Dauntless Development Update: Path of the Slayer

path of slayer
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

On April 24th, Dauntless will be refreshed with the Path of the Slayer. In another video developer diary, the team shares a portion of the real changes going to the game, including a center progression modify, the presentation of the new Mastery System, new weapon customization choices and “updates to the hammer, pike, sword and chain blades”.

With our adjust of quests and progression, Slayers will presently get the information they need to begin mastering skills at an early stage. We’ve organized our starter quests to put kids on the block through the basics and refreshed our tutorial exercise card with new graphics and clearer directions.

There are also various changes going to the Hunt. These will be most effectively seen on the Map interface. On hitting “M”, players will perceive what Hunts are accessible and be able to begin one right from the interface. It’s a burly update that conveys some welcome changes to the game.


  • Path of the Slayer arrives April 24th
  • Progression has been totally reworked
  • New tutorial cards added to early movement
  • New map screen and chase structure
  • Dire and ordinary gear currently share a solitary upgrade track
  • New upgrade materials: Orbs and Archstone
  • New End of Hunt screen


The universe of the Shattered Isles is evolving. With the Path of the Slayer update on April 24th, you’ll access to a totally reworked progression framework, with new quests, a new map, new patrols, a new End of Hunt screen, and more. Regardless of whether you’re new to Dauntless or a veteran Behemoth-basher, this is a fix to anticipate.

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War pikes wound. Hammers stagger. Aether wisps give you an increase in energy. If you’re a veteran Slayer you realize these things like you know your name … yet how did you learn them? odds are it wasn’t from Kat Sorrel.

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