Avast, Me Hearties! The Pirate Carnival Has Set Sail in Ring of Elysium

The Pirate Carnival
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Ring of Elysium has been refreshed to bring the Pirate Carnival occasion ready. Players will take “the fight to the high oceans with Storm the Europa” while battling for underwater treasure boxes that generate randomly, however, at preset areas for the term of the match. Other many boxes can be found on board the pirate ship itself and in plunder crates dropped by airships.

During the occasion, players can seize a special currency from treasure boxes or by getting on board the salvage helicopter. The currency can be exchanged for “pirate-themed accessories, vehicle appearances, or weapon skins” all through the duration of the occasion that will last through May 3rd.

Different components of today’s update include:

  • The pirate ship will bring more frequently, even aimed heavy rain, rainstorms and typhoon climate cycles
  • On board the ship, players will be in pirate ensembles and will shoot it out with Flintlock Pistols
  • New strategic plunder in the form of the Enhanced Superior Helmet and Bulletproof Vest
  • The Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) has been included for both above and underwater use
  • The DPV features an extra oxygen tank and front-facing weapons
  • Log in for 7 straight days and bring home the Parrot accessory

Gameplay-DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle)

  • Added the DPV(underwater scooters) for every one of the three traversal packs on Europa Island
  • Players can utilize the DPV both submerged or on the water surface, the default key bind is “T”
  • Players can discharge the weapon attached to the DPV by pushing down the Left-mouse-button, please note that there is a constrained amount of ammunition and bullets in water travel a great deal slower
  • The DPV also gives an oxygen tank to help to expand breathing times underwater, the oxygen tank’s oxygen levels gradually recover while on the water surface

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Gameplay-Pirate Ship

  • On top of the typhoon climate, the pirate ship now also generates under Heavy Rain and Thunderstorm climate conditions, making the pirate ship progressively available
  • Added a combat stage for the pirate ship, after boarding the ship, players can move around freely on the deck and duel it out with their flintlock guns
  • The pirate ship currently also produces special plunder-crates, loaded with Pirate Carnival occasion currency and other strategic plunder, for example, the Enhanced Superior Helmet and Bulletproof Vest

Adventurer Character

  • Enabled Elliot’s Infiltrator – Style A, and Infiltrator – Style B character styles

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