Borderlands 2 Dev Clarifies for What Reason There’s Strange Boxes Hidden Under Every Level

Borderlands 2
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

The most recent video in YouTuber Shesez’s incredible Boundary Break series—which takes the watcher outside the limits in prominent games—is about Borderlands 2, and it uncovers a lot of insider facts about the manner in which the world is structured.

Borderlands 2

My preferred disclosure is that the conspicuous introductions for significant characters and supervisors really happen legitimately inside the game world, as opposed to being made independently. Those introduction have sprinkle foundations: If you zoom out, you’ll see that those foundations simply show up as surfaces on the planet for the introduction, wait behind the character, and afterward evaporate when the introduction is finished. Jump to 9:30 in the video to perceive what I mean.

Shesez additionally discovers peculiar, void square shapes covered up far underneath each level, every one fragmented into littler boxes (see 7:00). What’s their motivation? Gearbox senior software engineer Kyle Pittman hopped hanging in the balance to clarify: they’re called worldwide loaders, and they’re utilized to progress players and their vehicles between levels. “If you make a trip starting with one guide then onto the next, and after that likewise if you pass on and respawn...we take your player character and move them down to these locales. Fundamentally this is only a way that we can get the player character out of the game world and into a protected space,” he says.

It began as an answer for bugs in the main Borderlands, which Pittman additionally dealt with. Now and again, when players were moving between levels their vehicle would fall through the world—having a zone for players to go previously fixed the issue.

Shesez additionally finds an arbitrary model of Claptrap in a T-present covered up underneath a mountain close to the beginning of the game. Pittman clarifies that the model would’ve been used to scale the level around it, yet that the level was overhauled to include another slope, adequately covering poor Claptrap. The originator just never returned and erased it, he said.

The video likewise uncovers rainbow-color boxes spotted around, which are utilized to supplant resources that were expelled from the world, apparently so the group could monitor them. We likewise observe solid shapes underneath the stage where the player meets Angel: these blocks are essentially shrouded represents stun field generators that spring up during the Angel manager battle.

There are parcels more privileged insights uncovered in the video, which merits a watch in full. What’s more, in case you’re interested, the whole Boundary Break arrangement is here, each of its 147 recordings.

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