Deployment analysis. Action with a bit of strategy

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Shoot, kill, die and keep playing! The authors of We Are The Dwarves bet on the multiplayer action with a frantic video game of gunfire that does not give a second of respite. Whether it’s an all against all or accompanied by friends in team battles, the analysis of Deployment for PC allows us to discover a fun and addictive game that can win great moments to fans of the genre.

You enter and the show begins! Shots here, lasers over there; explosions, races, energy shields, damage multipliers … in short, fun chaos that makes Deployment a multiplayer action game of the most interesting. It is the work of the authors of We Are The Dwarves, who surprise us with a frantic title shot that does not give a second of respite. Do not think about it because it is a game without substance or strategy; There is! Because in each battlefield there are columns that confer special bonuses to those who claim them in their name. For this, you have to take control of some strategic areas which, as a rule, are far away, scattered across the stage. Because that is another one. The game of Whale Rock Games summons us to fight on a battlefield formed by multiple rooms, separated by gates, which prevent us from seeing what happens on the other side. It is more interesting than it seems, sometimes, without realizing it, you can get into a real hotbed with multiple enemies shooting right and left. Here the tactic comes into play.

If you face the action by hitting shots without much or no effort, you will soon bite the dust. You will do it again and again, because the times of reappearance are minimal, take seconds, so you have to be agile and precise, but also smart. Jump from one room to another attacking and defending; use with a head the power-ups that appear randomly, flee if necessary in search of health, or ram the beast if you have enhanced the attack, you have shields and, in addition, you enjoy a speed bonus. This is Deployment, a videogame in which you never stop moving, shooting, machining new strategies; It is what makes him such a recommendable title. One that you can enjoy alone, in an all against all, or form an alliance with friends and have a great time in a team duel that brings out another of the strengths of the game: the five available character classes , here combat vehicles, which confer that tactical point that suits you so well to this multiplayer action game.

Frantic action, immediate fun

With very different combat styles; with specialized vehicles in the fight at a distance, in the line of snipers, and other experts in close combat with flares or devastating missiles, Deployment is a video game that allows you to face your action in different ways and, the best thing, is that all and each of them feels well balanced. If you take good advantage of your tactical advantages, the special characteristics of each vehicle, your enemies will suffer a real ordeal trying to hunt you regardless of the class you control.

Each character, in addition, has a unique ability that recharges over time and, for seconds, offers advantages as interesting as a shield, greater attack power, or even the option to “suck” the lives of rivals to whom hit With the passing of the hours, as you overcome the battles and defeat the enemies, you will unlock new tactical advantages that will modify the type of shot of the vehicle, or certain features of operation, thus being able to personalize even more the game experience, adapting it to your liking (Your actions determine what improvements you get).

Deployment presents a crazy spectacle of lasers and explosions

the result is a frantic video game, at times chaotic, that despite the simplicity of its action traps for hours motivating you to “take another fight”, to get involved in another fierce fight for survival in environments that also turn out to be the most attractive with that futuristic look. Control the scenario, visualize the enemies thanks to the radars located in other areas, blast the rivals from a distance, with the defensive turrets, or cause havoc around us escorted by a group of drones. There is a lot of potential in Deployment, especially when you play a team match and each player plays a specific role in the course of the contest. Defend strategic positions, offer cover fire or attack as if you were a ninja, hitting and sneaking, is a pleasure in the exciting battles for up to eight players proposed by this work of Whale Rock Games.Frantic action

Thanks to the fact that the scenarios are generated procedurally, the action keeps the interest high, although there comes a time when you feel that Deployment has little more to offer. I explain. It is fun; Their battles, so fast and intense, are exciting but the game falls short too quickly.

After a few hours, you will not find more incentives to improve your position in the leader boards or, sporadically, play a game with friends. I like that the option to play against bots has been included because this allows you to try new combat strategies without having to face other people, and also that you can experiment with different weapons and improvements, but it does not offer enough depth to keep you stuck to its action for hours. His aesthetic is great, the music hits a thousand wonders with the crazy spectacle of lasers and explosions that the game presents, but as I say, it is missing something more so that the game catches you as other exponents of the genre get.

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It is a video game of frenetic action that, in turn, offers an interesting strategic perspective that feels really good. With several vehicles to choose from and the option to fight in an all-or-all battle or in team battles, Deployment knows how to have fun immediately, challenging you, again and again, taking you to try new combat tactics while testing your skill in front of other players. It may be short of content with relative ease, but it is a multiplayer game with the ability to make you have a good time, either alone or with friends.

  • Frantic action with a dash of strategy
  • Team battles bring out their best face
  • His aesthetic is attractive. The fight against bots is also appreciated
  • It falls short of content
  • It is missing something more playable depth

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