Blizzard is Intending to Reduce Max Level in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

A survey As of late sent to World of Warcraft players incorporates the accompanying inquiry: “Are you aware that the most extreme level of 120 will be reduced later on (i.e., “Level Squish”)?”

World of Warcraft

This has caused somewhat of a blend, because nobody was aware that a decrease of the dimension cap was definitely happening, yet that’s what the inquiry proposes. The idea was referenced by game director Ion Hazzikostas in a developer Q&A a year ago, yet it sounded substantially more theoretical at the time. This is what he had to say back then:

“It’s something we’ve truly examined and considered in light of the fact that, truly, it’s daunting for a brand new player who’s reading about the game, who’s catching wind of it from a friend who resembles, ‘I have to do what number of levels before I can come do the new thing with you?’ And despite the fact that the dimensions take this fixed amount of time and it’s not this months-long adventure to get to max level, regardless it feels like a huge number and it likewise implies practically you most likely do go a great number of levels than you presumably should between getting new abilities and getting new talents. A ton of those issues could be eased by basically squishing levels as a whole.”

He wanted to clarify that the unpredictability of a dimension squish had kept them from completing one up to this point, and they additionally had to consider the potential impact on players who might log in, see their level has gone down, and feel like they’ve lost something regardless of whether the real capabilities they have stays unchanged.

A subsequent inquiry in the survey elaborates further, saying, “The “Level Squish” will lessen the all-out number of levels required to get to the most recent game content. The new level cap will be significantly lower than the present level cap of 120.”

World of Warcraft

In July a year ago, game director Ion Hazzikostas said a level squish has been examined and might “perhaps” occur (see the video above), however, is a huge technical trouble. To the extent we’re aware it has not been formally declared, so it’s a bit weird to have it affirmed by a survey, which makes me slightly suspicious – we asked Blizzard as to whether the survey is genuine and if a level squish is in progress, and were told “no remark”. While that’s not a refusal, it may essentially mean Blizzard is keeping its alternatives open, rather than that anything is arranged.

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Other than that it’s an odd method to break the news, the survey raises a couple of immediate eyebrows. Hazzikostas has said it’s conceivable, after all:

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