Depths of Skyrim Gives the Ocean a Genuinely Needed Makeover

Written by Faiza Iftikhar

I’ve spent many hours exploring Skyrim crosswise over countless saves and multiple editions, and not surprisingly I’ve been on dry land for a large portion of it. Skyrim’s ocean is dim and loaded with unfriendly fish. Of my many downloaded mods, just a couple influence water, and then only the surface,but Depths of Skyrim, transferred a week ago, changes a great deal more. 


Depths of Skyrim is an underwater upgrade that gives the game’s damp areas the same sort of attention that’s beenpampered upon its mountains and woodlands. No all the more diving off the coast just to discover some weeds and a slaughterfish waiting to snap at you until you flee back to shore.

Modder TheBlackpixel has introduced n new kinds of grass and kelp, in excess of 1,000 new fish, none of which have a penchant for slaughter, hidden treasure, whole forests of coral and, most importantly,a lot of new horkers cheerfully swimming over the ocean. Horkers, of course, are Skyrim’s noteworthy and most lofty animals. Don’t go killing them for their tusks.

If you’ve got any other mods that spruce up the ocean and rivers,similar to the popular Realistic Water 2, Depths of Skyrim is good and and should even enhance bodies of water included by different mods, as well, though don’t expect new fish or giant kelp. TheBlackpixel recorded a casing rate drop of only 1 fps, yet your presentation could shift.


If you’re playing with Skyrim Special Edition, you’ll need this version of the mod. It’s generally precisely the equivalent. In both, you’ll have to pop into your Skyrim.ini file and change iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure to 7 or above if it isn’t now, or the mod won’t work.

I as of late admitted to a friend that I never finished the DLC, regardless of the ridiculous amount of time I’ve spent in Skyrim, so my disgrace is tempting me back once again. This time, however, I’ll be investing much more energy swimming. If you’ve additionally got a craving to come back to the eight-year-old RPG, here are the best Skyrim mods.

What is this mod?

This mod aims to redesign the flora, fauna and visuals under water. I constantly observed Skyrim’s underwater environments to be somewhat monotone and empty,so here is my endeavor at illuminating that issue.

Detail of Depths of Skyrim

  • Patches, streamlining, and UI: A snatch pack of valuable upgrades.
  • Visual redesigns and climate: Make the game look wonderful.
  • Journeys and new areas: New undertakings and new grounds.
  • Pretending, survival, and drenching: Find various approaches to play.
  • Animals and creatures: Some improved, some totally new.
  • Hardware and movement: Armor, weapons, and custom extras.
  • NPCs: Changes to different characters, in addition to some new ones.
  • Enchantment, battle, and aptitudes: Soup up your witchcraft, get up and go up your advantages.
  • Instructions to introduce Skyrim Mods: Tools and utilities to introduce, compose, and utilize these mods.


  • Includes new grass types, coral and giant kelp all across the Sea of Ghosts.
  • Includes 1000+ fish all over the sea (no slaughterfish).
  • Includes Several dozen unmarked treasures and points of interest for you to find.
  • Includes coral forests teeming with life.
  • Includes groups of horkers swimming across the sea.
  • Fixes 100+ instances of exposed rocks
  • Fixes seams in the ocean floor


  • Download the RAR file
  • Open it
  • Drag the majority of its substance to your data folder (usually Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data)
  • Make sure the file is checked in the Skyrim plugin list (it should be by default, this is just an additional step)
  • Launch your game and enjoy your renewed Oceans!

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