DC Universe Online Updated with the Spring Event, New Character Models & QoL Improvements

Springtime Seasonal Event
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

DC Universe Online has been fixed to Game Update 94 that brings a large group of new content into the game including the springtime seasonal event with its new Feats, new Spring-themed base things, suit, and a Blossoming Spore pet. As players work through the occasion, they gather Seed Pods to buy things from a special merchant.

Springtime Seasonal Event
In addition, there are huge character model updates for Wonder Woman, Batman, Circe, Lex Luthor, and the Joker. Three new player character skins have been included also. Players will also discover new help exploring from one mission to next with the expansion of the navigation diamond. It tends to be disabled if not required by heading to the UI settings.

Safehouses have another vendor that “naturally offers players tier gear proper for their Combat Rating, to reduce a portion of the confusion experienced when it is a time come to locate the next seller. In conclusion, a number of quality of life enhancements and updates have been conveyed to “streamline the early leveling substance to enable players to stay on track.

Springtime Seasonal Event

A few changes incorporate reducing mission target counts, reducing harm from enemies, expelling counter attacks from enemies, diminishing NPC density of battle areas for missions, better enemy position, cleaned up text messages in missions and for example, and adding waypoint markers to many managers instances.

New Feats:

  • Lord of the Wings
  • Unsoiled Plants
  • Best Fronds Forever

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Several changes apply to the accompanying story bends up to their manager fight instances:

  • Meta Hero Grodd invasion
  • Meta Villain Parasite and Powergirl
  • Shared Meta Hero and Villain HIVE
  • Tech Hero Scarecrow
  • Tech Villain Gang War
  • Shared Tech Hero and Villain Gangwar 2 and Bane
  • Magic Hero Faust content
  • Magic Villain Trigon and Dr. Fate
  • Shared Magic Hero and Villain Titans and Raven

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