Creative Assembly Allow Fan’s Desire to Play Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

A week ago, a Redditor named TheMissingLink5 posted a message about his younger brother Robbie’s “last dying wish:” His fight with leukemia had taken a sudden turn for the worse, and he needs to play Total war: Three Kingdoms while despite everything he could. TheMissingLink5 made the public appeal in a goal to get word to developer Creative Assembly, and very soon, Creative Assembly came through.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

“u/DogbertCA on here and Grace on Twitter have made one child incredibly happy. When I revealed to him the good news, he cried, and couldn’t believe this was going on,” they compose. “When I told him who sent it, he was so stunned. I then quickly got kicked out of the room to return to home and download it since the internet at the hospital sucks. I should be back there in an hour and he cant hold to play!”

The gameplay session went amazingly well, and the overflowing of public support was a huge boost to Robbie’s spirits. “The reaction from all of you is amazing. We’ve been pursuing the comments to him and he lights up discussing it,” TheMissingLink5 compose in an update. “Watching the introduction video he was flabbergasted gorgeous it was. He went into detail telling me about the numerous people we could pick from, etc. It was a student train teacher minute.

Creative Assembly affirmed that the Reddit post was genuine. “A few members of the Total War network made sure this story reached our team. They, in turn, were able to get to connect with u/TheMissingLink5 directly,” a representative said in an email. “It was a little thing to do on our part—conveying a review code through DM—yet we sincerely hope it offered some solace during such a troublesome time.”

Very sadly, TheMissingLink5 said that Robbie passed away just after midnight on May 19. “I thank all of you such a great amount for everything these past 3 days, and in reality, he was able to play his favorite game will constantly mean so much to me!”

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Unfortunately, his doctors are uncertain if he will make it until the game’s May 24 release date one week from now, and so TheMissingLink5 looked for help on Reddit. Within hours, Creative Assembly’s influencer manager, James Given, and network manager, Grace Carroll, connected with him and sent a key for Total War: Three Kingdoms.

TheMissingLink5 updated the Reddit post to indicate photographs of his brother playing the game, appearing that Creative Assembly had helped make his desire a reality. In the face of upsetting news, this snappy reaction from the Total War team has gotten some happiness to a family in trying times.

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