjoyed PC users, now it is the turn of PS4 holders to enter another zombie odyssey thanks to Arizona Sunshine, a work of the Vertigo Games team … that will go down in history, of that, I do not have doubt. And because? Well, I’ll leave the answer for last!

Is it a proposal similar to that enjoyed in the adventure of Capcom? Not at all. In fact and beyond the presence of zombies and showing a subjective perspective, practically the rest of the game elements that make up one title and another are very different.

Before going into detail in everything related to its playability, I will first focus on explaining its argument … which is really simple and, although it has its grace (but a lot …), its summary is very simple: we must face a New zombie nightmare that takes place in a half-lost American town. A story that as we progress and tuning to radio waves is giving us brushstrokes about what happens, but the truth is that it never has too much significance.

Exploration and lots of action

The approach of the game is quite dynamic and offers us an adventure in which the confrontations against waves of zombies are continuous. These undead roam freely on stage and there are several different classes, which determines from their speed and ability to react to certain characteristics linked to their resistance and other attributes.

To cope with them the most appropriate is to use a good cast of weapons. It is possible to use a large number of them, from guns to sniper or automatic rifles, although I already warn you that the ammunition is not as abundant as many would like and, without facing survival horror in any way, the truth is that It is not advisable to waste bullets (or grenades, let alone).

We enjoy free mobility … if we wish. Yes, because as happens in certain Virtual Reality titles, by default it is possible to move through fast teleports, as happens for example in the VR mode integrated into Rising of the Tomb Raider. Some users may find this somewhat annoying and unnatural, but for those of us who are dizzy with the free movement, the truth is that it is appreciated. But if we don’t want to play like this and prefer to wander freely, we can go to the options and modify it.Exploration

It has been a long time since I laughed so much listening to a dubious Spanish dubbing.

The size of the scenarios is rather small, so we are not facing an open world or sandbox. The range of locations that it is necessary to travel is not bad, being able to enter the desert of Arizona as well as small towns or, best of all, inside caves and other places that are mired in total darkness. These sections are the ones that I liked the most, for the simple reason that visibility is so low that the feeling of anguish increases significantly.

The commitment to action is clear, being able to shred the rivals and see how they explode their heads or run out of limbs if we shoot them in those areas. A gore touch that these types of titles always usually present. Even so, not everything is to hit right and left shots, because fortunately and to provide more variety at four hours that lasts approximately the adventure, it is also necessary to perform other tasks. Registering the trunk of cars, cabinets and other items found on the stage is essential to obtain ammunition and other important items, such as keys for example, which are essential in some cases to move forward.

The control is very satisfactory, especially if we play through the new PS VR Aim Controller that was released a few weeks ago with the remarkable Farpoint. It is true that we can also play perfectly with the Dualshock 4 or Move, but the game experience has seemed more interesting to me using this command/gun.

One of the most striking qualities of all that has the title is the possibility of enjoying the whole campaign playing cooperatively. It is true that this option presents certain technical problems and that is why it is sometimes not as rewarding as it should. But despite this and given the absence of this type of game modalities in the games that usually appear for PSVR, the truth is that their presence is appreciated … as well as the complementary mode for four simultaneous players. This option is similar to the typical Survival mode and in it we have to end the waves of dead people who go out in search of our fresh meat.

It is not the most original game in the world or the longest or deepest game, but its gameplay works and becomes entertaining, being a pleasant surprise for Virtual Reality players. Does the VR mode of Resident Evil 7 shade you? Not for me, but since they are different games in terms of their concept, it is not worth comparing them either. In addition, it technically complies with a more refined texture treatment than the PSVR works usually present (although I don’t know how much they stand up to the comparison with the same views in the original PC version) and good enemy modeling.

And the sound section … Buffffffff … I wanted to leave the best for last! Plain and simple, it had been a long time since I had laughed so much listening to dubbing in Spanish as embarrassing as the one that has been incorporated into this adventure. Seriously, it’s an unprecedented scandal. The doubler of the protagonist, who also does not stop talking for a second, apart from expressing a series of meaningless patches without stopping for a single moment, is so bad that it seems like a joke. Really, it is as if any of us were to double in total hoaxing plan (as it happens in some humor programs) to the protagonist in a night of revelry (with many beers in between) with our friends.

Believe me that it is so bad that it is worth listening to and, in fact, I would not know very well how to say if it is a beastly defect or a great virtue: it encourages you to continue playing to laugh more and more, and that in the end always adds up. For me it is a game for history, with that I tell you everything. And if you ask yourself, at least in the version I tried I could not opt ​​for the original English dub.

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A new adventure with the walking dead in the middle is released in PSVR quite correctly. Without being an excellent title, at least Arizona Sunshine is a complete and playable adventure that does not give the feeling of being an “experience”, but a compact game and also offers multiplayer modalities, something that does not usually happen with too many titles of the same nature. But this is in the background because, believe me, the real protagonist is dubbing: it will be many years until we return to contemplate a game that shadows him in this facet. It’s like John Stockton’s attendance record: will it ever be surpassed?

  • Dynamic and quite entertaining game rhythm
  • Multiplayer modes bring grace to games
  • Its compatibility with the PSVR Aim Controller is a plus
  • That move through teleports may not please everyone
  • It is an ephemeral experience although it is relatively replayable
  • The dubbing is as ridiculous as it is worth hearing

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