Chaos Analysis; Child. Sentimental manganime fiction

Written by Kamran Haider

Murders, the tension in the Japanese style and a great unsolved mystery is what this new visual novel offers us. A niche title that will surely delight all who come to him and decide to go into his overloaded narrative. Chaos Analysis; Child

Steins; Gate demonstrated the good results that can be achieved with a visual novel captured in videogame format. Thanks to its great acceptance and the very positive reviews that this production received (in fact I had the fortune to analyze it) now we have Chaos, Child, a very singular and striking title that follows the same paths as those found in that Science Adventures work and that bears the stamp of Mages and 5pb.

Developed for both PS4 and PS Vita (much merit this last fact), in Chaos Child we are immersed in a majestic story that starts with enough force. A plot that stars the young student Takuro Miyashiro (Taku for his friends) and a large group of other female characters (something very common in this type of titles) from his own institute, Hekiho. The story starts with an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude that takes place in Tokyo, Shibuya being the area where the epicenter of the seismic movement takes place. A tragedy that will mark the protagonist’s life given that his parents will lose their lives as a result of the earthquake … along with almost four thousand more people.

After the earthquake, the city was rebuilt in record time, although the damage caused was irreparable, especially in the children who suffered because of this misfortune. Some psychological damage that was baptized as the Chaos Child Syndrome.

An interconnected mystery

Nevertheless and after all this, the doubts begin to be raised among the experts in this type of earthquakes for diverse reasons. What caused it? Why neighboring neighborhoods like Ebisu and Harajuku hardly suffered any damage? A rumor suggests that it was not caused by natural causes but, who or what is capable of doing something like that?

So interesting is the beginning of this production, which I have only told you a minute, the first moments. Yes, because the best comes later when they begin to happen a series of violent and very strange deaths that are related to events and murders that took place six years before, just before the great earthquake. An incredibly well-shaped plot that is narrated through animated images and a multitude of dialogues, being the bases that make up the current visual novels.

Does everything have to do with deaths, mystery, tragedies and so on? Well, not everything. Like a good Japanese game, there is also room for much more relaxed topics such as relationships. What would be a Japanese adventure starring youngsters without this ingredient? It also has more scope than it might seem, since the development encourages us to get intimate with different girls, being able to establish several levels of connection with them.interconnected mystery

He bases all his interest on the captivating story that is narrated in a masterly way.

I will not go into more detail about the story because, from here, I could enter into the always thorny terrain of the spoilers. But I can assure you that the script is very good, especially for those who are used to the stories of clear Japanese mood. Of course, the talks between the various players that are appearing are very numerous and, predictably, they are in English(with voices in Japanese), at least the version I’ve tried. And due to the characteristics of the title, it goes without saying that it is essential to enjoy a more or less decent level to learn what is happening because otherwise (and despite the images and sequences that we can contemplate), we will miss many details related to the plot.

A particular feature of this visual novel is the so-called Delusions that Taku can experience. On certain occasions, it is possible to make certain transcendent decisions that mark the evolution of events (at least to some extent) and, also, we are empowered to attend an end or another of the almost half dozen that this visual novel displays. These elections have to do with keeping focused on what really happens in certain scenes that occur at specific moments or, most interesting in my opinion, fantasize positively or negatively and see where the protagonist’s mind leads us. A very interesting feature that obviously gives great replayability to a very extensive story already in itself.

This is, broadly speaking, what this attractive interactive novel offers us. A title that bases all its interest in the captivating story that is narrated in a masterful way and, also, in the personality that all the characters show, which enjoy a very worked background. A type of game that, for obvious reasons, despite its quality, I do not think it will convince all kinds of users precisely because of its style, tremendously slow and in which dialogues are everything. But what is indisputable is that it is a different title that knows how to hook up immediately when you witness the first fifteen minutes of it.

Its aesthetic side is very striking within what this kind of works tends to show us. Under an unmistakable appearance very remarkable manganite we can contemplate well-executed scenarios, characters represented with success and certain subtle effects that bring quality to the whole. It’s nothing special because, among other things, it does not need it, but it graphically fulfills it.

The sound is magnificent. The dubbing in Japanese is very good and gives a very accented personality to each of the characters that are shown throughout the adventure. The effects have less weight in the action but those that have been made with success, while the soundtrack itself captures a greater role and is adjusting its pace and style depending on what is happening on the screen.

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Due to its particular style of play, evidently, this work of Mages and 5pb will not please everyone. But within the genre of visual novels is a magnificent representative, who follows the path opened by Steins, Gate (and its sequel) and plunges us into a plot of incredible dimensions that can keep us glued to the screen for many hours. Obviously, it goes without saying that if you do not know English, you will have a hard time trying to figure out what is happening and you will lose details of the plot: that is so. But if the language is not a problem for you, you will love to immerse yourself in the thick, disturbing and absorbing plot that is behind this interesting work.

  • The narrative is incredibly absorbing
  • Well-constructed and well-profiled character
  • Very striking manganite aesthetic
  • Several alternative endings depending on our decisions
  • Pretty classic in its structure
  • The system of choice is very strange

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