Control Update will Include more Graphics Options, Including Motion Blur and Film Grain Toggles

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Control is awesome, and it runs truly well (for me at any rate), despite the fact that heap times are somewhat of a bear. In any case, these things can generally be improved, and today Remedy uncovered what’s going on for the game‘s next update.

The rundown of general updates in the present blog entry is obscure, saying just that the fix will make “bug and crash fixes to missions, battle and in general game play,” and fix DirectX-related accident issues with the launcher.  Overall soundness will be improved, and framerates will be improved “through enhancements made to various frameworks and substance.”


There are a few points of interest on the table, however:


• Improved guide stacking times (guide will never again prod data)

• Motion Blur On/Off switch added to Options menu

• Film Grain On/Off switch added to Options menu

• Fixed inaccurate UI conduct on ultra-wide screens (PC)

• Fixed numerous issues when mistaken captions are appeared for various dialects

• Fixed issue when the game focuses the point on Jesse’s head

• Fixed various UI related issues


• Fixed an issue when player couldn’t get ‘Penetrate Charging Efficiency’ and ‘Turn Grouping Efficiency’ overhaul

• Fixed issue when creating Charge and individual Mods would not give the Weapon/Mod however take the materials (Sorry. The Board was insatiable)

• Fixed issue that anticipated players actuating the Pierce weapon structure redesign

• Fixed issue when Jesse can’t purge the ‘Travel Corridor South’ Control point after coming back from Prime Candidate Program region in the mission The Face of the Enemy

• Fixed an issue when Heptonstall would not produce during certain story missions in the “Old Friends” side-mission (as yet searching for his mate Remus)

• Fixed issue when Hiss Barrier stays in the Directorial Override mission’s Control Room if the player kicks the bucket during the coupling cut scene


• Fixed issue when certain authorized music tracks play subsequent to empowering the ‘Quiet Copyrighted Tracks’ alternative

• Fixed an issue when sound is out of adjust in the Dr Darling recordings (PS4)


• Fixed issue with the Charge weapon structures incorrect impact span causing (way) an excess of visual harm to the conditions

• Fixed an issue where game would slow down when finishing a story mission and opening a trophy (PS4)

The update is as of now out for the PS4 rendition of Control, yet Remedy said it’s coming our direction “very soon.”

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