Bungie is Nerfing Destiny 2’s Most Powerful Exotics, Including Whisper of the Worm and Ace of Spades

Destiny 2's
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Every week Bungie updates players of its mutual-world online shooter with the most recent information from the development team. Ordinarily, it’s a fairly sedate undertaking, peppered with info about anticipated events, however, the present installment was a sandbox balance extraordinary, and it’s fair to say the fans are a long way from content with the changes coming.

 Destiny 2's

In anticipation for the Season of Opulence, the Destiny 2 sandbox team (which is in charge of weapons and abilities) detailed a suite of nerfs to probably the most powerful rigging, clarifying that forthcoming endgame content has demonstrated too hard to think about design and balance around these OP items.

Bungie included that it would typically look to underused gear to redress, however, that would eventually lead to the sort of power creep that would make planning, state, a new raid, impossible. While the rationale sounds reasonable enough, actually players are pissed that portion of most darling, hard-earned toys are being fixed.

The greatest changes being made are to Whisper of the Worm, a high effect sniper rifle that will never again endlessly generate ammo gave you hit basic hits. It’s getting further reserves to make up for the way that bullets will no longer apparate from meager air. The knock-on impact, however, is that the cool yet tangled quest related with earning this thing presently seems, well, significantly less alluring.

Yet don’t take my word for it, here’s one of the game’s most well known PvE players weighing in


PvP most loved Ace of Spades likewise took a big hit. Memento Mori, an advantage that grants reward damage upon reloading following after a precision kill, will presently reset once the weapon is stowed.

A reasonable nerf for PvP, I’m considering, however, a prominent case of how shared balanced changes crosswise over PvP and PvE can never satisfy everybody. A fair trade-off in one mode is a kick in the shin in another. Sleeper Stimulant and Lord of Wolves were on the devious rundown too; read Bungie’s blog or look down for those changes.


Exotic weapon nerf notes

Whisper of the Worm

  • White Nail pulls ammo from stores as opposed to creating it
  • Reserve ammunition expanded to 18 (without ammo reserve perks)

Sleeper Stimulant

  • Reduced ricochet/bounce harm on boss combatants
  • Modified precision behavior—all out harm is unchanged, yet non-precision shots are altogether more forgiving

Lord of Wolves

  • PvE harm decreased by 20%
  • Release the Wolves perk has been revamped, which implies:
  • No longer triggers naturally on kill
  • This impact is currently triggered by holding reload, like “The Fundamentals” on Hard Light and Borealis
  • PvE harm and range bonuses on this impact has been expelled and replaced with a universal damage bonus instead

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Ace of Spades

  • Memento Mori presently ends if the weapon is stowed
  • The PvP harm bonus of Memento Mori was somewhat reduced to prevent two-tapping Guardians while Vengeance (One-Eyed Mask) was dynamic (Specifically, you need four versatility to survive this)
  • Memento Mori is dynamic for six shots once again (up from five)

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