Cooler Master Discloses New Cases and Cooling Solutions at Computex

Cooler Master
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

The Taiwan-based computer expo is going full swing and there has been no deficiency of declarations in terms of hardware and peripherals, a few of which demonstrated some of our speculations right. Cooler Master joins the quarrel with a large rundown of new cases, cooling solutions, power supplies, and even some peripherals.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master is presenting a rather enormous lineup of cooling products. Most remarkable is its new MasterAir Maker 3DVVC, which uses a 3D Vertical Vapor Chamber rather than a more traditional heatsink. There’s additionally Cooler Master’s new MasterLiquid Dual Pump AIO intended that includes a new dual chamber design on both pumps, which maximizes the stream rate and flow pressure of the coolant to the water block. As indicated by the Cooler Master, this will “dissipate the CPU heat at a much quicker rate contrasted to the traditional AIO liquid coolers.”

Also, the company will be releasing another edition of its MasterLiquid Maker 240, highlighting a redesigned reservoir and pump that makes liquid flow through the highest point of the reservoir, which then gets sucked out via the base of the pump into the water block—and highlights RGB lighting to add a colorful flair to that vortex impact, obviously. Rounding out a portion of the major additions to the cooling families is the MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage, which highlights a clear pump cover on this AIO along with RGB lighting and clear perspective of the operating impeller. A full rundown of each upcoming cooling solution can be discovered here, yet here’s the pricing and accessibility of what I just mentioned:

MasterAir Maker 3DVVC: December 2019, MSRP of $129.99
MasterLiquid Dual Pump AIO Design: TBD
MasterLiquid Maker 240 New Edition: October 2019, MSRP of $299.99- $349.99

Cooler Master

For cases, Cooler Master is including 4 new models, beginning with the Silencio S400 (xATX) and S600 (ATX), the most recent editions to the now 8-year-old series. For these two cases, Cooler Master teamed up with Sorama, a company that analyzes noise and vibration with cameras, with the objective of decreasing noise frequency further while balancing thermals. The Silencio series is one of the smaller Cooler Master case series, yet with the expansion of the S400 and S600, that bumps the lineup to 6.

The Cosmos and MasterCase series are likewise getting another addition to their families, most notably the Cosmos C700P Black Edition and the MasterCase H100. The C700P is another cycle of the presently C700P, and other than the all-black matte covering, Cooler Master builds upon its current modular plan to incorporate a PSU shroud, flat radiator brackets, fine mesh panels, cable cover system, and an additional rear panel. In addition, the safety glass panels have a lighter tint.

The MasterCase H100 is another expansion to the long rundown of mini-ITX form factor cases that is compatible with an ATX power supply, however, it’s a little more portable than the rest—it has a built-in handle. Cooler Master considers the H100 a “travel-sized” variant. Here’s the valuing and accessibility:

Cosmos C700P Black Edition: Available in Q3, MSRP of $299.99.
Silencio S400: Available in Q2, MSRP $79.99 – $89.99.
Silencio S600: Available in Q2, MSRP of $89.99 – $99.99.
MasterCase H100: Available on July 9, 2019, MSRP of $59.
MasterCase SL600M Black Edition: Available in Q4, MSRP of $199

Cooler Master

At long last, Cooler Master has revealed its first wireless mouse, the MM831, which it claims has “truly lag-free connectivity.” The gaming mouse highlights a 3360 Pixart optical sensor with up to 32,000 DPI and Omron switches rated for 20M clicks. The MM831 likewise has hybrid wireless connectivity with 2.4GHz or Bluetooth operation. You can even store a USB dongle under the removable, magnetic top piece. Cooler Master has more declarations in the method of peripherals here, which incorporates another mechanical keyboard and two new wired gaming headsets.

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MSRP and availability of the MM831 are November 2019 for $99.99.

Cooler Master has a couple of new PSUs in the works, as well. First shown at CES 2018, the in-house intended XG is presently in the last stages of development and will be on display at Computex in 3 distinct models. (Specific details have not yet been released.) There’s additionally Cooler Master’s Project Fanless, in which it will be demonstrating a 650W fanless CPU alongside the rest of its new PSU lineup. No other information in regards to this new PSU is accessible at this time.

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