Bleed Analysis 2. 2D action of swords and blasters

Bleed Analysis 2
Written by Kamran Haider

Pink hair, two pistols with infinite ammunition, a katana and desire to become the best heroine in the world of video games. Wryn returns to the charge in Bleed 2, a name that fits him well to announce his main course: the cooperative for two people. After surviving your many bosses and trying new modes of difficulty, we are ready to tell you how we think about Bleed 2 in this analysis.

We are playing video games on the couch, and suddenly an explosion ruins our television and our house. What for any of us would be the greatest embarrassment in history, for our friendly hairy heroine Wryn is no more than an excuse to take up arms and go out. In just ten seconds, we find ourselves distributing lead among the bad guys, with some small lines of text along the way as a tutorial.

This is how simple and straightforward Bleed 2 is, from the beginning to the end. Probably not surprising to those who played the original 2013, and the fact is that Ian “Bootdisk” Campbell has not been too complicated about it: the gameplay is the aspect where this title has worked the most, and it shows with more than a score of bosses who stand up for a brief but intense campaign of two or three hours, which later add unlockable content and extra modes.

With much dynamism, frenetic and simultaneous actions, he applies to the letter “easy to understand, hard to master”. The first time we complete the campaign we do it without a time marker, at our own pace, to experiment with the different applications that each action has. Each level lasts a few minutes before introducing a new boss or take you to a new map, and all in smooth transitions.

Principles of action and reaction

Everything is said: the levels manage to differentiate themselves because the mechanics of plataformeo vary from one to another, and the enemies also. However, none is especially imaginative and, saving the appearance of extra enemies in higher difficulty modes, they are not too attractive to replay. Yes, they greatly help the combats against bosses, who are the true protagonists of Bleed 2, and the possibility of daring ourselves with the highest difficulties with a friend.action and reaction

It is an adventure that you want to play again, with much dynamism, frenzy and simultaneous actions

As we say, what really matters are the bosses. They are many, they are varied and they are fun. We would give the prize, however, to the difficulty curve. The first bosses assume that you still do not know all the possibilities you have when jumping and attacking (which are more than it seems), while the latter require us to put the batteries and go with everything we have. All this, quite naturally and exchanging correctly parts where we go on board a vehicle, others where our opponent helps us, or others where we simply have to figure out how to kill the opponent on duty.

The point lies precisely there: Bleed 2 proposes fun and frenetic action, it serves you on a platter quite challenging fragments at the end and when you overcome the epilogue and you finally reach the height, you unlock new weapons and characters with unique abilities and the game reminds you “Hey, you can try new difficulty modes or invite a friend .” It is an adventure that you feel like playing again. It is not a novel idea, of course, but it works very well, and it is something we appreciate taking into account the duration of the main mode.

We can extend it, too, by testing four levels of difficulty and the extra modes: arcade and infinity. In the first, we have a single life to complete the entire campaign, and we can send our results to online rankings once we die or win. The other mode consists of levels generated randomly each time we enter it, and although it is monotonous from the artistic point of view, the truth is that it is a very interesting addition and that multiplies the hours we can play without getting tired. Perhaps the only thing that makes us frown is that we face the same bosses of history, and it would have been nice to find something new here.

We thought that perhaps we could have taken care of a little more the story, that without even being the main course, it could have left us with more memorable characters – the rival of Wryn and his enemy Valentine are key and they seem nice, but not we become very fond of them. It is a lost opportunity to leave us with classic Mega-Man or Shovel Knight characters, although it does not affect the quality of the game. Together, we find fun and solid game, and one of the most interesting two-dimensional shooters of the past. years. It may be that the duration of your campaign takes us back, but saving how simple some intersections can be, it has good replayabilitythanks to its variable levels and unlockable characters and weapons. What about the rest of the sections?

There is not much variety of enemies, but Bleed 2 makes up for it with very diverse scenarios.

It is a colorful and carefree game, with beautiful scenes full of references and pixel art characters well animated and defined. Although undoubtedly the best is the soundtrack: it accompanies the intensity of the action and is full of some well-known sounds of the SNES era. The work of Jukio Kallio is more than praiseworthy, although we must also point out that the soundtrack of some bosses could become too tiresome if we can not beat them in a few attempts. The game comes with menus translated into Spanish, although the little bits of history that dot the campaign is only available in English.

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Energetic, enthusiastic and with a hook, Bleed 2 is presented as a solid arcade proposal that stands out among the 2D shooters of recent years. A really good soundtrack accompanies a campaign loaded with entertaining bosses, and that compensates its short duration with several unlockable modes that prolong its useful life. It would have been nice to see more interesting sections between boss and boss and maybe a little more time with its protagonists and narrative.

  • The soundtrack is full of nostalgia and emotion
  • The infinite mode awaits confrontations at a very good level
  • The local cooperative mode suits the title very well
  • There are enough incentives to replay the campaign …
  • … although the first time can be made very short
  • Many intersections between boss and boss are not up to par

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