Destiny analysis 2. New times, new heroes

Written by Kamran Haider

A new group of heroes for a new threat. Bungie claims to have learned from his mistakes with the first Destiny and, as we had already been advancing, they have fulfilled the promise. Here you will be able to find the analysis of Destiny 2 and also its video analysis, the work of two editors for several days shooting on all fronts of one of the most anticipated shooters of recent times. Do you want to see how it turned out?

When one faces the analysis of a video game-like Destiny 2, it does so with a mixture of sensations. On the one hand, having enjoyed both jobs and those of the Halo saga gives familiarity with those responsible, Bungie, which makes it comfortable with your way of understanding the action. On the other hand, they are titles, too, that force us to change the way we work in the magazine. You know that the launch went on sale a few days ago, but with works of these characteristics, you can not do things like in the old days. That of having the analysis before it reaches the stores is a utopia with eminent online games such as World of Warcraft, The Division or the Destiny saga itself. Waiting to see it calmly and deeply we did it in the first part, and we also do it in the second.

we have waited impatiently to publish this text and the video analysis that accompanies it with the intention of seeing how the video game unfolds in the crowded servers of millions of people. We have also waited to calmly maximize the level of our Guardians. And, lastly, we have also endured to test the Raid and discover the secrets of a playable alternative that was one of the bastions of the first installment, and that here changes its face in an important way but returns without losing an iota of strength nor get rid of its spectacularity.

We are not going to advance in this post anything that we are going to explain at the playable, narrative or visual level of Bungie’s new work during the review, however, we can confirm you since the best predictions regarding the progression of the series are They have seen compliments. The study has learned the lesson of the launch of the first part in 2014 which, in its original format, was a very esteemed title but also very far from the expectations that surrounded it. It took many months and a good handful of expansions to eliminate the superfluous, focus on the important parts and change a series of elements of the progression that ended up significantly improving the formula. The best news of Destiny 2? This time it will not be necessary to wait so long.

Guardians of Light

Confused. If anything could be said about Destiny’s first installment, it was an unnecessarily convoluted video game. In a campaign, you have to agree on what you want to tell and how to do it, and the original episode did not show a correlation between both parties. The second installment, without having a particularly brilliant script, is more effective in this regard. It all begins with the offensive of the Red Legion on The Tower, destroying order as we knew it until then. It is the plot pretext that Bungie has devised to turn the premises of the previous game upside down and present an adequate context for continuation without losing bases, known characters and universe … Nor to the player’s own hero or heroine.

The positive is not derived from that change that does not affect the foundations but, rather, from the study’s commitment to focus on telling a story with which they feel most comfortable. We already know the mythology, we know how the different factions work, the mechanics are presented and, finally, they can focus on developing an argument. They do it in two bands: on the one hand, we have the kinematics in which the heroes tell us their plans to counter the threat of the Cabal and, on the other, we have many videos in which villains tell us about their motivations and we know how things are going from their point of view. For the rest, the videogame uses the same mechanisms as the first part for the in-game parts: A lot of intercoms to listen to Zabala, Hawthorne or the rest, and many Specter monologues that come back to join us. It is not that the dialogues or the plot development are a prodigy of ingenuity in the Aaron Sorkin style, but remembering how low the bar was before, it is quite a progress to listen to conversation lines that do not produce blush.Guardians of Light

Having hours and hours without interruption carrying out all kinds of activities on the same planet

What is really important is how the study manages so that we do not feel even more crushed by repetition. The main mission scheme is quite similar to that of the first part (somewhat shorter, maybe?), However, this time they are accompanied by a series of secondary schools that offer a different formula to the situations we could see in the past. They respond to the name of Adventures and are one of the great successes of the program. They are tools for not getting tired so quickly of the main mechanics, and they are masking with their careful integration with the argument and with its long successions of chained objectives the fact of being, more or less, repeated orders of action. They do not have the same level of work as a campaign mission, of course, but they raise the bar a bit of what we usually see in smaller video game missions, with greater depth in terms of mechanics, history or simple curiosities. For example, in Titan, we can forgive the life of a certainly fallen captain (one of the enemy species of the game), who ends up returning the favor by letting us complete the mission without resisting. But are these details and resources sufficient to combat those repetitive feelings we are talking about?

This mystery, of course, admits nuances. I always read funny phrases like “I have dedicated 300 hours and in the end it has become repetitive, go crap!” Nothing, absolutely nothing, to which you dedicate several hundred hours will stop becoming repetitive. It does not matter if it’s your favorite Netflix series, if it’s a music record or if it’s your partner talking about how your day went at work, so, as I say, Destiny 2 (as it happened with its first part) includes a strong factor of repetition of situations, but it is not so much the fault of the game as of the genre itself.

However, there are also a series of decisions that could have been made when it came to softening all this: for example, having unpublished enemies would have helped to make the feeling of tiredness somewhat later. There is not a single new breed, and although the second part includes those of original and expansions, as well as some mixtures, we seem to have very low baggage. On the other hand, it does not seem very intelligent to have opted again for the three same classes. Yes, it is true that there are certain changes in the bowels of these in the form of some concrete abilities that change (not all), and the subclasses that debut … Again it is one of lime and another of sand.Guardian to Hero

From Guardian to Hero

But many fans will be asking a question that is important in the work of these characteristics: What happens once we finish the campaign? By then we will unlock a new social space and reach level 20, from which we will face the final stage of the game. Apart from where we are offered numerous and challenging activities and new adventures. Everything we do at this moment helps to improve our level of power, which is what will allow us to participate (or not) in each of these missions, and there begins a new journey that is even more addictive and in which everything we really realize to go far as Guardian. In fact, Bungie has been more concerned with players who complained about not having enough time to play or that the last stages of the game were very difficult to overcome alone so that missions such as the Sunset assault or the raid have lowered its demands to more reasonable points. Something that not only seems suitable but also helps keep the difficulty at its point.

There is an important feeling of familiarity if we have already enjoyed Bungie games.

By then the narrative and the variety do not matter, and we will only have become more runners of that race to maximize the index of Power that will take us head to head. tougher activities. Because in the end what makes for many people who have spent an afternoon with the game good or bad depends exclusively on how juicy the rewards we get at the end of a task: unlocking weapons like the King of Rats, the MIDA or Sturm Multitool. Combat tools that not only suppose a good push in the level of power of those who wish to catch up quickly to overcome the incursion but also are really fun to use. The method to release them, not so much. We believe that Bungie is still in her thirteen when it comes to forcing us to do boring things to unlock new steps in the adventure. “Kill ten elite casualties with this weapon.” “Kill fifty enemies with a submachine gun while you’re in the air.” And it would not be such a serious problem if there were not numerous steps of the same nature to end up helping us complete the arsenal with that object that we so much want.

Once we are properly equipped and decide to go a little more at our pace, the launch offers us optional challenges for all activities that are equivalent to the original Destiny contracts, divided into daily and weekly categories. Again, we cannot help feeling this Russian doll feeling that we have been seeing: it is frankly good and its implementation is perfect, but it is another recovered and improved feature of the first game. On this occasion, at least, they are much more comfortable to manage, and there is a greater variety of activities at our disposal. Come on, everything is going to focus on minimizing wasted time and focusing on what really matters: massacring everything that moves.

To the list of things to do while playing is added public events, which arise spontaneously in the public areas of the planets and join close guardians of different squads. There are both new and classic, and they all present a debuting heroic version. The mere act of activating this variant is a challenge in itself as it requires teamwork even among strangers, and the rewards are often worthwhile. We miss, yes, new public events and, again, something more variety in them, especially from the perspective of someone who may have already experienced them in the first part.

The assaults, meanwhile, have also experienced a good step forward. These are cooperative activities in which a three-player squad completes a dungeon that ends with a boss battle. Both the route and the boss himself have a linear design that varies slightly each time we repeat the mission, changing lines of dialogue and certain enemies. The truth is that they manage to break the general tone of the game with mechanics and a more complex and interesting level design. Some are brighter than others, but in almost all of us we find fun moments, such as passing between changing lasers in the Pyramidion or jumping between witches to make Savathûn Song vulnerable.

Along with the campaign, in Leviathan is where Bungie has dared to change what was established

The golden brooch of the PvP (Player vs. Environment) content is the new incursion, Leviathan, which takes us to the exile of Emperor Calus to face his trials in search of glory. We are pleasantly surprised by the setting of the raid, in a majestic palace full of evidence to overcome. We could say that it is, together with the campaign, the field where Bungie has most dared to change the established. We find fewer bosses, in favor of other kinds of challenges inspired by the culture of some gentlemen who descend directly from the Roman Empire and involve solving puzzles, stealth, platforms, and fighting. Some are more original than others, but all offer something different. The new approach has the emperor himself as a faction and we think that it is a brave gesture, at least, in terms of approach, although there will be those who are more accustomed to a conventional approach to this and who are dissatisfied with its development. You hit rather nimias when it comes to such a fun and exciting part, and where that shooter style looks great with the Bungie seal.

Bullet StormAnd if the video games of this studio have something, it is the certainty that you will enjoy with them exquisite control and mechanics for action with few competitors. Shooting on a title in your catalog is formidable, and Destiny 2 demonstrates why again. Having softened the self- pointing that so unpleasantly surprised us in the original, the truth is that now the thing is more in our hands than before. This means that you still notice a very slight thrust that moves our peephole towards the adversaries, but this has been minimized to extremes that are almost always barely noticeable.

Because there really is an important feeling of familiarity if we have already enjoyed Bungie video games. In fact, the main missions that make up the final stretch of the campaign have an aroma reminiscent of the most epic sections of a Halo. The big stages, those specific presences of vehicles (although never as colossal as in the adventures of the Master Chief) and, above all, the feeling that cooperating we are stronger.

All this is very good, but to a large extent, it was already present in the previous game. How has progress been made? In the creation of the world and in the way of splashing it, in a very intelligent way, of different distractions. I will not bore you with details, but it was very easy that in the original we lost desperate amounts of time between trips through orbit, round trips, returns to La Torre … All that has ended in a sequel that can have hours and hours without interruption carrying out all kinds of activities on the same planet. That is a blessing. That is not only achieved by optimizing everything technological, but it is also done by fulfilling a promise that should have been implemented already in the first part and that, surely due to the burden of having Xbox 360 and PS3 as a heavy trailer, no It was intended / could be implemented in the past.

However, not everything is directly related to the world, and in reality, a very interesting part of the game is outside it. We speak, of course, of the Crucible. As a novelty, it has been completely redesigned to host contests between two teams of four players. A reduction that, not analyzed in detail, can lead to thinking who wants to attack Destiny 2 that will make it worse but, nevertheless, further maps, gives a tactical point to the action and, in general lines, improve this competitive facet. There are even surprises reserved for those who dare to face the Nine Tests

On the other hand, destructive ammunition now appears only in two places, and the interface has been redesigned so that players become better aware of the map, the super and the destructive ammunition of their own and rival team. The set is, in short, more interesting and tactical, more in line with what is seen in Halo, and will certainly satisfy the most dedicated players in the community. The pairing system, however, faces the usual problems of this kind of productions for lonely or even occasional players. These people will have to deal with well-prepared and well-coordinated squads, which will leave them in clear inferiority even considering the possibility of using a voice chat.

A new horizon

One of the aspects that the most eager fans had to see about Destiny 2 was how their graphic evolution was going to be compared to the first part. Many things have happened since 2014 in which the original video game was released, not by chance since PS4 Pro has been released that allows developers more versatility when it comes to offering more visual possibilities on Sony consoles and in November, as if that were not enough, the powerful Xbox One X will be launched which will also take advantage of the video game. However, that is not the only thing and it is that for the second part there have been two very important changes. The first is to abandon the “ballast” (allow me the affectionate term) of PS3 and X360, which allows the game to break free in technological terms and begin to show sensitive differences, and second the commitment to launch the game on PC: something that It did not happen with the first delivery.

Some sets are really shocking. How was the result? As we are at this stage of the console cycle, Destiny 2is not a video game that will surprise amateurs since we have already seen authentic visual scandals that have given us an idea of ​​what these machines could already achieve. However, that is not an obstacle to consider the one in question as one of the best first-person shooters that can be seen at the moment, noting a significant growth in terms of effects, in numbers of characters on the screen and in the treatment of many elements that previously seemed somewhat curtailed by the machines of the previous cycle and, in addition, accompanying everything with a stable fluidity in terms of the rate of images per second.

The artistic direction is, traditionally, one of the strengths of the works that make up the Bungie catalog, so we had very high expectations in this regard. Overcome the disappointment of not finding new creatures, just ones with wild form is a really poor suitcase, the truth is that the scenarios do not disappoint. The worlds of Destiny 2 are a real beauty, and more than once we will surprise ourselves contemplating really impressive sets. Again we do not talk about reinventing the wheel and, except the last world: IO, everything is reminiscent of what has been seen in the past. However, the result is fantastic, and that must also be assessed positively. In fact, we do not believe that it is a coincidence that the Hummingbirds are waiting until the end of the campaign, the study knows the effort that has made them create those planets and they do not want us to pass them at full speed from loot to loot without repairing what around us.

To end the audio, this is once again a section that Bungie spoils extraordinarily. The soundtrack of the first part was already a formidable exercise of elegance, which knew how to combine soft scores for the quiet moments of social areas with other fast-paced and brutal ones that did not lose an iota of their solemn touch. The conclusions with the sequel are identical, although the quality of the themes is even greater. On the other hand the dubbing is still fantastic, with the familiarity of the voices that repeat (including that of a Ghost that in Spain stayed away from the controversial changes of its original version), and the certainty of the enormous work they have carried out again in some audio effects that are as deafening as they usually do in their works.

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Destiny 2 is a beautiful, addictive and pyrotechnic demonstration of what the first Destiny should have been out of. And it seems that Bungie knew it, and he has worked harder to polish things than to present novelties: There are no new classes, there are no unpublished enemies to riddle and there are not too many playable signings that make us think that what we have in hand is a sequel as such and not one of those famous 1.5. So we are not facing a game that will convert the “non-believers”; but if you are thirsty for new weapons and worlds to travel, this new batch of Guardians is going to be a great and frothy pitcher of ice-cold beer with which to soak the gazette.

  • Many of the original’s problems have been corrected
  • Adventures and Public Events are a joy
  • Still as addictive as ever
  • It is a more direct and less confusing continuation in argument and progression
  • With it, there are dozens of hours of entertainment ahead
  • No new enemies? Or unpublished classes to discover? Hard to understand
  • It is what Destiny should have been out … but in 2017

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