Batman is Coming to Fortnite, Dataminers Find

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Batman—truly, the Batman is coming to Fortnite, in light of the fact that we’ve officially done Marvel, Borderlands, the NFL, Jordan, so why not?

Dexerto takes note of that Batman Day is September 21, and the ongoing v10.31 update seems to incorporate some very Batman-looking things and one major change to a segment of the guide. It would appear that Epic Games and DC are hoping to commend the caped crusader with an in-game occasion like earlier advancements.


Long-lasting Fortnite dataminer Lucas7Yoshi called attention to that Tilted Town, one of a few fracture zones around the guide where the laws of reality get bowed, will get updated by and by. Rather than the wild west theme, Tilted Town may change into Gotham City, complete with gothic engineering ideal for jumping off of into a pack of goons.

Here’s an overhead perspective on the guide by means of Lucas7Yoshi. From the general plan, it’s truly simple to tell that that is as yet the general Tilted Town design.

town layout

New Batman-themed weapons and things are likewise coming, similar to a dangerous batarang that homes in on players and sticks to dividers. On the off chance that a foe strolls by unprepared, it’ll detonate.

Batman-themed weapons

A Batman hooking weapon is likewise coming, and keeping in mind that it will presumably work much like the plunger catching firearm, you get the opportunity to wear a cape while flying around, which is rad.

Batman grappling gun

Lucas7Yoshi likewise figured out how to discover what resembles not one, however two Batman-themed lightweight flyers, a shower, and another stacking screen that will presumably integrate with another mission. We haven’t seen anything about new skins yet, yet Lucas7Yoshi says there’s a 99% possibility we get a female Batman character skin.

Batman-themed gliders,

Make sure to check back with our website once the occasion is in reality live for a full rundown of everything the Batman brings to the table.

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