Black The Fall analysis. Escaping with wit

Black The Fall
Written by Kamran Haider

In the line of video games like the great Inside, this adventure of puzzles and 2D platforms proposes us to escape from a dictatorial regime using the head, rather than brute force, while surviving the many traps that await along the way. In the analysis of Black the Fall, we talk about the main attractions of a game that also stands out for its aesthetics.

You walk carefully, measuring every step you take, studying in detail the scenario around you because, in Black the Fall, the minimum mistake is to lose your life at the hands of enemies without compassion. Your goal is to escape from a dictatorial regime, from the tyranny of the Soviets in a sort of alternate world where the working class, famished, sick, perform forced labor to satisfy a few. It is a leak-proof hell … or so they thought, because in this adventure of puzzles and 2D platforms, which follows the trail of great video games like Limbo or the most recent Inside, we will use the ingenuity to survive the challenges posed by a fun title, with moments of great quality, but also somewhat irregular in the design of the puzzles . There are especially good, even surprising, but in general, the feeling of “I have seen this before” rarely leaves you.

It does not have to be bad per se, although in this particular case, it prevents this work of the independent Sand Sailor Studio team from reaching higher levels of brilliance. I have enjoyed the experience, I really liked his way of facing the action with a clear commitment to stealth, but neither in the artistic, nor at the narrative level, much less in the playable is at the height of the greatest of the genre. Many times he stays halfway with good ideas, or ingenious challenges, who know little by little in an adventure that is not particularly extensive either. Something more than three hours you will need to complete the game, without wanting to start the trip again. It does not have those great, delusional moments, with which other similar titles have surprised us in recent years and in the end, it takes its toll.

Order and command

To escape from hell we need the help of others and in the case of Black the Fall, it comes from the hands of the workers, to whom we can give simple orders using a special device that we will steal shortly after starting the game. The game mechanics are well thought out, because the enemies are able to detect that beam of light with which we mark the objectives and, therefore, requires some planning before acting to avoid dying atrociously. The problem is that this idea remains superficial, and although later a small robot will become our best ally, the puzzles do not take full advantage of this premise.

Distract the guards, evade the watchful eye of the surveillance cameras, block the line of fire from the turrets, overcome obstacles and avoid traps … you can not deny that Black the Fall tries, again and again, surprise with new challenges in very different scenarios from each other but, really, the playable base is always the same and does not have that capacity to thrill, to impact, that other similar titles do. I missed that peak moment, that genius that leaves you speechless either because of the aesthetics, the story that tells without words, or a specific playable challenge. And in none of these cases do you get it.

The artistic design is somewhat irregular, with prints that remove the hiccups and others not so inspired.

Even when the video game becomes interesting, and poses more ingenious challenges, it ends up disappointing in the sense of never going beyond the foreseeable. There is no excessive complexity in the puzzles, nor are they especially original. Sometimes they even sin of being unclear, generating small moments of frustration. The aesthetics and great staging encourage you to keep going, as the enigmatic story also helps, but in both cases, Black the FallIt also stays a step below other similar video games. I like the contrast of scenarios, the chiaroscuro, the bleak atmosphere that is breathed in this Soviet dystopia, but the artistic design is somewhat irregular, with prints that remove the hiccups and others not so inspired. In the plot, the premise is fine but don’t expect great things; nothing deepens in the particular hell we face and, although there are shocking scenes, I miss the subtlety with which, for example, Inside portrayed his particular dystopian society. Order and command

I am also disappointed by the relationship established with the little robot that will follow your steps during much of the adventure. It should provide humanity with the protagonist, tie it to the emotions of the player himself, but instead, his mechanical pet is still a mere tool with which to overcome some of the most complex puzzles of the adventure. It feels, once again, as a lost opportunity to give a video game some grace that does, entertains and fulfills what it promises, but never goes beyond that, just entertain.

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With good background ideas and an attractive staging, Black the Fall is an adventure of puzzles and 2D platforms that knows how to entertain thanks to the ingeniousness of some of its puzzles and its striking setting, with that dark dystopian world in which The action develops as a great protagonist. It is not especially original and its challenges are not always up to expectations, but as soon as you like this kind of game, you will know how to enjoy the experience.

  • Good atmosphere and a variety of scenarios
  • Raise ingenious puzzles, with challenges that also require stealth
  • It is not very original nor complex in the design of its puzzles
  • Discreet sound section. The music has almost no prominence
  • It is a short adventure that knows little

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