By Tutatis! Analysis of Asterix and Obelix XXL 2

By Tutatis
Written by Kamran Haider

One of the most remembered adventures of the creation of Goscinny and Uderzo returns to the current formats with an interesting facelift. We analyze what it gives of itself Asterix & Obelix XXL2, a platformer adventure in 3D full of humor.

Fortunately, those of us who enjoy 3D platformers adventures are contemplating how, after a long time in the fridge, companies are once again encouraging themselves to create all kinds of titles linked to this classic genre. From new works (masters) like Super Mario Odyssey or Astro Bot: Rescue Mission to remasters as famous as Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy or Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, currently this category of games is experiencing a second youth.

Precisely here comes another notable representative of the genre, Asterix and Obelix XXL2, an interesting remastering of one of the best titles ever designed based on this pair of Gallic characters from the world of comics. A game that made us enjoy a lot more than a decade ago both on PS2 and PC and, later, on laptops of yesteryear, Nintendo DS and PSP … and that wants to green old laurels with their versions of Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The plot is not that it is the most elaborate in the world, serving only as a mere pretext to embark on a journey that will take us to the very heart of the Roman Empire. And because? Well, to find out what were the reasons for Panorámix, the famous druid and friend of the protagonists, to betray his people. What is behind all this? That is exactly what we have to investigate.

Giving the Romans a reed

The structure proposed by this platformer adventure in 3D with high doses of action and even puzzles is the usual … several generations of machines. The good news is that it has aged perfectly together, which has its merit. Las Vegum (a clear nod to the American city that everyone has in mind) functions as a central hub for this production, a place that serves to host a number of clearly different areas (or small worlds) set in other cities and locations such as Paris, Venice or even a pirate island.

We can go accessing each other as we progress, offering a variety of situations to take into account in which, mainly, we are required to master the jumps, solve rather simple puzzles and, above all, give way to the tens of Romans who roam the stages. The design of these worlds is not that it is too original or exciting (and less so in these times), but in spite of that, they guarantee fun and a certain variety.Asterix

His sense of humor, cameos and control are the best

One of the great strengths of this Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 has to do with the possibility of alternating control of the two protagonists. Asterix and Obelix have certain unique skills that we must squeeze to solve situations and very specific puzzles. And not only that, given that at specific moments it is even necessary the collaboration of both to be able to advance. The control is great and very intuitive, being a real pleasure to fight or swim, double jumps or throwing rivals through the air.

Another of the great virtues that the game has and that I personally loved to rediscover is his sense of humor. Beyond the presence of very fine critics and some sparkling dialogues (totally localized to our language, text, and voices) that from time to time maintain the protagonists with several secondary characters, the best thing of all is to discover dozens of winks to videogames and very famous sagas. Enemies inspired by Ryu or the Mario of Super Mario Sunshine, bombs in the form of Bomberman’s head, stone menhirs with oval shape decorated as if they were Yoshi’s eggs … It is possible to notice a large number of these cameos and details, some of them they really unpayable under my opinion.

Therefore, Asterix & Obelix XXL2 is a very interesting and recommendable adventure, although it has a couple of defects that are related to its longevity. On the one hand, it is not exactly the most challenging title in the world, the opposite rather, and it may be that for the most veteran users wandering the stages is a real walk. And with this, the size of the worlds is not too broad, so overcoming the game can bring about 6-8 hours at most, and not that it is very replayable.Obelix XXL 2

In terms of graphic layout, titles such as the recent compilation trilogies based on Crash Bandicoot and Spyro have demonstrated the graphics level that can be reached in the remastering of this type of adventure. Unfortunately, in this case, we are facing a more humble work, that you must have clear, but despite that is more than decent. Good animations for the characters, very consistent fluidity, successful designs for the sets, a great color … It is true that some elements are somewhat basic and are missing details such as better lighting or the presence of higher quality textures but, even With its flaws, it is a game that more than meets this facet.

The sound section is clearly superior, highlighting the excellent dubbing of our language and the various sound effects, leaving the soundtrack in the background, which does not bother but does not contribute much.

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The most famous pair of Gauls in the world of comics returns with a reinterpretation of one of their brightest adventures, Asterix & Obelix XXL2, a title that has stood the test of time well and guarantees fun platform quality. His sense of humor is magnificent, as well as the presence of numerous winks and cameos to many well-known figures and games, to which are added other qualities such as his sensational handling and the possibility of alternating the control of the two protagonists. A pity that it is so short and relatively simple to overcome … at least for the most veteran players, though.

  • To be able to alternate the control of both protagonists
  • Great sense of humor and a multitude of cameos to very famous games
  • Fantastic dubbing our language
  • Very easy to overcome, hardly any challenge
  • We miss the presence of some additional world

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