Disintegration, Similar to Halo, is a Shooter that was Almost an RTS

Disintegration, like Halo,
Written by Faiza Iftikhar

Marcus Lehto, president and game executive of V1 Interactive, was as of late at Gamescom to talk about V1’s new game Disintegration. It’s a first-individual shooter that sits you on a gravcycle—essentially a lightweight sky tank—and gives you a squad of ground troops to control. There’s some impact in there from the game Lehto is most well known for, Halo, however that is not all. “It has a great deal to do with the primary game I began making with Bungie before Halo,” he let us know, “and that was Myth: The Fallen Lords, which was a RTS game. It was straight RTS.”

Disintegration, like Halo,

Broadly, Halo was a RTS right off the bat in its improvement too. “That is how it was begun. At the point when Jason [Jones] and I began dealing with it, it was a straight RTS too, simply cleaned with a science fiction topic.”

Crumbling started in a comparative spot. “When I began this game, I at first needed to manufacture something that was progressively similar to a profound successor to Myth,” he stated, “truly concentrating on the reproduction of battle and the various cool stuff that occurs with these robots.”

Obviously, that is not where it’s wound up. “We resembled, OK, we must accomplish something extremely unique with it so as to make it stand apart from the group. That is the point at which we chose to transform that camera into a functioning member in battle, to like discharge weapons down on the ground and really get adversary shoot, be smothered of the sky, yet additionally direction a squad of units, so holding that strategic components to the game however making it much increasingly liquid and in accordance with the principal individual shooter mechanics.

It appears as though there’s a touch of destiny that continues anticipating Lehto from making the science fiction RTS he had always wanted. He continues getting moved once again into the quickness of shooters. With respect to why that may be, he stated, “Well, clearly it’s the call of activity, with regards to getting down to feeling like a genuine mean piece of the fight. Me by and by, I like being inundated into that world, and I simply love that piece of what we’re making.”

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