Darksiders Genesis analysis. We review the Xbox One and PS4 version of the action game

Darksiders Genesis
Written by Kamran Haider

After downloading all his Apocalypse on PC, Darksiders Genesis now arrives in his version of consoles hoping to continue surprising more players with a different game, but still maintaining the Darksiders spirit.

He came first to PC and did so surprising many fans. After the questioned Darksiders III, it might seem that this Genesis is a minor product, made but to take advantage of the brilliance that the franchise had beyond the main games, with a spin-off. But Airship Syndicate (creators of Battle Chasers: Nightwar) is not just any company, but has an important part of the original Darksiders developers, with Joe Madureira himself in the lead Ryan Stefanelli, co-founder of the studio. The result attests that these people know their own product, and although Genesis changes perspective, it maintains the whole spirit of the franchise, that kept him from any vulgar comparison with a Diablo game.

The PC version was advanced a few months, and you can read the full analysis with all its features in 3D Games. It turned out to be a development with hardly any technical problems, so it was expected that his arrival on consoles would not have such incidents. The differences, therefore, are very few and have more to do with control and, above all, with the frame rate per second. The PC version allowed us to choose between keyboard and mouse or remote control, but it quickly became clear to me that, although the first option was viable, the game was designed with the traditional pad in mind. This was noted especially in the sections of platforms, which may be somewhat inaccurate, and that because of their isometric perspective they are better suited to the control scheme of the remote control than the keys.

The interface design already denoted a fixation in this type of control, when it comes to switching between the abilities of each Rider or using the potions, while the Fight attacks make the experience practically a dual-stick shooter. Of course, the mouse also helped a lot to correctly target enemies during remote combat.

In general, the console version of Darksiders Genesis is correct

Image quality is good in this version. Having tried the game on Xbox One X, you can appreciate the good details that the study has printed, especially in terms of textures (with a very handmade style on some levels) and very attractive color composition. According to the developers, it has a dynamic resolution, which ranges between 4K and 1800p; in some moments, something minor. It can be noticed due to the camera away from the game, which covers many details. In any case, I would recommend unchecking the Motion Blur option, the only one available in the options, to gain some sharpness in our character while we are fighting; although this, evidently, is to the taste of the consumer.Darksiders

In general, the console version of Darksiders Genesis is correct, although having seen the performance of other games in its versions of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X and with a technical capacity equal or higher, we are surprised that Genesis has not chosen, how much less, for some option to raise the frame rate per second to 60, instead of the 30 fps it maintains. It would have been nice to have at least the option of a graphic selector, that sacrifices high resolutions, setting the image at 1080p, to get the desired 60 fps. Used to the game on PC and this frame rate, the truth is that you miss a lot since in some combats we must pay more attention to the environment and enemy attacks. Especially with Lucha and his remote combat, in which the accuracy of the shot while we dodge is crucial.Unleashing the Apocalypse

Unleashing the Apocalypse

Just play a couple of levels of Darksiders Genesis to realize that this is not an Action RPG from an isometric perspective to use. It is simply a Darksiders with a different camera, which allows us the possibility of including another player in local or online cooperative mode. Yes, there is much to eliminate enemies and clear areas as we get stronger, but there are also large areas to explore, the occasional puzzle to solve (with the classic bombs of the saga) and sections of platforms. Even unlocking new skills encourages us to visit previous levels in a manner similar to the classic backtracking, since we will often find blocked places that we cannot access yet.

So much fun is to spend the adventure with a friend, each in charge of a Rider (only War and Fight are available, not the four warriors), as you enter the adventure alone. Mainly because of the game adapts. That is, if we play in cooperative mode, there will be some puzzles that we will have to solve by synchronizing our movements. But playing alone does not lose an apex of charm, since alternating between the two Riders to take advantage of their special abilities, conserve their life and, above all, alternate between melee attack and distances as appropriate, is a dynamic that remains fresh during The whole adventure

Not everything is good, of course. The level design has bright moments and others not so successful. When it works, it is capable of alternating levels with great rhythm, mixing platforms, puzzles, secondary roads that hide secrets and good combat arenas. On other occasions, we find less inspired maps, with many enemies that fill in dead zones and that keep us walking (or riding) from here to there without much to do in between. This imbalance is more pronounced as enemies accumulate, repeating many of their designs and patterns and concentrating more on mixing them together than on adding new challenges.

Maybe everything would have had better packaging if the plot were up to par. Darksiders’ story is not the greatest example of narrative, but at least in the first two games, he managed to gradually draw a celestial and infernal scale scheme of conspiracies, betrayals and hidden motifs that we were reeling out with each Rider, who struggled not to be used, while we discovered their past stories. Here, although there is something of that past because Genesis occurs before the other games in the saga, history does not catch or end up fulfilling its prequel function. Yes, we are given some interesting details about the origin of the Riders and Lucifer’s plan to disturb the balance of the Abrased Council, but quickly the plot becomes a succession of secondary goals. To get inconsequential objects to be able to access the following location, so that interest is reduced almost exclusively at the beginning and end of the adventure.

If history is not a problem, you will discover that Genesis is a really interesting game. It has a curious nucleus system, which allows us to improve the power of our Riders as we defeat enemies and can give us the excuse to repeat some levels in search of the right orb in each square, organizing the improvement system as optimally as possible. In addition, combat does not tire. The attacks and abilities of war are devastating and the gaff Espectral it uses to bring the enemies and make attacks creates a charged area or always fun dynamic. Although less powerful, Lucha has even come to like me more. His guns They allowed to radically change the style of play to an arcade spirit shooter, in which it was so important to have precision with the stick, speed on the dodges, know how to organize the skills and not waste them. Finding the different types of bullets, in addition, change the guns from basic attacks to loaded ammunition and also persistent rays that, well combined, are devastating.

The result is still satisfactory for the connoisseur of Darksiders

It is possible that Darksiders Genesis does not capture the attention of many players so much because it is a spin-off, which alters some concepts, especially by raising the camera to an isometric perspective. But his spirit is still pure Darksiders. A game that is gradually winning you thanks to the good approach of its combat, which is always evolving, and the conjunction of action, platforms, exploration and puzzles that we find at its best levels. Don’t judge this Rider too soon, as it might surprise you.

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The Darksiders Genesis console version is correct, taking advantage of the extra capabilities of PS4 Pro and Xbox One X to raise the resolution, but falling short at a rate of 30 frames per second, without a selector; something that the game would have benefited quite a lot. Except for this factor, we found the same work that surprised us a few months ago, with an excellent combination of action, exploration, puzzles, and platforms. It is true that not all levels are equally achieved, and that enemies may become somewhat repetitive, but it is easy to be seduced by their fighting and secrets. Therefore, we repeat: do not discard Genesis so soon, as it may surprise you.

  • The Darksiders formula applied to the isometric perspective.
  • Solid and varied combat with the two characters.
  • Fun both solo and local and online cooperative.
  • Good design, with some very successful chapters …
  • Although some chapters are not so inspired and are not very intuitive.
  • The enemies become increasingly repetitive.
  • Something inaccurate in the platforms.
  • The story is very little worked, a shame for this universe so attractive.
  • We miss a graphic selector to play at 60 fps.

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