DeadCore analysis. The Deadly Tower

Written by Kamran Haider

If you want to survive, show yourself agile! Be fast, shoot with precision and measure each of your jumps to the millimeter in this puzzle and platform adventure in which each new challenge is a real challenge. Available for a few years on PC, now it is PS4 and Xbox One players who have the opportunity to face this deadly escalation. DeadCore analysis.

Frantic and challenging. There is no better way to define DeadCore, an adventure of puzzles and platforms in first that was released on PC at the end of 2014 reaping good words from critics and fans. Logical, taking into account the quality that this 5-bit video game treasures in which our only purpose is to ascend in the shortest possible time through a colossal tower of cyberpunk style without falling into the attempt! Something that is easier said than done given the high level of difficulty that this title treasures, halfway between a 3D platform and an intense action-adventure that at times reminds the fantastic Mirror’s Edge, in the sense that you will have to run, a lot, while jumping from one side to the other dodging deadly traps. Almost there is not a second of respite and this, after all, achieves that you never tire of repeating its challenges again and again even when you will fall, and much, into the abyss.

Impossible jumps, mobile platforms, laser beams ready to exterminate us in a jiffy, robots with very bad fleas that will throw us into the void at the slightest opportunity … this is a tremendously dangerous universe; one in which any failure will end our life irremediably, being essential to act promptly and with a degree of extreme precision. PC users already know that, and now it’s time for Xbox One and PS4 players to also test their skill in an adaptation that doesn’t include any notable novelties with respect to the original. But … how to defend against the threats proposed by the game? The answer is the Switch Gun.

Mortal Precipice

Equipped with a device that at first glance can remind of the Valve classic portals-generating gun, in practice little resembles this. With it, we will be able to activate and deactivate certain mechanisms such as defensive turrets, robots or platforms, which will be deployed or contracted based on shots. It seems simple right? Well, it is not. Basically because in DeadCore we must aim and shoot with a fairly high degree of precision while, in turn, we jump from one platform to another, we quickly glide through the air to escape from mortal rays and escape from several enemies that, if necessary, will be really annoying

Dying, therefore, will be the most common thing in the world in this title that, however, rarely gets frustrated due to the generous distribution of control points, distributed intelligently throughout its extensive levels of play, and in fact that reappearing in the game after suffering a death only takes a couple of seconds. So the rhythm of the action never decays, keeping the guy for about ten hours that can lead us to reach the top of the dangerous tower that brings DeadCore to life.

The design of the levels is, at this point, quite good. The paths are varied, with increasingly complex challenges that will require of us greater attention to detail, and broad enough that sometimes we have the option of taking one or the other path. The choice will be ours. And not only that. Because as we collect certain extra objects, well hidden, by the way, we will obtain improvements in the ability to use in the Speedrun mode, where we can pulverize the marks achieved in the story mode too, in passing, bailout our friends beforehand.Mortal Precipice

Dying, therefore, will be the most common thing in the world in this title that, however, rarely frustrates

The beauty of the surroundings, with that striking cyberpunk style, is further reinforced by a very good electronic soundtrack that will adequately enliven our dangerous wanderings through the great DeadCore tower. A place that, yes, sometimes will make us spend worse than it should due to certain design problems that somewhat overshadow the final result. Before entering it, however, it should be made very clear that the control system works like a charm, given the great precision it holds. Something fundamental for a title with these characteristics

The problem, on the other hand, is that some skill tests are, in the extreme, damn difficult … even unfair. We speak for example of the traps with laser beams, which as a rule will have to go through sliding with pinpoint accuracy that is difficult to reach with a subjective view like the one presented by DeadCore. So there will be moments of the game in which we will raffle a good handful of traps … to end up dying surrounded by laser beams. And that one, another, and again ends up undermining morale.

Fortunately, the variety of tests to be undertaken and the fact that these are increasingly convoluted helps make the game experience with DeadCore, as a rule, quite rewarding. It is a pleasure to go through the intricate levels that shape the game, and even more to overcome those tests that so many headaches were not caused. In this sense, the puzzle component is quite small compared to other titles of the style. There are, but they are more about exploring the environment than stopping to think.

As a final note, it would have been great to come across a story that was more elaborate than the one presented by the title, more than anything because the setting gave for a good story that, it is worth noting, is only available in English. Nor is it that this greatly affects the gaming experience, since DeadCore has fun as the one that most thanks to the challenge of its challenges, but of course; Who says no to a good story?

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Its high difficulty and the intelligent design of its levels make DeadCore a very good game of platforms and puzzles in the first person that, with the frenetic and intensity of its flag action, will catch you with its ruthless mortal traps and the eye-catching of their surroundings. Trying to improve brands in Speedrun mode is also a good way to extend your life for many hours.

  • The rhythm of his action is thrilling
  • Good level design. The tests are increasingly complex and exciting
  • Very precise control system. Getting around these environments is a joy
  • Difficulty curve somewhat irregular. Some challenges are exaggeratedly hard
  • It would have been great to have a better plot background

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