Chronicles of Elyria Post Details Issues & a Solution Regarding Domain & Settlement Selection

Chronicles of Elyria
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

The Chronicles of Elyria site has been updated with an extensive post to the network in regards to domain & settlement choice. The post starts with a description of the objectives of the system and afterward dives into a progression of changes. “I wanted to post an update and disclose some vital changes to the first week of the occasion,” writes Jeromy “Caspian” Walsh.

Chronicles of Elyria

Walsh proceeds to introduce the group that is in charge of working on D&SS just as a variety of difficulties that everyone has faced before revealing the answer to most of them:

When we understand that we were going to be unfit to ship the devices necessary for the self-determination of domains and settlements by the picked start date, we reached out to the 20 rulers, spread over every one of the servers. They’ve agreed that whenever given some extra data, for instance, the tribal distributions of the duchies in the biomes, the size of the bigger settlements and some sustainability information, that they feel certain taking part in Domain & Settlement Selection “offline,” without the guidance of the tool.

Chronicles of Elyria

So on Monday, when D&SS begins, we’ll be working with the rulers of the distinctive servers in the background, enabling them to submit to us which kingdom(s) and duchy(s) they’d like to pick. We will at that point propagate that information to the remainder of the community. We will also make accessible what data we can about the different kingdoms and duchies to the remainder of the network – the Royals specifically- who will start D&SS in Week 2 as arranged with the guide of the D&SS website.

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So while the rulers will be working with us offline, our aim is for the Dukes, Counts, and Mayors to pick up the advantage of using the devices we’re working on as arranged, with full access to the Domain and Settlement Selection map interface.

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