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Written by Kamran Haider

Bethesda stomps with this adaptation for Nintendo Switch of the shooter that left us impacted more than a year ago. In this analysis, we focus on its technical aspect to check the performance of the game in the hardware, both in its desktop and laptop mode.

Surprised in his ad and for what he supposed: Would Nintendo Switch be able to move a beast-like Doom? The truth is that yes, but with nuances. Like the whole series of first releases, it is surprising to have any game of great technicality in the palm of your hand, but to enter hell infested with demons always requires a sacrifice …

In the case of this port for Nintendo Switch, more than one. The resolution is the first, but the most understandable: 720p for both portable and desktop mode, but this is at best since the game uses an adaptive resolution that reduces it according to the amount of charge that There is on screen. And given the constant movement and the abundant skirmishes that we will find on our way, these situations will be those that most need a better resolution, but more they suffer from it.

The result of this low resolution along with lower quality effects and textures is that the game experience is frequently blurred, and this may be noticed by those who have previously gone through Doom levels and have been able to verify the quality of the game in its major versions. Anyway, the truth is that, while the gameplay is the same, DOOM is synonymous with a technical section that has always left very good feelings in its launch and lose that graphic bulwark, even knowing the obvious limitations, will not be of the taste of the most demanding players.

NOTE: This is a technical analysis of the DOOM version for Switch. You can check here the complete DOOM analysis for PC, PS4, and XOne.

One step forward and back

Even with that necessary technical braking, this DOOM version is still surprising when we play it directly on the Switch screen, as few or no games of this graphic caliber have been able to be transferred to a portable device. Once the demons begin to fall and the blood begins to splash the screen, DOOM reaches that level of frenetism that we like so much, with its dance so well recreated with coordinated movements and easy trigger forgetting about as cumbersome things as recharging. Their sands full of creatures of the underworld continue to fit perfectly with our desire to release adrenaline, and although control with the command is not our favorite for this shooter, the Joy-Con they do the work correctly.

If you play on a laptop, you can adapt to this control without major problems, although you will have to go through a period of adaptation until you get the exact point to aim more effectively. A-Pro controller is highly recommended for the moments that we are playing in Tabletop or Tabletop mode, since the length of these sticks is much greater than that of Joy-Con and will help to improve our accuracy, especially if we want to deal with the harder moments, where the movement and aim should be adjusted and also for the highest difficulty modes, as well as get the best scores in the fabulous Arcade mode that also includes the video game.Portable hell

Of all the sacrifices, one of the frame rates can be the hardest. Reducing the frequency of frames from the 60 frames to 30 per second was essential for the correct functioning of the Nintendo console, but it may not transmit with enough fidelity what it means to play the id software shooter, especially taking into account the bet that the work makes constantly by the movement and the fluidity of all the actions. Even more so when this frame rate is not entirely constant. There will be specific moments, but notorious, in which, with many enemies on the screen or effects, the game may end up resenting giving certain pulls or even forming the dreaded frame pacing that makes the experience somewhat less fluid than normal.

To be able to enjoy a game of these characteristics in the palm of your hand is fantastic.

All sacrifice has its reward, And it is not trivial to be able to enjoy a game of these characteristics in the palm of your hand and carry it in a portable way everywhere. Playing in the desktop mode can be useful when you need a little more precision with the Pro controller or if it is your only way to access the title, but the excuse to get this version of the Bethesda game is none other than to enjoy your addictive campaign, its frantic Arcade mode or even its multiplayer mode where you want. Few machines, not to mention almost none, are capable of boasting of having managed to compress a game with these characteristics; so, although both the PC and console versions have a much more demanding technical section (and a more affordable price due to its release date), if your bet is for the portable game, this is the ideal version. Neither Chinese prodigies like the GPD Win are capable of running this software as smoothly as this version for Switch.

Heavy giantSize is important, especially in these first bars of Nintendo Switch, with more and more games that struggle to make a place in our internal memory. In the case of DOOM, the digital game has an approximate weight of 24 GB, too much for the internal memory of the console, so if we want to acquire it in this way, we will have to get a compatible microSD card to store this size.

In the case that we buy the physical game, we will reduce the size of the download considerably, but if we want to enjoy the multiplayer mode and have the dubbing in our language that is not included in the physical version, we will have to download a patch whose size is 7.7 GB, something more affordable for the console’s own memory. The game includes the Campaign and Multiplayer mode, which accompanied the original version, to which is added the subsequent Arcade mode, perfect to give one more round to the campaign. However, the Snapmapis left out of the equation, the possibility of creating your own maps and playing other users’ maps.

In conclusion, DOOM is a worthy port for the Nintendo Switch, taking into account the requirements of the game and the limitations of the console. To play it in this version is more than an exercise in curiosity, it is to see to what extent this machine can be given, opening the possibilities of the portable game to works that we did not think at first that could work under this hardware, so there is a vast sea of ​​possibilities. In the case of the software id shooter, the work that Panic Button has done with the conversion it is worthy and faithful, but limited and not dedicated to the enthusiast of the most demanding genre who seeks both brutal action and graphic excellence. The rest, you will find a great game, the same one that we already loved last year and that for the right price can be a portable alternative more than interesting.

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DOOM on Nintendo Switch is a two-sided game. On the one hand, it impresses less than the original and, on the other, it impresses as much or more because of having it working between your hands. Its technical features have been cut to run on the console, so when it comes to recommending it is very important to know how much interest you have in playing it on a laptop to get the most out of it.

  • DOOM on laptop Surprise
  • Includes all game modes, except Snapmap
  • The 30 frames per second with some pulls can reduce the experience
  • Somewhat blurry image quality that tarnishes the technical experience

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