Dead by Daylight analysis. One murderer, four victims

Dead by Daylight
Written by Kamran Haider

Survivor or serial killer? Almost two million PC players have already answered this question and now it is the turn of PS4 and Xbox One fans to face what is one of the most unique multiplayer experiences of recent years. In this analysis of Dead by Daylight, we tell you how the Behavior Interactive videogame has made its console jump.

So many are the hardships that you must overcome to escape alive from the clutches of that immortal murderer who pursues you tirelessly in Dead by Daylight that when the time comes, and you find your only escape, you only think of yourself. Shout as much as you want that poor bastard who has had the bad fortune of falling into the hands of the enemy. Such is the sense of helplessness generated by this peculiar horror adventure in which four innocents must deal with the bad arts of a fifth player, the monster, to whom there is no human way to defeat, that no matter how much it hurts to see you die the person who minutes before has helped you … you will be more cowardly than hero.

This is one of the aspects that I liked most when I analyzed the original PC version, and it is something that remains unchanged in this adaptation of the Behavior Interactive game to PS4 and Xbox One … but with nuances. Although the formula is maintained, and playable contents have been expanded with several of the DLCs listed as compatible, the final result is far from being desired. There are programming errors, connection failures and slowdowns that no one understands when this game is not, precisely, a technological wonder. The idea, its premise, is great, but the execution and more on consoles leave something to be desired. What a pity. Dead by Daylight, when you incarnate a survivor, it makes you feel as if your life is really hanging by a thread, hence it is so difficult to put it at risk; but beware, that without the collaboration of the rest of the survivors you will hardly save the skin.

Before reaching that critical point where the doors of “paradise” are open, and the closest salvation, you will have to deal with five energy generators that require time and dedication. And the equation here is very simple: the more innocent they work on it the faster they will get going. That easy. Or rather not. If the fact that a deranged person walks loose does not make you nervous enough, during the repair of these generators you will also have to deal with technical failures, which are not enough to take them as a joke. If you press the right button at the right time, everything will be fine, but … PUM !, an explosion will betray your position and spoil some of the work. Touch run.

An assassin is on the loose

You think about your safety, and that’s why you almost don’t care about others, but at the same time, you need their help to escape alive. This is the crossroads that make Dead by Daylight such a fun survival adventure. And yes, you read correctly in this analysis: Survival. Thus the action is posed from the point of view of the innocent. They do not have weapons or practically any tool that allows them to escape from the claws of the murderer, although they can use certain gadgets to, at least, hinder their hunting. The flashlight, for example, may blind it momentarily; ideal to mislead you and go in search of a hiding place. It is your thing.

Run when you play, walk quietly so as not to raise suspicion, because even the flight of crows can betray our position; and if we have the opportunity, hide in closets or any corner that we find in our way. Everything goes as long as you survive this macabre mouse and cat game. In this sense, more options are needed in order to protect themselves from murderers. There are few tools to turn to, such as first aid kits or mechanic boxes with which to speed up the start-up of power generators, and this eventually makes the games somewhat repetitive. It’s always the same. There are few variations, beyond the time it takes for the murderer to hunt down the innocent … if he does.assassin

Although the first hours you will enjoy a lot with the tense action proposed by Dead by Daylight, it is also easy to get tired

There is a huge potential loss in this video game, even with the additional contents that this version integrates for consoles, with new survivors, assassins and scenarios. They are added that are appreciated, but not even all those present in the PC version have been released. And although the first hours you enjoy the experience, it is also easy to get tired of repeating the same actions over and over again in practically the same environments. Surprisingly, the video game includes a complete progression system which allows you to not only modify the appearance of your survivor, also the equipment and accessories with which you can jump into the fight, and various special abilities with which, for example, you can improve your ability to heal other players, receive bonuses for saving them from death, etc. Nor is it fully exploited. It is very good that the options at your fingertips are generated randomly, and I really like that when you die you lose the special objects with which you start the game. It is one more way to increase tension, the fear of death. However, I insist, there are few options; few real alternatives when looking for salvation.

We go hunting

The role of survivors is clear. Now it’s time to talk about the villain; of that fearsome killer embodied by a fifth player who, unlike his prey, enjoys the action from a first-person perspective. It is an important change. The field of vision is reduced considerably and what for the innocent is easy to detect, it will cost more to see. Especially when conditions such as dense fog or tall grass come into play. I love. Also the subtle differences between murderers within our reach.

Each of them has special abilities and unique weapons that can be improved through another specific killer progression system. And I will not deny it. It is very fun to embody these hellish beings. Pursue the innocent, catch them when they least expect it, hit them with the machete and splash the entire screen of blood; There is a lot of charm in the way Behavior Interactive has portrayed these villains, imitating the style of the eighties horror movie classics. That is why it is disappointing that there are so few murderers available, although the policy of new content invites us to think that in the future we will continue to have more and more villains … this time already paid.

The unstable of online games, which do not always work properly – including matchmaking – and some occasional error prevent fully enjoy a video game that, given the time it has taken to adapt to consoles, should never have been released in these conditions. It is hard to believe that even technically, I am not able to keep even 30fps stable. In PC there were similar problems and over time they were resolved but, I insist, having arrived almost a year later, I did not expect such failures.

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The terror that generates facing an invincible assassin, which you know is another player willing to do everything in order to win the victory, make Dead by Daylight a frankly fun and, above all, original multiplayer title. There are few video games like this, and that makes you win a lot compared to other competitors. More if you like horror movies of the eighties. Its biggest problem is the lack of content, even with the novelties that this version introduces for consoles, and the little variety of game situations that it poses, which in a matter of hours could make you tired.

  • A unique, original game experience that mixes with action and terror.
  • The killers and scenarios remind the horror movie classics in the eighties.
  • You have to improve matchmaking and stability of online games
  • Few maps and a single game mode. It becomes repetitive too soon
  • More villains and more alternatives to survive their attacks are missing

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