Despotism 3k was released on Android – a humorous AI strategy that enslaves humanity

Despotism 3k
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Studio Konfa Games has released a humorous strategy Despotism 3k on mobile. She went to Steam last year and received positive ratings from players.

In the story, humanity was enslaved by artificial intelligence. And it is for AI and you have to play. The main task is to manipulate people in order to extract the energy necessary for your empire with their help.

The game has elements of a bagel so that each passage is unique. Developers call it “easy to learn, hard to master”. This means that you will not be difficult to understand the principles, but in order to successfully complete it, you will need much more effort.

Despotism 3k
Despotism 3k
Developer: Konfa Games
Price: £3.19

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