Battlefield 5: Firestorm Players are Attempting to Discover Matches in Australia

Firestorm players
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Battlefield 5 players in Australia and New Zealand are reporting troubles getting a match in the game’s Firestorm battle royale mode. As indicated by far widespread player reports, both on Reddit and the official EA troubleshooting forum, long matchmaking pauses and high ping have wracked the mode since its launch in late March. A standout amongst the most popular dialogs on the official Battlefield V subreddit claims that the game is “effectively stopped” in the Oceania region, and the protests issued by its creator reflect a great deal of the concerns elsewhere.

Firestorm players

“What started as 10+ minute hang tight times for each match and at least 190 pings has, at last, achieved the point of it being basically impossible to play the game whenever of day in any mode,” user Ciaran Doherty composed. “In every practical sense, there is no such thing as Firestorm in this mainland and to EA/DICE, your advertising material should reflect this. Kindly don’t advertise Firestorm here, there are no players, no useful servers and no probability for anybody purchasing the game for Firestorm to really get what they paid for.”

An EA Community Manager, EA-Atic, issued an official reaction to board complaints in the EA investigating forums. As indicated by that statement, the company is examining ways to tackle the problem.

“As you probably are aware, we released Battlefield 5: Firestorm on Monday, March 25th, 2019. From that point forward we’ve been tuning in to feedback from our players around the world,” the community manager composed. “One of the key points we’ve focused on is the matchmaking in explicit regions – especially Brazil, Australia/Oceania, and South Africa.”

“Matchmaking in Battlefield V: Firestorm requires a specific amount of players to be associated in the meantime to initiate a server,” the statement proceeds. “Sadly, in certain regions with lower player populations, this expands matchmaking time or powers players to interface with pingsites that are increasingly populated.

“We are proceeding to see at options to improve this situation without having players interface with empty servers, and we’re always listening to your input. We’ll update you as often as possible on any updates or changes as we distinguish and roll out more solutions.”

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It’s a tricky circumstance, both for EA and Firestorm players: if Firestorm’s player base is little in the region, players may end up in matches facilitated on servers further away from home, which inevitably influences ping rate.

DICE has shown a willingness to shepherd players into progressively popular modes so as to speed up matchmaking: That’s no uncertainty the motive behind the ongoing removal of teams. Whatever the case, I’ve reached out for additional information on the Australia situation and arranged solutions.

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