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Devolver’s E3 Conference Was Bloody and Weird, as Usual

Devolver's E3
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

I don’t need to clarify Devolver’s E3 anti-conference shtick, right? This is the third year they’ve been communicating their counterfeit gathering as an antidote to loud dudes cheering everything Bethesda state. They’re constantly hosted by Devolver’s fictional corporate mouthpiece Nina Struthers, and they generally include a lot of fake blood and references to motion pictures from the ’80s. The Devolver Digital cinematic universe has turned a welcome sideshow, and a year ago’s conference finished with Struthers being transformed into a cyborg in an extended homage to Robocop. It’s bizarre is what I’m saying.

Devolver's E3

The current year’s gathering was branded “Devolver Direct”, and occurred totally in Struthers’ mind. Between trailers for genuine diversions, Devolver will distribute in the following year or two (My Friend Pedro, out June 20) we were blessed to receive plays, like the Youthful Exuberance Supervisor saying “It’s an awesome videogame year for videogames” before Struthers tore his throat out. Indeed without an audience to cover in gore, there was still a lot of red.

Devolver's E3

New game accumulation and launcher Devolver Bootleg was reported, promoted as their own “gray-market launcher” to contend with Steam, Epic, and GOG (it’s genuine, it’s on Steam, and it’s on sale for 1% off), as well as a 2D horror game called Carrion in which you’re the beast, co-announced by a red worm.

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Before the end, it devolved (get it?) into a staggering trailer vomit as “Linda from Marketing” controlled Struthers from the background, while not letting her state the real swears that have been her stock in trade in earlier years. We saw another extension for The Messenger, and an arcade game dependent on entering the Gungeon called House of the Gundead. And after that, it finished with a Terminator 2 reference. Truly, it’s not that long and perhaps you should simply watch it on YouTube.

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