Daggerhood from Crescent Moon Games will be released on mobile on May 8

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The publisher Crescent Moon Games has announced an unusual platformer Daggerhood, which will be released in May.

At first glance, it seems that this is a typical, rather hardcore, two-dimensional platformer. But there is one element in it that changes the mechanics at the root. The main character, Vincent, is a thief. There is nothing that he could not get.

But one day he was caught and left to rot in abandoned caves. However, Vincent did not give up and set a goal – to steal the king’s gold. For this, he uses a dagger that has the ability to teleport. Better just watch the trailer.

You are waited for by 5 worlds with more than 100 levels, on each of which enemies, traps and seemingly impassable locations are scattered. The game will cost 229 rubles and will be released on May 8 on iOS and Android.

Price: £2.79
Price: £2.99

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