Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, the best explorer comes to Switch and 3DS. Analysis

Captain Toad
Written by Kamran Haider

Nintendo continues to recruit great Wii U glories for its platforms. The present stop is Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, one of the biggest playable surprises that have recently given rise to those of Kyoto. But … what does it bring again? We review its great gameplay, while we explore its novelties in this analysis.

Surprise the way in which Nintendo selects ideas for future projects. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was another fruit of chance, a minigame of Super Mario 3D World about which Shigeru Miyamoto one day thought they could be a separate video game. Collecting the main idea, that of a Toad without the ability to jump (the justification is the heavy backpack he carries), everything else consisted of putting a lot of ingenuity to create a truly exceptional set of levels.

The logic behind Captain Toad is simple. It has the foundations of any 3D Mario, with a strong emphasis on the movement of the character and, above all, the manual control of the camera. In fact, a lot of the gameplay relies on always finding the best angle from which to follow the action. It depends on our success platformer, but also puzlero, since the other major ingredient of this production is that we find the hidden treasures each of the more than 80 levels present.

In Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, we are practicing before the same video game. Dioramas based on the classic Japanese miniature gardens (Hakoniwa), only this time two interesting additions are made. The first consists of some levels based on Super Mario Odyssey, which come to add more content to the set. The second is the cooperative for two players on Nintendo Switch (not on Nintendo 3DS), a very welcome option. And what is the biggest conclusion? Which is ideal for those who did not try it, although reiterative for those who had already played the original Wii U.

Matter of perspective

The secret of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is in having skill when moving your character, but above all in knowing how to interact with the 3D camera. Losing an angle of the stage implies not getting to see that hidden diamond that you did not find, or that secret that you did not know existed. Rotate the perspective, play with it, is synonymous with discovery, and in that simple but powerful logic is based on a video game that gives about 6-8 hours of play.

The best thing about Captain Toad is that he knows how to bring variety, taking us through countless scenarios, belonging to the Super Mario universe. As such, you can expect to find goombas, shy guys, boos, piranhas plants, and a very long etcetera. Our objective in each level? Get the star, normally placed at the most unreachable point of the map. Additionally, there are three diamonds per level, and some of them are very complicated to obtain, assuming the element that gives real difficulty to the game.

In general, we have a title that is not a tremendous complication for veteran users, but something fully satisfactory. Applied inventiveness is sensational. There are phases based on touching platforms to raise and lower them, giving rise to new paths. There are mansions with phantasmagorical tricks, some very surprising. There are phases in the wagon that put us in the first person to throw onions on the stage.Treasure Tracker

The best thing about Captain Toad is that he knows how to bring variety.

The quantity and the variety stand out, although it must also be said that there is a repetition episode, especially with those, on the other hand, funny final bosses. Luckily, there are bonus levels that come from time to time to refresh the action. Besides, Toad is not the only character we manage, since Toadettewill takes over in certain parts of the adventure. All with a very easy to follow the plot, heir to the adventures of Super Mario, and why not say it, very consistent with the Nintendo philosophy.

As we said in our analysis of Captain Toad for Wii U, the title has lacked content to go further. This edition for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS was the perfect occasion to take action, but we have been disappointed to see that we only have a few new levels. They come from Super Mario Odyssey, and they are a marvel both on an artistic and audiovisual level. The problem? That fall short, very short … Sincerely, we expected more involvement in this regard.

What we liked most is the cooperative for two players, unpublished in Switch. One player manages Toad / Toadette with the left Joy-Con, while the other has the mission of moving the camera and shooting the enemies with the right Joy-Con gyros, as well as interacting with the sets. Playing doubles in this way requires a certain understanding, constant dialogue, and therefore represents the best incorporation. It may mean the only reason to play it if you had previously done it on Wii U. We only have to mention some errors in the movement detection by Joy-Con right, but in reference to the cooperative itself, it’s a great idea.Switch and 3DS

Of course, we can also play in portable mode, although the smaller screen size is noticeable. We do not mean that the experience suffers, this is about tastes and less when the performance is so extremely good. In addition, it has integrated tactile function, with which we can touch the enemies to slow them down, or also press on certain scenarios to activate platforms and other mechanisms. In the case of Nintendo 3DS, the logic is identical, in this case through the lower screen.

It is necessary to make a point about the Nintendo 3DS version to indicate that the definition suffers significantly with respect to Nintendo Switch. It is notorious, mainly because there are more jagged edges, and less detail in general, even though the small one of Nintendo struggles to represent the game authentically. It does, and even with the 3D option included, but obviously, the game does not look so good in the visual, and less when it shows the same image on the two screens, something that we imagine consumes a lot of graphics resources.

For the visual and artistic, little to add to the images that accompany the article. It is an absolute wonder how colors, designs, and animations come together. A Nintendo show attended by their own melodies, and others from Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey (the least). All this, conjugated as only Nintendo knows how to do, gives rise to a joyful audiovisual section, full of charisma, and in which you want to stay as many hours as necessary.Nintendo

It’s a wonder how colors, designs and animations come together.

There are not many, by the way. Apart from the six or seven hours of adventure, we can only add the discovery of hidden secrets. Something else is missing … and that is the biggest draw we made on a version for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS that, on the other hand, is another quality addition to the consoles, mainly for those who had not yet discovered.

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker explores Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, showing off all the magic of the original: a real playable treasure. Levels short, simple and ideal for the portable character of both machines, now with new levels and the addition of a cooperative for two players (only Switch) that works in an outstanding way. However, the title again lacks some ambition and has not taken the opportunity to incorporate those contents that could have made a difference.

  • Splendid level design
  • High variety in scenarios and situations
  • Secrets in each level that enhance replay
  • An audiovisual nintendera delight
  • The addition of the cooperative feels very good for the adventure
  • The new levels are good, but they fall short
  • Apart from the cooperative in Switch, there are no powerful additives

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